Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 4 – HELPER

「What are you trying to do?」

Reiko casually took the rod the red haired girl held. In doing so, small sparks could be seen flying off.


「This is a dangerous toy」

Reiko snapped that rod she snatched in half.


At that time, the man from the neighbouring stall,

「Oi, could you take your fuss somewhere else. You’re obstructing business」

Making that complaint, the two that were quarelling lost their timing to open their mouth and Jin,

「Ah, sorry about that. Reiko, stop it. And you, come with me for a moment」

Saying that, he took the arm of the red haired girl, bringing her to the shade of trees a slight distance away from the stalls. And,

「I apologise for that incident with my companion Reiko, sorry」

He started apologising. Reiko stayed quiet behind him. The girl,

「Y-Y-You, who the hell are you guys? Taking the 『Cane of Paralysis』 with you barehand, then snapping it into 2… oh right! My『Cane of Paralysis』! What are you going to do about this! It’s expensive, this thing!」

「For now could you calm down?」

There would be another fuss if he left it alone, so Jin calmed the girl.

「Haa… haa…」

To the girl who was taking breaths,

「Anyways, let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Jin. This is Reiko. You?」

「I-I’m Beana」

「Nice to meet you, Beana」

Saying that, Jin received the cane that was still in Reiko’s hand.

「Fu-n, so there’s a small lightning attribute 《Magic Stone》 built into the handle part」


「That will spread through the entire cane, and so you’ll receive an electric shock on contact」

「Eh? Eh?」

「The cane’s materials… is ash, huh? Definitely, a tree is a good conductor of magic, however it’s a tree after all so the efficiency will probably be poor」

「Eh? Eh? Eh?」

「The 《Magic Formula》 invocation… uwa, the writing is sloppy. Half or more of the magic power is going to waste」


Beana couldn’t hide her surprise from Jin who very easily analysed the operation principles behind the 『Cane of Paralysis』.

「Y-You, Jin was what you said… who in the world are you?」

「I’m… a 《Magic Craftsman》」

Jin returned the broken cane to Beana while saying that. A 《Magic Craftsman》 wasn’t too far and sounded better.

「You too?」

「’Too’, that would mean Beana is also a 《Magic Craftsman》?」

「Right. Though it might not look like it, but I diligently trained under 『Gradia Hampton-sensei』 for 2 years!」

Beana puffed out her not really big chest out, but,

「Who’s that?」

That was the kind of response Jin gave.

「”Who’s that?”… you don’t know?」

「Aa, I don’t know」

「『Gradia Hampton-sensei』 is a famous 《Magic Craftsman》!」

「So that’s how it is.」

Beana who was worked up, and in contrast was a composed Jin.

「Well anyway, I apologise for criticising your goods and snapping the cane」

Jin made another apology. Because of Jin’s frank apology, Beana,

「It was also my bad for trying to hit with it」

Bowed to apologise, but then noticed something,

「O-Oh right! You, you said my work was shabby didn’t you!?」

「Aa, that’s why I’m apologising」

「I’m not angry… no, I’m a little angry, but」

Beana hesitated to continue there. The brows on her face knitted, and while red, she cast her eyes down to think before she eventually seemed to have made up her mind,

「You said, “shabby”, that means if it’s you, you can make something better right? Please! Lend me your help!」


Not expecting for the conversation to go in that direction, Jin was taken aback.

「Please! I need money no matter what! Besides, I absolutely need to sell something I make! But I can’t even sell one thing! Please! Lend me your help!」

「Wa-Wait a moment」

Trying to calm the wild Beana once again,

「Please explain it in order. First, Beana needs money right?」


「Why do you need it?」

「Do I have to explain it?」

With a hung head, Beana glanced upwards and gazed. Completely changing from her meek behaviour just before.

「That is, well… even if I lend a hand, I don’t know why. What kind of merit is there for me?」

「Uuu… I get it. I’ll bear the shame and speak… it’s to cure my brother and sister’s illness」

「So it’s an illness. Then there’s a doctor, medicine will be necessary, and… your parents? 」

Beana looked down gloomily having heard that. And with a sorrowful voice,

「They fell ill when I was learning from Gradia Hampton-sensei, both of them」

「I… see. Sorry, I’m sorry to hear that.」

To Jin who was bowing his head in apology, Beana in a cheerful voice,

「It’s fine. So, because an unreasonable tuition was made for sensei to teach, there’s now a debt and we have no money」

He didn’t expect for the stubborn Beana to tell him about her circumstances. Jin was weak to this kind of thing.

「I understand. I don’t know what I can do, but to apologise for the cane, I’ll help you out」

「Really!? Thank you, Jin!」

Beana jumped up and rejoiced.

「Then… what should we do?」

「Right… it’s about time to close up here, so could you guide me to Beana’s workshop?」

「E-Ee… it’s untidy though」

And so with that, having just met the red haired girl, Jin ended up helping out Beana.

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