Magi Craft Meister


「Here is my workshop. It’s a bit small」

 Beana had guided him to her workshop. It was in the outskirts of Blue Land, a fairly remote place. To that, Beana,

「Inside the city? Only the rich and nobles live there. All the typical commoners live outside the rampart」

 Said how it was. Jin felt corrupt politics, however it was unrelated to him so he stopped thinking about it.

 Beana’s workshop was about 10 tatami mats in size. It would be normal if it’s a private workshop. However there were few devices and tools there..

「Leaving this aside, where’s your brother and sister?」

 Jin was concerned about the sick siblings.

「They are in the house behind here. You don’t have to worry about them」

「I cannot do that. Could you show me their condition at least?」

 To the persistent Jin, Beana,

「You, do you know anything about illnesses?」

「A reasonable amount」

「I-Is that so now? Well, I’ll let you take a look just to make sure」

 So they headed to the house behind the workshop. Closer to a hut than a house though.

「It’s because I used the money on the workshop」

 Beana was a little embarrassed.

「Nana, Raldo, how are you feeling?」

 Entering the house, Beana called out to the two younger siblings who were lying next to the door of a room.

「Onee-chan, you’re early today」

 The little sister Nana. About 12 years old and had the same red hair as Beana.

「Un, I’m fine. The same as always」

 The one to answer was the little brother Raldo. Also about 12 years old. He had light brown hair. Both were emaciated.

「Who’s this person?」

 Noticing Jin who was behind Beana, Nana asked. Jin introduced himself.

「I am Jin. An acquaintance of Beana, I will be helping in the workshop」

 Saying that Raldo,

「Really? Onee-chan’s sensei is a famous 《Magic Craftsman》. That’s why Onee-chan is also a great 《Magic Craftsman》!」

 Because he said it with pride,

「Aa, that’s right. I am also still learning various things」

 When Jin said that, the face of Reiko who was outside the room had stiffened.

*   *   *

 Jin returned to the workshop from the house.

「So? Did you figure something out about their illness?」

 From their weary appearance and bleeding gums, Jin thought it might be scurvy, but because he wasn’t confident,

「Un, I can think of something but I’m not confident about it」

 He stopped with that answer.

「I see, like I thought. It’s fine since I didn’t have any expectations though」

 Beana said, warming up the soup for the lunch of the siblings.

 With this opportunity, Jin gave Reiko instructions.

「Reiko, quickly return to the laboratory and find a 《Magic Stone》 please. After that, I need you to bring a lot of the peach-like fruit」

「But then Father will be left alone」

 To Reiko who was worried,

「It’ll be okay. I wouldn’t imagine there being any danger here, quickly go and come back」

「Okay, understood. I will be quickly going now. Please do not do anything dangerous」

 Saying that, Reiko disappeared like the wind. Then Beana came back.

「A-re, are you alone? Where’s Reiko?」

「Aa, I asked Reiko to run me a little errand. She should come back soon. So let’s get started」

「Fuu-n? Well i guess that’s fine. Then let’s sit there」

 The two sat down in the chairs on both sides of the workbench made of thick wood.

「Well then, what shall I do? I’ll leave the choice to Beana」

 Jin saying that,

「Right, well could you have a look at this?」

 Beana placed a lamp on top of the workbench. It was something common that any house used.

「A magic lamp, huh?」

「This, it was the first thing I learnt to make from sensei’s place. These are the basics right? That’s why I want you to take a look」

「I understand」

 Jin looked at it in his hand. The magic power of the 《Magic Stone》 and the 《Magic Formula》 on the 《Plate》 that converts it into light. The 《Magic Stone》 attribute doesn’t matter as it’s the basics. ⚑

「Un, the main frame is skillfully made. The 《Magic Formula》 is sloppy so the conversion efficiency is poor」

「You also said the 《Magic Formula》 is sloppy before. Then show me a better example」

 If he showed his ability here then she would compliantly listen afterwards, Jin thought.

「Do you have a 《Plate》 to write a 《Magic Formula》 on? … Aa, that will be fine」

 Upon contact with the 《Magic Stone》 the magic will invoke, so to speak, the 《Plate》 plays the role of a catalyst. So Jin showed his 《Magic Formula》 that he engraved.

「Magic Absorption, Magic Collection, Magic Stabilisation, Magic Conversion, Magic Invocation」

「Wa-Wait a minute. What is 『Magic Collection』 and 『Magic Stabilisation』? I wasn’t taught those thing?」

 While showing the 《Plate》 that Jin had finished carving a formula on to Beana,

「Because the magic power of 《Magic Stone》 is not pure, the instability is great. Therefore the light will flicker if you convert immediately after absorbing」

 From Jin’s explanation, Beana recalled it does happen,

「Aa, that’s true, the light does flicker. Was there such a reason for it?」

「Yep. Try switching with this 《Plate》 and it will shine」

 So Beana set the 《Plate》 Jin had engraved, activating the lamp.


 The lamp then lit up brightly. After looking it for a while, Beana,


 She turned off the lamp and faced Jin,

「Certainly, there was no flickering and it was bright. Your mouth isn’t just all talk」

 With a bitter smile, Jin further,

「If you want to market this, just the main frame isn’t enough. It’s one thing if it’s the work of a famous 《Magic Craftsman》, however for a nameless rookie you won’t be able to gain notice」

「I see…」

 She seemed to have become willing to listen compliantly. Here Jin,

「Other things too. They produce things from ideas, that is why customers come back to buy from famous 《Magic Craftsman》 but as it’s not like that, first we need to think about what kind of work the customer wants」

「Certainly… You, Jin, you’re amazing」

 Though it’s not to the degree of knowing about business, it seemed to be something fresh to Beana. She began thinking seriously. Then she took out another Magic Tool and showed it to Jin.

「Well then, here’s a Magic Tool to create a barrier」


 Jin examined it in his hand, then suddenly stopping his hands, he frowned.


「What is it?」

「This, what do I use it for?」

「To put up a barrier」

「That I understand. Against what, what is this barrier put up for?」


 Beana did not answer Jin’s question.

「Haa… so you made it without thinking about it. From how it looks, it’s fine to try out right?」

「E-Ee. Because that is my newest production」

 Beana answered, Jin took out the 《Plate》 of the Magic Tool to create a barrier he was holding,

「About this formula here, this, it can create a barrier to defend against many things right?」

「Ee that’s right. Impact, Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind」

 There Jin,

「That’s it. Listen, that alone, a barrier to defend against all of that is definitely amazing. However, when using this 《Magic Stone》, it can’t create a large barrier right?」

「Pretty much. It should be about the size for luggage」

「That there is the problem. Besides the people inside, others can’t enter so invoking it just once means it won’t be released until the 《Magic Stone》 is exhausted of its magic power」

「Eehhh? Oh it’s true, I didn’t notice that…」

 Jin pointing things out still continued.

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