Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 30 The Road Of Immortal Cultivation

The little fox gave Liu Yi a couple of branches of cultivation, she want Liu Yi to determine what his occupation would be.

The most difficult thing to Liu Yi whenever he play online games was choosing the occupation.

And now, such a difficult choice was present to him in real life.

“Can… can I choose more than one?...”

Liu Yi suddenly raised his eyes. He asked full of hope.


Lin Tong nodded.


Liu Yi was excited. However, Lin Tong immediately poured cold water on him.

“Can my ass! Trying to cultivate more than one branch would only result in you dropping dead!”

Scolded Lin Tong.

“Every one of the roads of immortal cultivation was extremely difficult. To be able to cultivate a single one of them would’ve been very good already and you wanted to cultivate two at the same time? Have you grandfather never told you not to be greedy?”

“That… he did indeed told me before…”

Embarrassed, Liu Yi lowered his head.

However, he really don’t know what to choose.

Each and every one of these cultivation branches sounds very good!

Man! So hard to choose…..

Why must there be so many choices in this world?!

So annoying!

“I have decided!”

Liu Yi suddenly sat up, he held his fist and said with a resolute expression.

“Oh? You decided which branch to cultivate?”

“I’ve decided to roll a die!”

As he said that, he opened his drawer and took out a shiny die.

“Fucking hell…”

Lin Tong felt that she no longer have the strength to ridicule Liu Yi anymore.

Such a man with no definite opinions….

Why must he be my host?!

Lin Tong wanted to cry but have no tears.

“One and two are Martial Cultivation Branch, three and four are the Daoism Cultivation Branch, five and six are the Spiritual Cultivation Branch!”

“Fucking hell….”

Unable to help herself, Lin Tong pouted. “Can’t you be a bit more promising?!”

“In the path of choosing an occupation, I have decided to let Heavens choose for me!”

Said Liu Yi without any shame. He threw the die on the table.

The die started spinning around and around. It was rotating so much that it caused Liu Yi to be a little dizzy.

Liu Yi was still pondering continuously...

What exactly would the results be?!

Dear Heavens, please give me a good one!

After rotating for a long time, the die slowly started to speed down.

A large six appeared in front of Liu Yi.

Am I to enter the Spiritual Cultivation Branch?

Summoning minions to fight...

That’s pretty good too!

Liu Yi started to calm down.

However, the little fox started to get nervous.

Fuck, please don’t be the Spiritual Cultivation Branch!

One must know that the Spiritual Cultivation Branch was extremely difficult. Although the little fox knows a bit, it’s only superficial knowledge.

To have her become a teacher and teach Liu Yi, isn’t that telling her to scam him?....

When she doesn’t know any of the answers to his questions, all her dignity would be lost...

Therefore, Lin Tong blew at the die gently.

The die suddenly turned a bit and rolled over landing on one.

“Martial Cultivation Branch!”

Liu Yi was shocked. “Am I destined to become a warrior?!”

“Martial Cultivation is good! Haha…. The latter stages of Martial Cultivation was especially powerful! The power of one’s body was everything!”

Lin Tong secretly wiped her cold sweat away.

Fortunately it’s not the Spiritual Cultivation Branch….

“Fuck! I wanted to try out the Daoism Cultivation!”

Liu Yi was very disappointed. “A fireball in my left hand and an ice bolt in my right hand… it’ll be so dashing….”

“As if! You could only practice one of the five phases."

Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a side eye glance. “Only genius that comes once in a thousand-year are able to cultivate both Fire and Water techniques!”

After saying those words, Lin Tong started to comfort Liu Yi.

“Enough of that, it’s your choice to have the Heavens help you choose, so you can’t be complaining about the result! Come on, we shall begin the Martial Cultivation Branch, do you want to do Body Cultivation of Sword Cultivation?”

“Eh…. I still have to choose? Can I cultivate both this time?”

“It’s better if you choose one of them first!”

Lin Tong felt that Liu Yi was too greedy!

“I suggest you to start from Body Cultivation, even if you were to want to learn Sword Cultivation, I do not have a sword that I can give you.”

“Okay… in that case, let’s start now….”

Liu Yi said quickly. “There’s still the basketball match tomorrow afternoon…. who knows if Lan He would find people to block me again tomorrow…. ahhh… so depressing.”

“Rest assured, once you start Body Cultivation, you’ll learn how to fight. At that time, even a couple of Kevins wouldn’t be a match for you!”

“What if I met that black suited uncle again?”

Liu Yi felt numb when he began to think of the black suited uncle from earlier.

That guy was way too strong...

One can tell that he’s a pro right away! Perhaps he’s a bodyguard of the Lan family?

I was lucky this time around and managed to take care of the black suited uncle with my amorous ripple hand.

But who knows if the black suited uncle would be on guard against my right hand next time….

“That’s... a bit difficult…”

Lin Tong said hesitantly.

“Ah? Why? I have already opened the first Star Jade and entered the path of cultivation, how come I’m unable to win against an ordinary person?”

“There’s a variety levels of ordinary people, okay?!”

Lin Tong immediately started to despise Liu Yi’s ignorance. “Ordinary people also have great potential, okay? After undergoing some special training, they could also become tremendously powerful! For example, that man you met earlier today, he most certainly have undergone special systematic training! His strength was at the level of three star jades! Only through opening four star jades would you have the power to defeat him!”

“The heck…. that crazy…. then what’s the use of my cultivation?....”

“Are you stupid?”

Lin Tong gave Liu Yi a side-eye glance. “The path of cultivation is long and limitless! No matter how much that man trains, he could never in his whole lifetime be able defeat a four star jade middle mortal realm expert! Once you cultivate for a long time, your growth potential was something that he could only admire, understand?!”

“That’s stuff way into the future….. what do I do now that I’ve encountered such a dangerous fellow right now?...”

“You major dumbass!”

Lin Tong rebuked Liu Yi. “With this lady here, what is there for you to be afraid of?! This lady was an expert that had opened four star jades! Furthermore, I’ve gathered numerous arts and techniques, let me go have a look and see if there’s any Body Cultivation arts or techniques that would allow you to be super powerful in a fight! This lady would have to enter her spiritual knowledge field to have a look, I suspect that it’ll take me a least two hours to return! Do whatever you want in this period of time, just don’t bother this lady, understand?”

“Ohh..ohhkay…. I understand…”

Liu Yi could only nod his head.

If Lin Tong really were to be able to find a strong technique, then it’ll be great.

What I need right now was all kinds of strong offensive techniques!

Otherwise, if I were to encounter that black suited uncle again, I’ll certainly be doomed!

After finishing her speech, Lin Tong ran into Liu Yi’s body and disappeared.

The so-called spiritual knowledge field was pretty much the same as Liu Yi’s subconsciousness.

It’s a place meant for in-depth cultivation practice.

If one were to be disturbed, then it’ll be unfavorable to one’s cultivation practice.

It’s like also uncomfortable to be disturbed when one entered the field in search for previously collected information.

After Lin Tong disappeared, Liu Yi, for some reason or another, took a sigh of relief.

No matter what, Lin Tong was still a girl...

For a girl to be sealed within his body…. regardless of how small, there’s still going to be a lot of time that’s inconvenient!

Taking advantage of the fact that Lin Tong had disappeared, Lin Yi quickly stripped himself of his clothes and changed his dirty clothes with replaced them with pajamas.

How comfortable...

When I take a shower later, I’ll put these dirty clothes in the laundry machine and wash them...

So as to avoid my mother from finding them out and scolding me about dirtying my clothes afterward.

While thinking of that, Liu Yi held his dirty clothes and began to walk toward the bathroom.

Right at this moment, Liu Yi’s cellphone rang.

It’s Chen Cai who’s calling him!

This guy, what’s he calling me for?

Liu Yi answered the call and Chen Cai’s vulgar voice immediately came forth.

“Liu Yi! The heck are you doing?! I’ve been messaging you via QQ the whole time!”

[TL: QQ is the most popular chinese web messenger… owned by Tencent which also owned League in China]

Chen Cai sounded very impatient.

“Eh…. I’m about to do my laundry…”

“Laundry your ass! Get online quickly, I have something good for you!”

Immediately after saying those words, Chen Cai hand up the phone.

At a loss, Liu Yi could only put his dirty clothes into the washing machine and then sit in front of his computer and turn that on.

Liu Yi’s computer was very cheap. It had a 19 inch screen and a desktop that cost less than a thousand yuan.

Liu Yi’s family was after all a regular family, his mother worked very hard and as for his father, that’s without mention.

Furthermore, Liu Yi’s father’s company had withheld wages for over four months already. They had yet to pay him over ten thousand yuan.

The expenses around the house recently was very scarce.

The only reason why Liu Yi was able to purchase this computer was because his mother wanted him to use it to learn English.

However, as for whether Liu Yi actually uses the computer for learn English, that was something that only he himself knows.

English and whatnot was certainly not going to work, however Japanese on the other hand, Liu Yi grew a little proficient in that.

Stuff like yamete, iiya and such...

They’re very catchy.

Liu Yi dared to say that if you were to give him a video, he would basically know what they’re talking about without the need of subtitles...

This was a loser’s attainment!

“Liu Yi, this newest torrent of Takizawa Rola, have it, you don’t have to thank me! Just introduce me to Wang Lele tomorrow, hahaha….”

On QQ was a message left by Chen Cai.

Liu Yi received the torrent and then responded back with ‘Go die’ before logging out of QQ.

What’s a good friend?... a good friend was someone who you can gorgeously abandon after using them!

Introduce him to Wang Lele?.... hell, I’m not even familiar with her!

Liu Yi’s internet connection was pretty fast, a 200 some megabytes video was quickly finished downloading.

Remembering that the little fox was currently gone, Liu Yi heart once again began to loosen up...

No matter what, this was the newest video… at the very least, I should check it out!

For the little fox to not be present with now, what great timing!

Once she comes back, I won’t be able to watch this video!

Then that’ll be a waste of the ten fifteen minutes I spent on downloading this!

That’s right, I’m just going to check it out…. as long as I don’t use my hand, the little fox shouldn’t be able to discover it!

Unable to stop both his curiosity and sexual drive, Liu Yi clicked on the downloaded video.

What appeared in the video was a mixed race beauty, after some simply storyline, she began to undress.

Right when Liu Yi was watching the mixed race beauty starting to take off her underwear, a young and pure voice resounded next to him.

“Big brother Liu Yi…. why is the big sister taking off her clothes?”

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi’s heart almost nearly flew out of his body and onto the screen.

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