Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 31 Punishment

“Big brother Liu Yi! Why is the big sister taking off her clothes?!”

A soft and young loli’s voice resounded next to Liu Yi’s ears.

Hearing this loli’s voice, Liu Yi’s heart almost flew out from his body and onto the computer screen.

“Yuanyuan! Why did you came down here again?!”

In a scramble, Liu Yi tried to quickly close the video. However, right at this time, his computer decided to freeze!

On the screen was Takizawa Rola with her ass sticking out and a man who was moving closer to it.

The screen was stuck with this scene, no matter how hard Liu Yi tried to press escape on his keyboard, he was unable to eliminate the scene.


Fucking computer froze!

Why the fuck must you freeze at such a critical moment?!

Liu Yi wanted to kill someone.

The building that Liu Yi lived in was the old-fashioned family storied building. It was something that was given to his mother for her marriage by her work unit.

Outside of each family’s complex was a large balcony.

Liu Yi’s balcony was connected with Ma Yixuan’s.

Ma Yixuan have a younger sister called Ma Yuanyuan. Fourteen years old, second year of middle school, an ideal loli, she doesn’t understand much of anything.

However, she was a lot more cute and lovely than her sister.

Ma Yuanyuan was their family’s treasure, even her sister loved her deeply.

Ever since she was young, Ma Yuanyuan had been sent to dancing school. Thus, although she’s only fourteen years old, her body figure was amazing. She had a thin waist and protruding buttocks. Even though she didn’t have much of a chest, she’s only fourteen years old after all, there’s a lot of room for development still.

However, Liu Yi usually see her as a little sister because the person he liked was this girl’s sister.

Nevertheless, Liu Yi must admit that Ma Yuanyuan was really cute and likable.

She’s especially fond of getting the affects of those creepy uncles.

In another two or three years, this girl would certainly become a calamity level beauty!

[TL: calamity level beauty = girl so beautiful that people will go to war for them. One such example was Diaochan.]

However, there’s something about this girl that gives Liu Yi a headache - she’s a hundred percent informer!

This girl would always secretly slip over from the balcony!

After being caught by Liu Yi countless times, Liu Yi began to shut the balcony door.

However, Liu Yi was really too tired today. The first time he did coming back home was rushing back into his room, he had forgotten to close the balcony door...

Thus, his scoundrel appearance was completely shown to Ma Yuanyuan.

“Ohohoh! I know!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s charming eyes suddenly lit up, she said. “Big brother Liu Yi, are you watching the legendary ‘porno’?! I’m going to tell my sister!”

A burst of grief overcame Liu Yi’s heart.

This little snitch!

My life is already miserable enough, Ma Yixuan already hated me enough...

But this girl is actually going to snitch on me!


Motherfucking grief!

However, Liu Yi cannot do anything to this girl. She is only fourteen! She’s pretty much the little princess of the Ma family!

Ma Yixuan’s parents were also constantly gone from home, their granny was the one who looks over them at home.

Thus, this girl was also very spoiled, it’s said that she’d never been spanked in her whole life.

Thus, she became a bit out of control.

Seeing this girl, Liu Yi could only come up with a single word!

Major headache!

Okay, that’s two words.

Right now, Liu Yi had a major headache.

How did I let this little devil into my house again….

Especially now when my relationship with her sister is a bit awkward...


What do I do not?!

“Yuanyuan, you’re mistaken! This is an ad, an ad!”

Liu Yi threw a kick and knocked the power source out.

He turned off the computer screen and felt a bit relieved.

“Humph humph, big brother Liu Yi, do you really think that I don’t know anything?”

Ma Yuanyuan placed her hands around her waist, she looked at Liu Yi with a charmful bully appearance. Her eyes showed a hint of arrogance.

This girl, is she trying to go against Heavens?!

“Even though I’m only a second year middle school student, I still know a lot! You are most certainly watching porn! Humph! Big brother Liu Yi, and you wanted to woo my sister like this?! Impossible!”

This girl!

Her words make people angry!

Liu Yi wanted to lift this girl up and give her protruding buttocks a couple spanks.

However, he didn’t dare to.

His relationship with Ma Yixuan was already very stiff, now the situation is just going to be worse.

It was the first time that Liu Yi felt that his head could not contain the pain anymore.

Immortal cultivation and whatnot...

Could it help me with my personal relationship problems?!

Right at this moment, Liu Yi felt that his eyes were swelling up a bit.

Soon, some numbers appeared on Ma Yuanyuan’s head.

Favorable impression level, 10.


I am actually able to use the Eye of Favorable Impression myself?

Could it be that… because Ma Yuanyuan had ten favorable impression toward me and because she’s near me, my body’s red stream of qi increased?


This girl actually have a favorable impression level of ten!

Holy moly!

The female classmates in the class have super low favorable impression level toward me!

They’re either 0 or 1, pretty much the same as being passersby.

However, this Ma Yuanyuan who had always been a little devil and arrogant princess actually have a favorable impression level of 10!


Liu Yi couldn’t believe what he just saw!

Did the Eye of Favorable Impression made an error?!

“Big brother Liu Yi, being silent doesn’t solve the problem!”

Said Ma Yuanyuan arrogantly with her hands on her waist.

“You giant pervert! I’m going to tell my sister that you’re watching porno for sure! I’ll tell her to stay away from you!”

Hearing those words, Liu Yi got even more angry.

This girl was really too out of control!

She’s leaping all over my head!

Under his anger, Liu Yi’s red stream of qi suddenly came surging up.

His blood flow accelerated, in a flash, he entered a different state.

Toward the arrogant and despotic Ma Yuanyuan, Liu Yi suddenly outstretched his hand and grabbed Ma Yuanyuan’s soft body, he lifted her up and placed her on his thigh.

“What...what are you doing?”

Ma Yuanyuan was surprised. She raised her head to look at the Liu Yi who was sitting there with her on his lap. Her face was full of panic.

She frequently come to mess with Liu Yi, however, this was the first time Liu Yi did such a thing!

However, Liu Yi didn’t answer at all. He continued to seize Ma Yuanyuan’s tender body on his thigh, he then lifted his left hand and heavily spanked her protruding buttocks.


Liu Yi’s slap was so loud that it resounded throughout his small bedroom.

Ma Yuanyuan’s body immediately froze in place.

As for Liu Yi… he suddenly felt that this girl’s ass felt pretty good...

Amitabha Buddha, what am I thinking. Begone wicked thoughts, I need to teach this girl a lesson first!

After getting the thought out of his mind, Liu Yi’s palm once again raised up and heavily fell on Ma Yuanyuan’s butt.

This time around, his hand even suffered from a small rebound.

Holy fuck, what great feel and elasticity!

Unable to help himself, Liu Yi licked his lips.


As for Ma Yuanyuan, she suddenly burst into tears. Her tiny little tear drops were dripping all over.

It was the first time in her whole life that she was hit!

All the guys in her class were flattering me to woo me.

This damned Liu Yi, he actually dared to hit me!

He even spanked me!

“Liu Yi! You bastard, I hate you! You giant pervert! I’m going to tell my sister that you bullied me and took advantage of me! I’m going to make her hate you and curse you!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s mouth grew even more wicked.

Hearing Ma Yuanyuan say those words, Liu Yi was so angry that his nose almost became crooked from his anger.

This girl slipped into my room out of nowhere, and she goes around snitching on me, using it as a pretext to bully me.

I spanked her twice to teach her a lesson, however, not only did she not apologize, she even dared to intensify her bullying!

Fuck, if I don’t teach her a major lesson today, then she’ll fucking ride my neck and shit on me all the time!

Liu Yi grew heartless. His slaps grew stronger. ‘Smack, smack smack,’ they continued to land on Ma Yuanyuan’s butt.

The only thing Ma Yuanyuan felt was that her butt was under immense pain. She was crying nonstop.

“Let you be so arrogant and unruly again!”


“Let you keep sneaking into my room for no reason!”

“Smack smack!”

“Let you keep snitching on me to your sister!”

“Smack smack smack!”

Liu Yi’s slaps continued to fall. Originally Ma Yuanyuan was crying and struggling non stop. However, in the end she calmed down and was lying on Liu Yi’s legs without moving.

After spanking her for a long time, right when Liu Yi was feeling very good, he suddenly felt that something was amiss.

Why did this girl stop moving?!

Did I spank her too hard?!

“Ma Yuanyuan! Are you alive?!”

“Boohoo… Big..big brother Liu Yi… please don’t hit me anymore, I know my wrong…”

At this moment, Ma Yuanyuan lifted her tiny face. Her eyes were full of water, she looked at Liu Yi and gave an unprecedented apology.

“You know your wrong? What, you’re not going to curse me anymore? Not going to snitch on me?”

“I..I know my wrong…. Big brother Liu Yi spanked me real hard…. I..I think I might be bleeding…”


Liu Yi was surprised.

What the holy heck!

Did I hit her too hard?

Did I spanked her soft buttocks to bleed?

Liu Yi rushed to take a look at Ma Yuanyuan’s white pantskirt.

Sure enough, a little bit above the trouser leg was a couple dazzling red flowers. The red flowers were dripping down Ma Yuanyuan’s white and soft thigh.

Oh my gawd….

Liu Yi’s heart twitched.

I fucked up…. I majorly fucked up...

Man, what the hell!

How the heck did she start bleeding just from a couple spanks?!

“Are...are you alright?”

Asked Liu Yi cautiously.

“I’m okay…. it’s just that… I felt that… I’ve lost a lot of blood…”

Ma Yuanyuan held back her tears, she sniffled and asked. “Big brother Liu Yi…. would I die?.... Boohoo…. I would never act like this ever again…. waaa… I’ll listen to big brother Liu Yi from now on…. I don’t wanna die…”

“Don’t...don’t be afraid….”

Liu Yi said. “How about I take you to the hospital?!”

“No! I don’t wanna go to the hospital! I don’t wanna get injections!

Shouted Ma Yuanyuan.

“Then what do we do?!”

Liu Yi’s headache came back stronger.

This little witch...

She’s really too much to handle!

“ me look… see how bad it is…”

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly lowered her voice. She was speaking soft like a mosquito. She buried her face into Liu Yi’s thigh and asked.


Liu Yi almost flipped Ma Yuanyuan’s body over.

See...see how bad it is?

See Ma Yuanyuan’s ass?

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