Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 40 Must Be Peaceful and Affectionate

As she said that, this police beauty suddenly changed her fighting style.

She no longer tried to catch him but rather changed into a much more fierce fighting style.

Liu Yi felt that her stance seemed a bit similar, she kinda resemble that black suited uncle from last night.

Shit, ain’t this kind of fighting style meant to be used on enemy soldiers and violent gangsters?!

Where in the fuck do I look like a soldier or gangster?!

The police beauty’s palm strike gave birth to a burst of strong wind as it shoot toward Liu Yi’s neck.

Should her knife hand land, then Liu Yi would certainly be knocked unconscious.

For ordinary people, they would certainly be unable to dodge the strike.

However, Liu Yi was no longer a regular high school student. He crouched to the ground as he sensed the danger to his neck.

Immediately, he pressed his hand firmly on the ground.

Then, he easily did a leap that’s oftentimes seen on TV.

Having his first Star Jade opened plus the Spirit Fox Steps had allowed Liu Yi to execute a lot of extraordinary moves.

He can now try to imitate lot of the brilliant wuxia moves that’s shown on the TV.

This giant leap was an inspiration that he suddenly came up with then used.

With both of his hands on the ground, Liu Yi twisted his waist, his legs wide open, bringing along with a violent wind, and woosh as it swept toward that police beauty’s face.

This move of him gave birth to a real strong wind.

Yuan Zhenyue sensed danger and immediately placed her arms in front of her to defend.

“Peng Peng!”

Her arms was kicked continuously. A large pressure landed on her arms causing her to step back a couple steps.

Liu Yi forced back the police beauty Yuan Zhenyue. He then immediately pushed with his arms and jumped back up. Using the elastic force from the landing, he immediately started to run toward the other side of the bridge.

Numerous cars stood in front of him and blocked his path.

“Jump past them! You good for nothing that only knows how to flee!”

Shouted Lin Tong. She was wagging her tail while hanging on Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi lightly leaped toward the car in front of him. Then, supporting himself with his two hands, he pressed on the car’s roof and glided over it. In a blink of an eye, he had already arrived at the other side of the car.

“Holy shit! Fucking crazy!”

The driver stretch his head out the car’s window and cursed loudly. “Fucking bastard, why the fuck are you doing parkour in a car accident scene?!”

Liu Yi didn’t have the time to mind the driver. He had already saw from a side mirror of a car that Yuan Zhenyue was already flinging her arms and preparing to chase after him.


Run fast!

The only thing Liu Yi was thinking was to quickly run away.

All the cars in front of him were being treated as gym vaults by him. One by one, he jumped past them.

In a blink of an eye, he had distanced himself seven or eight rows of cars from Yuan Zhenyue.

However, right when Liu Yi was feeling relieved thinking that he managed to escape, the roaring noise of an exhaust was suddenly heard.

Surprised, he turned his head around to look. His mouth nearly dropped to the floor.

The police beauty was actually riding on that motorcycle that was dropped to the side. Surprisingly, the motorcycle could still run. She was going through the narrow gaps between the cars and chasing after Liu Yi.

What the shit… are you fucking kidding me?!

Is this woman even human?! So even managed to do such a thing!

The construction of that motorcycle was too fucking good!

Feeling a numbing sensation on his back, Liu Yi promptly continued to jump over cars at a lighting speed. He tried his best to choose paths where the motorcycle can’t drive through.

There’s a bunch of cars crammed ahead, there’s not a single bit of space for the motorcycle, I could definitely throw off Yuan Zhenyue through here!

Liu Yi took a deep breath, he increased his running speed, and with a kick of his legs, jumped onto the closest car in front of him.

“Thump thump thump!”

Liu Yi’s legs stepped on the roof of the cars incessantly, he was running on top of the cars.

Immediately, Liu Yi’s actions brought forth curing and scolding from all of the drivers.

However, Liu Yi didn’t have time to care for them, running away was the priority.

The rumbling noise of the motorcycle grew louder and louder from behind him….

No matter how fast he ran, he’s still unable to compare against a motorcycle.

However, with this pack of cars blocking the road, even if you’re the special forces, it’d still be impossible for you to get pass them!

Right when Liu Yi was pondering, he suddenly heard even more scolding and cursing from behind him.

Subconsciously, he turned his head around. He saw Yuan Zhenyue pulling the body of the motorcycle up like pulling the reins of a horse. She lifted the front of the motorcycle up and then started to drive on top of the shorter cars.

The motorcycle had quite a bit of horsepower. Immediately, it was already gushing toward Liu Yi while driving on top of rows upon rows of cars.

Liu Yi was standing there completely stunned. He was staring blankly at Yuan Zhenyue riding the bicycle and landing in front of him from the sky.


The motorcycle heavily landed. With one leg on the ground while pressing the brake, Yuan Zhenyue did a circle with the motorcycle before stopping on front of Liu Yi.

“Little bastard, you dared run away from the people’s police!”

Said Yuan Zhenyue to Liu Yi proudly after jumping down from the bike.

“You… really are a police officer?... You sure you’re not a violent gangster?...”

Liu Yi was dumbstruck.

“Humph, if I let you escape, then how the hell could I still be considered a police?!”

Said Yuan Zhenyue as she glared at Liu Yi.

“But… what about that bag snatcher?”

Said Liu Yi as he pointed at that silhouette from where they previously stood that’s currently slowly climbing up.

“Ah! Shit!”

Yuan Zhenyue immediately anxiously covered her mouth. “I’m royally fucked now… shit… that bag snatcher fled, the bag snatcher also ran away… what’s the use if all I have is you as the witness?... I’m really going to be sacked this time around…”

She once again jumped on the motorcycle. However, luck wasn’t on her side this time around as the motorcycle stalled. It didn’t run no matter how many times she twist the accelerator.

Yuan Zhenyue kicked the motorcycle aside, she was so angry that her chest was trembling.

“You came to me because you wanted me to be your witness?”

Surprised, Liu Yi looked at Yuan Zhenyue.

“You don’t say! Why else would I need you? Dating?!”

Yuan Zhenyue gave Liu Yi a large side glance.

“There’s no need anymore… the bag snatcher had fled, I might as well just send in my resignation letter…”

“You don’t need to resign.”

Said Liu Yi suddenly.

“What you said? It’s not like what you said will change anything, you’re not our bureau chief!”

Yuan Zhenyue watched the bag snatcher off at the distant limply trying to run away to the other direction. Unable to help herself, she sighed.

“Better I chase after him myself!”

“I’ll help you.”

Liu Yi thought that should the bag snatcher run away, he’s certainly part of the cause.

Although this female police officer was a bit too swift and fierce and a bit dangerous, she’s still very righteous.

Grandfather had said that one must live righteously!

Yuan Zhenyue is currently in a crisis that had to do with me, I cannot just sit here and watch and not do anything about it.

“Idiot! You’re meddling in other people’s business again!”

Although Lin Tong had only been sealed in Liu Yi’s body for two days, but toward Liu Yi’s character, she was very familiar with it through the countless headache she received.

This matter was clearly very troublesome. The currently troubles Liu Yi had was already a lot, isn’t this just self afflicting pain?!

“I can’t just ignore it…”

Said Liu Yi. “Otherwise, I’ll despise myself!”

As he said that, he took a couple breathes and did a few of the breathing technique.

His mind instantly became a lot more clear.

What surprised Liu Yi at this moment was that the white stream of qi suddenly started flowing within his body. It infused through each and every one of his muscles and bones.

The instant it did that, Liu Yi suddenly felt that his power had increased a lot!

And Lin Tong who was hanging on his neck was slightly surprised as she feel all this happening.

It seems that when Liu Yi’s sense of justice surges, the immortal power that Gu Yu left behind in his body would resonate with his sense of justice and started moving about!

This immortality power was a bit stronger than the demonic power that Liu Yi cultivates. Moreover, Lin Tong discovered that along with Liu Yi’s demonic power’s increase, the immortal power also followed as if competing!

What kind of situation is this… the Heavenly Fox Heart Mantra that Liu Yi practices was undoubtedly the canon of the demon race…

But, why is it that even immortal power increased?

This situation is so very strange...

Liu Yi’s condition caused the little fox Lin Tong to grow more and more confused.

She began to ponder if her bringing to Liu Yi into the path of cultivation was a correct choice or a mistake, good fortune or a calamity.

However, regardless of the outcome, Lin Tong wanted to continue on.

She also began to become curious. If Liu Yi were to continue his cultivation, what exactly would he become in the end?

Would he become an unparalleled master?

At this moment, Lin Tong seemed to have forgotten about the whole matter of her breaking away from her seal.

Liu Yi felt that his whole body was currently as lithe as a swallow. Borrowing the power that had arrived out of nowhere, he fiercely leaped out.

A bust of wind ran past through the top of a couple cars.

This time when Liu Yi stepped on the car roofs, there’s unexpectedly no sound at all. His body was light as a feather. Like a dragonfly touching the water lightly, he rushed toward the bag snatcher that’s running away limping.

None of the drivers were aware of what happened. They only sensed that someone flashed past their faces before disappearing.

They thought that they were dazzled.

However, Yuan Zhenyue was able to see it clearly. Liu Yi suddenly disappeared from next to her and then ran very far in a blink of an eye. He was running toward that bag snatcher.

“This guy… runs very fast!”

Could it be that he’s an sports student?

He’s also very nimble, maybe he’s also a gymnastic student.

Yuan Zhenyue began to guess what Liu Yi does.

Right when she was still guessing, Liu Yi had already arrived behind the bag snatcher.

“Don’t, don’t come near me!”

The bag snatcher turned around and saw that Liu Yi had arrived behind him. Scared, he immediately started shouting.

The fight between Liu Yi and that beautiful policewoman earlier was clearly seen by him.

“Give yourself up, what awaits you will be the law… right, the severe sanctions of the law!”

Said Liu Yi as he tried to copy what Yuan Zhenyue had said earlier.

“Fuck! You’re not even a cop, the hell are you trying to act all heroic for?!”

The bag snatching thief was unable to help himself and cursed.


Liu Yi started to frown.

This dude’s hand was still tied behind him. He’s walking all limp and shit. When he saw Yuan Zhenyue, he was scared to death. Does he think that I, Liu Yi, am easy to bully?!

“Break his legs so that he can’t flee!”

Shouted Lin Tong. She immediately grew angry when she heard that Liu Yi was scolded.

“No need for that… that’s too savage…”

Liu Yi immediately shook his head. “Is there a way that’s a bit more peaceful?”

“Cheh… violence to curb violence, what’s wrong with that?...”

“Then what’s the difference between me and this bag snatcher?! I want a peaceful and affectionate method!”

“You piece of work…”

Although Lin Tong was scolding at him, she still floated to the front of Liu Yi and ruthlessly bit his nose.

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