Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 41 In the End, is it Right or Wrong?


It hurted so much that Liu Yi was about to cry.

However, there’s no results! No new techniques appeared in Liu Yi’s head.

“Why isn’t there any technique?!”


Shouted Lin Tong. “The second palm strike of your Great Brilliant Sun Palm, you received that knowledge!”

“My power… didn’t I not have enough power to execute the second palm strike?”

Hurriedly asked Liu Yi.

“Of course you’re unable to fully execute the power of the second palm but the amount that you could execute, it most likely would still have some effect on regular people.”

“Okay, let me try it out…”

Liu Yi nodded, he felt that it’s certainly right to listen to Lin Tong.

The methods for the second palm strike appeared in his mind. Liu Yi tried to operate it in his palm. Sure enough, his power was unable to completely execute the second palm strike.

However, he continued to do as Lin Tong directed and rushed to the front of the bag snatcher.

“Hit him directly in the heart, otherwise, your palm strike would have no effect!”

Shouted Lin Tong.


“Get the fuck away from me bitch!”

Seeing Liu Yi who’s meddling in other’s business, the bag snatcher immediately grew angry.

He was thinking that this fucking student was being way too fucking cocky!

Afterall, I am a bag snatching thief. It’s one thing for the police to bully me. But you? Who the fuck do you think you are?!

This thief raged from his heart and loathed from his guts. He stood there with his hands behind him and then threw a kick directly toward Liu Yi’s abdomen.

However, Liu Yi was able to even dodge the police beauty’s fists, so how would he possibly be hit by this guy’s kick?

Using the Spirit Fox Steps on his legs, he slightly moved sliding past that thief’s foot and dodged the kick. He then reappeared in front of the thief.

Liu Yi’s left palm landed on that thief’s chest.


The thief was knocked back a couple steps. Then, feeling that his sight had turned black and a chill running through his whole body, his legs immediately grew soft.

With a pop sound, he sank to his knees. The corner of mouth twitched multiple times.

Liu Yi’s palm strike had blocked the blood vessels of that bag snatcher causing his heart to stop for two seconds.

Although it’s only two seconds, it’s nevertheless fatal,

The blood within the thief temporarily stopped circulating. Without blood circulation, there was insufficient blood supply to his brain causing him to enter hypoxia and powerlessly falling onto the ground.

Even after Yuan Zhenyue managed to come over, the bag snatcher still didn’t have the strength to get back up.


Liu Yi let out a deep breath.

The second strike was called Vein Seal. With Liu Yi’s power, he almost used all of his power in order to execute this strike.

Not only that thief, Liu Yi was also currently somewhat feeling weak in his knees.

Had the white stream of qi not been constantly circulating through his body and replenishing his physical strength, Liu Yi felt that he’ll really have fallen to his buttocks.

This white stream of qi was truly strange. It’s obviously an evil power yet it provided assistance during the most crucial moments.

It seems that techniques that surpasses one’s strength… was best not be used easily.

It’s like being only half alive. Right now, even breathing cause Liu Yi to feel pain in the heart.

It must be that when the power’s too great, it creates a burden to the heart.

“Humph, now you know, idiot.”

Lin Tong laid on top of Liu Yi’s head. She humphed and said. “If you didn’t want your enemy to be injured, then you’ll be feeling the pain!”

“So that’s the case…”

Liu Yi nodded.

“You must be ruthless toward your enemy!”

Lin Tong continued. “If you refuse to hurt others, then they’ll hurt you! Today is a small lesson! Because you forced yourself to use a move that’s beyond your level, you’ve received a little bit of internal injury. Had you listened to me and break this man’s leg, then you wouldn’t have received injuries!”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m a man. This tiny bit of injury is nothing.”

Said Liu Yi with a complacent smile.

“Liu Yi! You’re a huge idiot!”

Lin Tong shrieked. “This lady will no longer bother with you!”

After saying those words, Lin Tong’s fox silhouette flashed past and disappeared into Liu Yi’s chest.

Liu Yi was surprised, he didn’t understand why Lin Tong suddenly grew angry.

What’s wrong with big sister fox immortal?...

It’s the first time I saw her being this angry!

“What did you do to him?”

Yuan Zhenyue walked forward and examined the thief that’s kneeling on the ground. She discovered that he was twitching all over and with pale lips like he’s having a seizure. She immediately turned around and asked Liu Yi inquisitively.

“I don’t know, I just casually struck him with my fist and he became like that…”

Liu Yi didn’t know how to explain so he decided to act stupid.

“Strange… are you really an ordinary student?”

Asked Yuan Zhenyue.

“Of course I am, here’s my student ID!”

Said Liu Yi as he promptly pointed at the card that’s hanging on his chest.

“A student from One Mid?”

Yuan Zhenyue saw the tiny number plate on Liu Yi’s chest.

“Your name is Liu Yi?”

“That’s right… police officer sister… I’m not a bad person… I can help you and be your witness…”

“That’s the best.”

Yuan Zhenyue felt relieved.

With him as the witness and with the thief still captured, the matter had indeed became a lot simplier.

Although she had caused some needless damages, however, it’s after all in order to catch a thief...

“Although you’re a bit of a pervert, you’re nature is still pretty righteous.”

Said Yuan Zhenyue all seriously. “Student Liu...Yi, that habit of yours is not good. You must change that. I don’t wish to capture you as a sex criminal in the future.”

“Earlier, it, it really wasn’t on purpose…”

“However, I also understand that when boys like you see a girl as beautiful as myself, it’s obvious that you’re unable to control yourself. Those who pursue me from my unit were also numerous. Therefore, I understand. However, in order to pursue a girl, you must have a method. Using this kind of dirty tricks was something that you cannot do…”

Liu Yi got a headache listening to her.

This Yuan Zhenyue… is a huge narcissist...

As Yuan Zhenyue continued to chatter away, the other police have arrived.

A man who appeared to be the leader called Yuan Zhenyue over and then started violently scolding her.

Other police have also arrived and took Liu Yi aside to do a police report.

The report took a long time. After all the basic questions were asked, Liu Yi looked at the time. Holy shit, it’s ten something.

It’s about to be noon and the students would have been dismissed from class then, I don’t want to be a promise breaker.

How could I still show my face in school in the future if I did that?

“Mister police uncle… can I leave now?”

Carefully asked Liu Yi.

“Sure. We have your cellphone number, if there’s anything else, we will contact you. We hope that you will cooperate with us.”

The young police in charge of writing the report said with a smile. “You still have school right? You should quickly go to school. If you were to be yelled by your teacher for being late, just have your teacher call our department, we’ll prove that you were here.”

“Ah, thank you mister police uncle!”

Dark lines suddenly appeared on the young police officer’s face.

[TL: not sure how to describe dark lines. This is shown all the time in anime.]

“I’m not that old…”

“That big sister Yuan Zhenyue… is she going to be alright?”

Liu Yi glanced at the police beauty that’s currently being yelled at. He grew a bit concerned and asked.


The amount of dark lines on the young police’s face increased.

Yuan Zhenyue is big sister, but I am uncle...

Isn’t this difference a bit too big?...

“Regarding her… you don’t have to worry. She’s not likely to have a serious demerit. However, she’s certainly going to receive disciplinary actions.”

“Ah? She was trying to catch the bag snatcher.”

Liu Yi said. “Catching the bag snatcher is a good thing, doing good things shouldn’t be getting punished, right?”

“She is a people’s police, catching scoundrel is her duty.”

The young police informed Liu Yi. “However, even as a people’s police, one cannot disturb the public security of the society just to enforce the law. The way she does handled matters were not appropriate. However, you don’t have to worry. This top police beauty Yuan Zhenyue was already used to being punished. You better hurry up and go to school, if you don’t then I won’t testify for you.”

“Ah, alright then… good bye mister police uncle…”

Liu Yi was still worried about Yuan Zhenyue. Yuan Zhenyue was a righteous person; Liu Yi didn’t want to see a righteous person being punished.

He departed from the young police officer whose face was covered with veins by running. As he ran, he softly asked.

“Big sister fox immortal… say, do you think that big sister Yuan Zhenyue did was wrong?”

Lin Tong was currently staying in Liu Yi’s Spirit Knowledge Field and completely ignoring him.

“Why is big sister fox immortal angry at me…”

Liu Yi rubbed his head, he was very confused.

However, he currently didn’t have the time to stop running and enter the Spirit Knowledge Field to ask about it. Almost late for school, better run first, I can ask Lin Tong about what happened after I arrived at school.

Liu Yi didn’t bother to think anymore, he proceeded to focus only on getting to school.

“Sis Die, your Liu Yi didn’t show up this morning!”

After the end of the third class, Wang Lele finally cannot bear and asked. “He couldn’t have got himself into a car accident midway right?!”

“Stupid girl, what nonsense are you sprouting! Big mouth!”

Murong Die glared at Wang Lele. “Also, what’s with ‘my’ Liu Yi. Speak nonsense again and I’ll rip your mouth open!”

“Hee hee, Sis Die definitely aren’t willing to tear my mouth open!”

Said Wang Lele while laughing with a hee hee sound.

“If you were to rip my mouth open, then who would chat with Sis Die?”

“Stupid girl, only your mouth is powerful!”

Murong Die lightly pushed Wang Lele and pouted. “Had you been a guy, then I fear that there will be numerous girls that’s tricked by your mouth! At the end, they’ll all die from grief!”

“How could that be?!”

Wang Lele hee hee laughed. “I’m not going to be a dude, if I’m a dude, then how could the rest of the guys have girls to pursue, all of them would’ve been mine!”

As she said, she stretched out her hand and hooked Murong Die’s smooth chin.

“If I am a dude, then little girl, you’ll be mine.”

“Scram, go away, I knew that you’ll be messing around!”

Murong Die slapped away Wang Lele’s bad behaving hand.

Right when the two girls were messing around with each other, Lan He who sat on the other side suddenly stood up and said loudly.

“Murong Die, look at this! That guy that you liked is a coward, a huge coward!”

He was feeling very pleased. He was thinking that although he didn’t know why Kevin didn’t show up today, however, with Ma Wei of the Black Dragon Gang, that Liu Yi was certainly going to have a major bloodletting. He likely won’t be able to show his face today.

With the time of the decisive battle coming up, tsk tsk, never had I expected that this would feel this great!

Lan He smiled at Murong Die proudly. He was thinking that Liu Yi was going to lose big today!

This is what happens when you go up against this Young Master Lan!

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