Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 42 What A Huge Idiot

“Who does Liu Yi think he was to try to compete in basketball with I, Lan He. You see that? He’s already scared and didn’t dare to come! Seems like I would win this competition without even fighting.”

Lan He had his hands crossed. He had a somewhat disgusting complacent smile on his face.

Murong Die was in somewhat of a bad mood.

“Lan He, don’t you feel so satisfied just yet. It’s only ten thirty right now, there’s still a class before the afternoon dismissal.”

“He hasn't show up for three whole classes, how would he possibly show up for the last class?”

Lan He laughed heartily. “Oh Murong Die, I really am a bit disappointed with you this time around, You really had made a wrong judgement; what is there that’s good about that Liu Yi? He’s totally a coward. It’s better for you to be with me, Lan He. Only I, Lan He, could match a miss from an affluent family like you. Tell me guys, don’t you think so too?”

Lan He asked his gang of scoundrels by him.

“That’s for certain!”

“Our young master Lan is being too modest, you and Miss Murong are completely a match made in heaven, an ideal couple!”

“That’s right, that’s right, who the hell do that Liu Yi think he is?!”

Those couple students who had always follow behind Lan He kissing his ass immediately started to parrot his words.

Murong Die and Wang Lele both start to feel disgusted.

These students… they don’t even have the manner of students anymore.

School was supposed to be a place that’s uninfected by the unhealthy habits of society. However these students, they were flattering and fawning, frivolous and cunning, bully the weak and afraid of the strong, they were no different from those cunning people in the society.

“Oh Murong Die, I am really curious about your taste.”

Right when the bell signaling the start of the class was about to ring, Ma Yixuan who was on the side suddenly stood up and shouted.

“That Liu Yi had chased after me undyingly for an extremely long time yet I don’t even find him worthy. Never had I expected that our Miss Murong unexpectedly have an unique taste.”

As a daughter of an affluent family and having extremely beautiful appearance, Murong Die was the idol of the school.

Ma Yixuan had already considered herself to be very beautiful, but when compared with Murong Die… she’s nothing but a side dish.

All the attentiveness and gaze of the boys were basically all landing on Murong Die.

That was something that Ma Yixuan hated a lot. Using this opportunity, she immediately came out and started ridiculing Murong Die to raise her own position.

“Since when does this lady’s foresight and taste become something for you to judge?!”

Murong Die’s brows slightly creased. She started to display her missy temper.

“Ma Yixuan, who do you think you are?”

“Murong Die, what are you pretending about?!”

Ma Yixuan’s cheeks immediately grew sullen the moment she heard Murong Die’s words. She straightened herself and scolded. “Aren’t you only a bit rich at home? The hell are you trying to pretend as in school?! If you have the ability, why don’t you go to those school for the rich? The hell are you pretending to be miss high and mighty in One Mid for?!”

“Ma Yixuen, you’re lucky that Liu Yi liked you for this long.”

Wang Lele pulled Murong Die and then said very fiercely. “He didn’t manage to woo you was his fortune as you’re nothing more than a vixen!”

“Wang Lele, you dare say that again?!”

Ma Yixuan’s little flame immediately started to burn. “I will tear your mouth to pieces!”

“Sis Die, she wanted to tear my mouth to pieces!”

Wang Lele didn’t bother to take Ma Yixuan seriously. She heard Ma Yixuan’s threat but instead only looked toward Murong Die and laughed.

“She won’t dare, she’s all bark and no bite. It’s fine, Lele, just imagine her to be a barking dog.”

“Okay, I’ll do as Sis Die said!”

Wang Lele gracefully nodded.

“You guys have balls!”

Ma Yixuan was so angry that her lung was about to burst from anger.

To be honest, she really didn’t dare to do anything to Murong Die.

The young miss of the Murong family, was that someone that she could possibly take on?

However, Ma Yixuan was also not someone that’s good to anger!

Who is she? She’s the school’s Little Overlord, Yuan Shaojun’s girlfriend!

Mentioning it, that Yuan Shaojun’s appearance… was indeed a little bit unbearable to look at.

However,when he asked Ma Yixuan out, she still accepted without the slightest hesitation.

Why? That’s because Yuan Shaojun is the school’s Little Overlord! He steadily ruled over the school.

To be his girlfriend was possess both reputation and might!

The students in the school, all had to look up to her and none of them dared to provoke her!

Ma Yixuan enjoyed this sensation a lot. The person she admired the most was no other than Daji who caused massive damage to the country and suffering to the people.

[TL: Daji is a mythical fox spirit and concubine of the last Shang Dynasty Emperor Zhou Xin.]

Never had she ever imagined that a woman had the power to topple over a whole nation!

She wanted to become a woman like that!

That Liu Yi, although he was very sincere toward her and was pretty good, but what benefit is there in dating him?

Going to school together? Studying together?

Stop joking around!

This Murong Die dared to humiliate me like this, I’m going to find Yuan Shaojun and make her pay.

So what if she’s the daughter of an affluent family? This One Mid was the territory of my hubby, Yuan Shaojun.

“Murong Die, Wang Lele, I’m advising you two to be careful when walking in the school at night!”

Ma Yixuan left threatening words.

“Oh? Are you threatening me?”

Murong Die suddenly started to laugh, her laughing appearance was especially beautiful.

However, Wang Lele was standing there blinking her eyes. She didn’t dare to say anything.

That’s because she knew that Murong Die rarely laughs and that whenever she laughs, it’s certainly not for a happy occasion!

The Murong family was especially dote of their daughter. Since when she was a child, Murong Die was able to get whatever she wants.

Although Ma Lele also possess some temperament of a princess… but when compared to Murong Die’s, hers was no where comparable!

Murong Die, she acted like a real princess!

Once her princess temperament surges… someone was certainly going to suffer a calamity.

It’s done for, Ma Yixuan was certainly going to be doomed.

“Yeah I’m threatening you, what about it?!”

Ma Yixuan had her arms crossed. She stood there like a proud peacock. “Don’t you forget whose territory One Mid was!”

Murong Die was extremely angry; how could there be a woman like that?!

Hugging the thigh of a school punk thinking that she’s grand and heroic!

Liu Yi’s eyes were really grown all the way on his foot, how could he fancy a woman like this?!

Right when Murong Die was about to say something, the class starting bell suddenly rang.

The Old Literature Teacher was very punctual and walked in holding books and pushing his eyeglass with his finger.

Wang Lele promptly pulled her Sis Die, she was afraid that Murong Die would not even give the teacher any respect and start arguing with Ma Yixuan.

However, Murong Die was in a major bad mood, she didn’t even care about the appearance of the literature old man!

Even if it was the principle, she still wouldn’t care.

However soon after, another figure appeared followed the Old Literature Teacher in. This man was staggering and almost run into the Old Literature Teacher.

Seeing this figure, Murong Die’s eyes suddenly slightly flashed.

As for Lan He who was sitting, he immediately stood up and cried in surprise. “Impossible!”

“What’s impossible?”

The Old Literature Teacher looked at Lan He in confusion.

“No,nothing… hello teacher.”

Lan He gave an awkward laugh. All kinds of suspicions flashed through his eyes. He then slowly sit back down.

Then the Old Literature Teacher’s gaze landed on Liu Yi.

This Liu Yi was in an even more sorry state than yesterday!

He’s even wearing last year’s uniform, the sleeves and pants were clearly a chunk shorter!

“Say, classmate Liu Yi, what are you cosplaying today?!”

The Old Literature Teacher teased. “You arrived so late today too, could it be that you spent a whole morning preparing your outfit?”


Liu Yi immediately rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, he then explained. “I washed my uniform last’s still not dry yet! Teacher, I had already requested a leave of absence from the the Classroom Teacher!”

Seeing that he had enough time when he arrived, Liu Yi went to the Classroom Teacher’s office and explained himself.

He didn’t want the Classroom Teacher to not know what happened, get angry and then call his parents...

If that were to happen, then he’d be in a miserable state!

When the Classroom Teacher heard Liu Yi’s explanation, he didn’t believe him at all. However after he called the local police station and verified Liu Yi’s story, he then let him off.

From the Classroom Teacher’s point of view, an ordinary student like Liu Yi was not supposed to be pulled into strange occurrences.

“So that’s the case, then you can go back and have your seat.”

The Old Literature Teacher was in a rush to get the class going and didn’t bother to make things difficult for Liu Yi. He nodded and allowed him to return to his seat.

Liu Yi had a sigh of relief and prepared to return to his seat.

However, Wang Lele suddenly started to scream.

“Aiyo Aiyo… teacher... teacher, my stomach hurts…”

Wang Lele’s loud scream had scared both the teacher and the students.

The Literature Teacher face was covered in cold sweat, he didn’t know what trouble this baffoon Wang Lele was planning to bring this time.

Even though he’s a teacher, he’s still not someone who would dare to do anything in the school...

At the very least, he knew that there are some students within the school that he must not anger. Wang Lele was one of them.

“Teacher… it’s alright, it might be my appendicitis acting up again… boohoo, it hurts…”

Wang Lele tried her hardest to force some tears out. Unfortunately, her tears refused to be obedient.

Seeing Wang Lele’s indicating with her eyes and brows, the Old Literature Teacher started to feel a numb up his back.

“How about… you find a student to help carry you to the hospital?...”

The Old Literature Teacher knew that Wang Lele was most definitely planning to skip class. As she was the type of student that cannot be angered, he figured that he might as well help her accomplish her goal.

“Yes, that’s it; teacher, you’re so nice to me!”

Wang Lele was immediately beaming with happiness. There was not even a hint of being in pain.

“Then let’s have Liu Yi take me there. He’s fast.”

The Old Literature Teacher didn’t understand how Liu Yi would be fast when he’s that thin and weak.

However, he wanted to quickly send off this buffoon known as Wang Lele. Thus, he waved his hand and said.

“Yes yes, Liu Yi, you take Wang Lele to the hospital.”

“Eh… alright.”

Liu Yi, without any better option, stood back up.

Although he had an appointment with Lan He, however Wang Lele’s appendicitis acting up was no trivial matter. He had to quickly carry Wang Lele to the hospital.

However, Lan He sat on his seat and sneered.

“Haha… seems like you’ve already planned this… Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, I underestimated you, you’re pretty cunning. However, I, Lan He, still look down upon you.”

“Lan He, I will see you in the basketball court.”

Hearing Lan He’s words, Liu Yi immediately was set into a bad mood.

“After school at noon, you will see me on schedule in the school’s basketball court. He who doesn’t show up is a coward!”

After saying those, under the somewhat surprised gaze from Lan He, he walked next to Wang Lele.

“Classmate Wang Lele, let’s go. Appendicitis is no minor illness, I will carry you to the hospital as quickly as possible!”

The Little Fox Lin Tong’s voice suddenly sounded from within Liu Yi’s mind.


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