Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 46 Slam Dunk

“A fool like you think that you can steal a point? In your dream!”

These few words from Lan He immediately made Liu Yi burned with anger.

“You piece of shit, you think you could snatch something from my, Lan He’s hand? In your next life! Liu sucks.”


The voice of the little fox, Lin Tong, suddenly sounded in Liu Yi’s ear.

“This guy unexpectedly dare to bully you! Liu Yi, let me out!”

At that moment, Liu Yi’s eyes became slightly red.

The world around him began to move in slow-motion.

In Liu Yi’s eyes, the world has turned into a black and white world.

Except Lan He, where his body radiated a bright red light that was provocative in nature.

Liu Yi slowly stood up from the ground with a faint smile on his lips.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, Wang Lele shouted out.

“Lan He, you cheat! That’s a foul!”

“What do a little girl like you know?!”

Lan He pursed his lips, “That was a fair collision in a one on one battle. Do you think this is a regular competition….”

Before Lan He even finished his talk, the pit of his stomach was suddenly hit by the already stood up Liu Yi.

Lan He felt his body was like a broken kite that flew upside down and fell to the ground with a thud. His buttocks felt really painful, making him grimacing with pain.

Liu Yi easily reached out the fallen basketball and, taking the advantage while Lan He was still on the ground, slowly walked to the three-point line.

All of the onlookers suddenly bursts into an uproar. They all began to boo Liu Yi.

“Fuck! Liu Yi, you cheater!”

“Liu Yi, that’s foul!”

A group of boys and girls cried out these words.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi was slowly dribbling the ball. With a faint smile, he said.

“Who said that was a foul? This was a fair collision in a one on one battle.”

Those students were speechless.

Indeed, wasn’t Lan He did the same thing just a moment ago?

This street-style one on one battle is a fierce and wild competition. The body collision that was forbidden in the regular game is a common thing that happens in this type of game.

Seeing other people were silent, Liu Yi dribbled the ball with one hand while his other hand pointed at Lan He and made a come at me sign.

“Come on, stop me. Or did you wet your pants already?”

Seeing this scene from the sidelines, Murong Die and Wang Lele were astonished.

The current Liu Yi was like a whole new person!

This Liu Yi….is a cool-headed and evil!

But he also exudes what seemed like an indescribable charm, making their hearts slightly trembled.

‘Is this really…Liu Yi?’ They thought.

“You’re dead!”

Lan He growled, crawled up, and then rushed toward Liu Yi.

He planned to teach Liu Yi a lesson, making him know that he owns this basketball court!

But before he reached Liu Yi, the later suddenly, gently jumped up, aimed the ball and took a shot.

Three-points shoot?

This guy, who can’t even dribble properly, wanted to shoot from behind the three-point line?

At that moment, Lan He suddenly has the urged to laugh.

He turned his head to look at the ball. The ball did not even come close to the basket ring; It flew way out of the field.

Suddenly, he could not hold back his laughter anymore.

“Hahaha! Liu Yi, you fool! Did you want to shoot three-point shoot with your skill? Hahaha….”

Lan He was laughing out loud while rubbing his stomach.

“Don’t laugh so early, I felt something.”

Being laughed at by the opponent, Liu was actually unmoved. He just stood there with lips that were slightly smiled.

“You really can toot your horn! Come, come, get me the ball. I’ll let you try your three-pointers once again.”

Lan He clapped his hands. A student immediately threw a basketball at him.

Lan He then threw the basketball to Liu Yi, “Go on, throw it again!”

“Don’t you regret this.”

“Hahaha! Liu Yi, although you have no skills in basketball, your skill in bragging is actually big!”

Lan He completely disregarded Liu Yi. He doesn’t even look at Liu Yi in the eyes.

Lan He is looking forward to seeing Liu Yi make a fool of himself.

“Then see for yourself.”

Liu Yi said and then he slightly bent his knees.

The strength from the soles of his feet began to rise along his legs. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in his hands.

At this moment, Liu Yi has a kind of mysterious feeling.

His magical eyesight appeared.

The distant basket ring, in his eyes, was suddenly magnified.

Liu Yi seemed able to feel the connection between the basket and the basketball in his hands.

With the aid of this perception and the strength, he gently shot the basketball with his hands.

The ball moved in the air along a beautiful arc, and then accurately fell into the center of the basket. The ball smoothly entered the center of the basket from the above.

Lan He immediately opened his mouth in surprise.

Not only him, all the other onlookers that saw the three-point shot from Liu Yi were shocked.

It would be not too surprising if other people, who regularly play basketball, able to do a three-point shot.

But….this time, it was Liu Yi who succeeded in doing a three-point shoot!

The big waste wood Liu Yi!

How is this possible!?

The score changed into 16:3!

“Liu Yi scored! Liu Yi has scored!”

Wang Lele pulled Murong Die’s hand while shouted out happily.

“Fuck! Liu Yi really scored this time!”

Chen Cai foolishly expressed his surprise. Because he is Liu Yi’s best friend, he completely gave his support to Liu Yi.

But because he knew Liu Yi really well, he realized that…in regards to physical activity, Liu Yi has always been clumsy. He was aware that If Liu Yi wanted to beat Lan He, it is simply impossible.

He would never have thought that Liu Yi would really be able to score a three-point shot…

“Damn, count this as your luck!”

Lan He pursed his lips. Based on Liu Yi’s ability, he did not believe Liu Yi was able to do a three-point shot.

“It doesn’t matter. You can think anything you want.”

Liu Yi smiled, “But from now on, you will no longer have a chance to score.”

After he entered this state, Liu Yi’s personality was completely changed.

His words made Lan He infuriated. Lan He doesn’t know whether he wants to laugh or mad.

“Fine. Liu Yi, let’s see who’s going to cry in the end!”

According to the rule of the street one on one duel, the one who scored will be the one who serve.

Lan He threw the ball to Liu Yi, making him serve the ball for the first time.

Liu Yi stood outside the three-point line while he dribbled the ball.

Lan He stared at the basketball. He was confident that he is able to snatch the ball.

He is a reserve member of the youth team. His position on the team is the shooting guard.

Although he is not a point guard, stealing remains as a part of his forte.

The coach even often praised his agility in stealing the ball.

In his team practice, he was able to regularly steal the ball from his teammates. In front of this waste wood Liu Yi, he certainly will able to easily steal the ball!

Therefore, Lan He could care less if Liu Yi serves the ball.

This moment, he spotted a gap. Like a lightning, he quickly stretched out his hand.

But to his surprise, he caught an empty space.

Liu Yi, at the moment, was holding the ball with his weak hand. He then sent it into the air.

The basketball, once again, drew a curve trajectory in the air and then, finally, fell into the basket.

The ball perfectly enter the center of the basket!

Three points!

Everyone was silly.

The first time can be considered as luck….but what about the second time?

Two times three-pointers, all of it perfectly enter the center of the ring without even touching the rim!

This…is really incredible!


Liu Yi smiled at Lan He, “There are still three minutes left. These remaining ten points, you have to be careful about it.”

“Fuck you! You think you can beat me!?”

Lan He was furious.

He was prepared to give Liu Yi a lesson!

To let him know who is the king in a one on one duel!

In this school, in this basketball court, no one is better than Lan He!

Lan He was ruthless. When Liu Yi’s turn to serve again, he pretended to stretch out his arm to steal the ball and then tried to elbow Liu Yi’s stomach again.

But this time, Liu Yi has seen it coming.

He suddenly executed his Spirit Fox Steps, making his body gently moved to the side and easily avoided Lan He’s dirty trick.

Lan He could not withdraw his momentum; His body staggered forward.

While Liu Yi simply put down his foot, his body then lightly stopped.


Lan He fell flat to the ground. His previous charming and handsome look was gone in the blink of an eye.

The present Lan He looked like someone who was digging with the buttocks. His young master appearance was completely gone. Several students can’t even bear not to chuckle.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi held up the basketball, bent down a bit, and then shoot.

The basketball perfectly entered the center of the ring once again.


Lan He was shocked. He picked himself up from the ground, feeling angry and hate.

He didn’t expect that, as a candidate for the youth team, Liu Yi was able to make him looked like a clown!

“Come on, let’s continue this game!”

“I’ll win this game you freak!”

Lan He still believes in his basketball skill.

He did not dare to be negligent. He started to cautiously guard Liu Yi’s move.

Lan He’s basketball skill is really good. The rest of the time, under his tight defense, Liu Yi didn’t have many chances to shoot.

He can only shoot twice, for a total of six points.

The score was now 16:15.

The remaining time is less than 30 seconds.

At this time, everyone was tensed.

Murong Die cannot help but tightly held the Wang Lele’s hand.

The two sister’s palms were full of sweat.

The mouth of the nearby Chen Cai was almost fell to the ground. His eyes were intently stared at the court. He appeared silly and also stupid.

‘For your best friend…for a lunch, you must win, Liu Yi!’ He cheered in his heart.

“Not much time left.”

Lan He said, “I’m not going to give you a chance to shoot. In the end, I still win this game. Liu Yi, obediently kneel down and kowtow to me!”

“Not necessary.”

Liu Yi showed his confident smile.

After entering this state, Liu Yi was a completely different person.

He cannot even control this new personality.

He looked at Lan He, smiled, and then suddenly raised his hand, as if he was going to shoot.

Thinking that Liu Yi is going to shoot, Lan He hastily jumped up.

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly lowered his body and then rushed past Lan He’s blockade from his right-hand side.

The old Liu Yi, who previously clumsy in dribble, was gone. At the moment, as if he was possessed by Iverson, he flexibly dribbled the ball until he reached the spot under the ring.

Liu Yi suddenly held the ball with both of his hands and then took a high jump.

Lan He was startled. His reaction was pretty quick; He quickly ran back.

Lan He stood in front of Liu Yi; He was prepared to thwart Liu Yi’s last attempt at scoring.

“I’m not going to let you score!”

Lan He roared. Halfway through the jump, he suddenly retracted his hands and threw his foot to kick at the mid-jumping calf of Liu Yi.

But to his surprise, Liu Yi’s jump was even higher than him!

In the blink of an eye, his kick fell into an empty space.

Meanwhile, Liu Yi’s body was already on top of Lan He. The basketball that was in his hand, Liu Yi heavily dunk it into the basket.

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