Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 47 If You Want Something, You Should Come To Me Hom


Liu Yi’s strength was not small. His vicious slam dunk shook the basket, causing it to twist and letting out a loud sound.

Lan He was also knocked down by Liu Yi, making him directly fell down to the ground in a confused state.

Although the pain was small, the shock in his heart was actually pretty big.

The young talented basketball player of the City youth team, Lan He, unexpectedly lost to a mediocre student!

Moreover, this student has been known to the class as the scrap wood, and he never showed his idiotic figure in all the sports competition in school.

But today, that student has unexpectedly won a match against him!

Not only that student accurately shot many three-points, that student also did a slam dunk on his last jump!

At that moment, Liu Yi was just like a bright star, making Lan He suddenly felt small and began to doubt about his talent in basketball.

All the students were in shocked.

Because of the previous energetic slam dunk from Liu Yi, they were all jolted.

‘This is Liu Yi?’ They all thought.

‘The scrap wood Liu Yi?’

“O heavens… I never thought…that Liu Yi can play basketball…” Chen Cai commented.

He cannot close his mouth for quite a while.

He and Liu Yi were friends for a long time. They were basically each other’s best friend and no matter what happen to the other, the other one would also know it.

Chen Cai even perfectly knew the several Adult Videos in Liu Yi’s computer.

But today, he really doesn’t understand about Liu Yi’s two hands….

“Liu Yi won. Liu Yi really has won!”

Wang Lele pulled Murong Die’s hand and happily exclaimed, “I knew it, Liu Yi gege is the best!”

“….Oh, so, he’s ‘Liu Yi gege’ now, eh….”

Murong Die disdainfully glanced at Wang Lele.

“Hehe… In any event, after Liu Yi gege, perhaps, become sis’ Die’s husband, whatever I’m calling him now wouldn’t matter at all, right?!”

“You dead girl…believe it or not, I’m going to rip your mouth off!”

“Hu hu, sis’ Die is really terrible….”

“I think you’re just a huge chest! Big breast but no brain, If you speak irresponsibly again, I’ll rip off your mouth!”

Wang Lele quickly covered her mouth.

Lui Yi released the basket and landed on the ground.

His icy feeling gradually disappeared from his body.

The feeling of out of control was now gone.

Liu Yi was standing on the ground. Although he has won the game, he was really uncomfortable.

He felt like other people won this game, not him.

This feeling… was really, really, uncomfortable….

“How could I lost…? How is this possible…?” Lan He muttered.

Lan He sat on the ground with a look of disbelief; He has not woke up from the previous shocked.

“You cheated…. You definitely cheated!”

Lan He suddenly stood up, stepped forward, pulled Liu Yi’s collar, and fiercely said.

“Otherwise, how could a waste wood like you won a game against me, Lan He! Right, that’s right, a stimulant! You must have used a stimulant!”

“Lan He, my grandfather said, a man can lose, but he cannot be a poor loser.”

Liu Yi swatted away Lan He’s hand.

No matter what, he has won this game.

Although the winning was not quite honorable, the evil Liu Yi can still be considered a part of him.

‘Is this the so-called split personality?’ He wondered.

“Liu Yi, you wait for me!”

Lan He waved his hand, turned around and went away.


Liu Yi grabbed him, “you haven’t fulfilled the bet!”

“Bet? Bet you become paralysis!”

Lan He turned around and moved his hand to slap Liu Yi’s face.

Want him, Lan He, to apologize?

A dream! He never thought Liu Yi as anything other than a scrap wood!

As a sports athlete, Lan He’s moving palm created a whistling wind.

If this was the previous Liu Yi, perhaps this slap can make him stumble to the ground.

But the current Liu Yi has turned over a new leaf.

He held out his left hand and instantly caught Lan He’s wrist.


Lan He was suddenly startled.

This Liu Yi actually dared to resist!

He was about to give Liu Yi a kick when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in the wrist.

The pain instantly made him scream out; His whole body became weak, and his eyes started to see black stars.

“Ah, ah,…my, my hand….”

Lan He was covered in cold sweat; With the incomparable pain on the wrist, he cannot continue his words.

‘How could Liu Yi has such a big strength!’ He thought.


Liu Yi held Lan He’s wrist and coldly said.

At this moment, his eyes were slightly red.

The negative feelings took control of him once again, making him deal the violence with violence.

Seeing this scene from Liu Yi’s virtual environment, Lin Tong was slightly worried.

‘If Liu Yi continues to go on like this….he will completely degenerate into a demon king….’ She thought.

His character is firm and resolute; Originally, the evil influence toward his mind was not very big.

But after his encounter with Yuan Zhenyue, the behavior of countering violence with violence of her should’ve affected him to a degree.

Coupled with the stimulus that he got today from the court, his mind started to become unstable, making him continuously abused his demonic power.

Honestly speaking, Lin Tong felt that she still prefer the silly Liu Yi…

The black belly Liu Yi made her felt a bit afraid.

“Let, let go off me… My hand will break!”

Lan He almost fainted because of the pain.


Liu Yi’s voice was still icy-cold; At the same time, a murderous aura fell upon Lan He, making him directly shivered.

Lan He instantly felt that the Liu Yi before him was….really terrifying.

‘Heroes do not eat immediate loss!’ Lan He thought.

Lan He clenched his teeth and then said with a tremendous resentment.

“Liu Yi…I, I shouldn’t have insulted you. I’m sorry!”

“There’s still Murong Die.”

“I, I shouldn’t have pestered Murong Die, I’m sorry….”

All the students were stunned.

For Liu Yi to win the game…is already quite shocking.

What even more shocking now is, Lan He, the young master, actually willing to apologize for his mistakes!


Has the Sun risen from the west?

“That’s more like it. You can keep your life now.”

Liu Yi finally released Lan He’s hand.

Lan He was panting. He sat on the ground while examining his swollen wrist.

Perhaps if Liu Yi pinches his wrist a little longer, his wrist might really be destroyed.

Lan He looked at Liu Yi with eyes that were full of resentment.

“Liu Yi…I will not let you get away with this…”

He cannot make this words be heard by Liu Yi right now, thus, he can only bite his teeth and swallowed it back to his stomach.

He is young master Lan! Soon, he will let Liu Yi know what is the meaning of the true power.

When Lan He was planning to go away in disgrace, bursts of noises suddenly erupted around the basketball court.

A group of students, who wore school uniforms, came around them. Each and everyone of them looked fierce.

There are a hundred of them, which quickly put the court jammed pack.

Lan He was surprised, he thought, ‘What’s going on? Is he not going to let me go?’

But soon, he understand what’s going on and couldn’t help but sneer.

‘Liu Yi oh Liu Yi, your arrogance has come back to bite you!’

Liu Yi’s classmates were also startled. They speculated about what was about to happen.

Soon, when a pair of figure stepped out from the crowd, everyone understood.

The one who lead is a bald student with one of a kind appearance; One of his eyes is big while the other one is small. There is a black mole on his left cheek, with many nauseating black hairs that grew up on top of it.

Although this student’s appearance is quite droopy like that, his arm was around the body of a beautiful girl, making some unknown number of students envy him.

“Hehe… What’s up, Murong Die? Are you afraid now?”

Inside the arm of Yuan Shaojun, surrounded by a large number of students, Ma Yixuan proudly said.

“My husband, it’s her. She bullied Renjia.”

“Murong Die, I know you’re powerful out there. But, inside this school is my, young overlord, territory.”

With a cigarette in his mouth, a slender Ma Yixuan in his arm, and his black hair in his other arm, Yuan Shaojun unhappily said.

“You bullied my woman inside my domain, isn’t that a bit not giving me the ‘face’?”

After that, a group of students pushed through the student close to Murong Die and started to surround her and Wang Lele in a threatening manner. It was very scary.

But Murong Die showed no fear. She is the eldest daughter of Murong Family. Such scene cannot make her afraid.

Wang Lele was a bit scared. She hid behind Murong Die.

“Since you didn’t give me, Yuan Shaojun, a ‘face,’ then don’t blame me, Yuan Shaojun, for also not giving you a ‘face.’”

“Yuan Shaojun, you dare to touch me?”

Murong Die’s moon eyebrows jumped, she looked straight at Yuan Shaojun and asked.

“Hehe, if we’re outside the school, maybe I, Yuan Shaojun, am afraid of you, Murong Die.”

Yuan Shaojun slowly puffed his cigarette, and then said, “But, this school is not your Murong Family residence. Instead, this is my, young overlord, domain. This is the so-called, the sky is high, the Emperor is far away. Even if your father is the Heaven Emperor, in here, perhaps that is not going to save you.”

Murong Die cannot help but curse in her heart.

‘This Yuan Shaojun is also a scrap wood who fell into a female charm!’

‘He really took himself seriously! Humph, even though he is just the head of the school bully!’

‘My family’s influence can easily steamroll him!’

‘Under normal condition, this Yuan Shaojun wouldn’t dare to mess with me.’

‘But under Ma Yixuan’s spell, anything can happen!’

‘Now…Indeed, no one can protect me!’

Looking around the tiger eyes of the students that surrounded her, Murong Die finally felt fear for the first time.

‘Am I….really finished now….?’

‘Why did the director, who was called by Wang Lele, have not come yet…?’

“Yuan Shaojun, if you’re a man, don’t deal with a woman!”

In this critical moment, Liu Yi suddenly speak up and loudly barked at Yuan Shaojun.

Yuan Shaojun immediately gawked and then turned around to see Liu Yi, who was standing in the basketball court.

“Oh, you are….”

“Husband…That’s the fool who pestered me everyday….”

Ma Yixuan sweetly said in Yuan Shaojun’s ear.

“Oh, it’s you!”

Yuan Shaojun suddenly understood. He spat the cigarette to the ground, stomped it, and then said.

“Bastard, I haven’t looked for you, yet, you came to find me first! Good, I’ll deal with the eldest daughter of Murong Family after I finished with you, idiot!”

After that, he waved his hand.

Suddenly, a group of students came at Liu Yi.

“Yuan Shaojun!”

At this time, with chest out, Wang Lele suddenly speak up and said.

“I, I’m the origin of the problem here. If you want to deal with someone, you should come after me!”

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