Martial Peak

Chapter 4650

Chapter 4650 – An Ingenious Move

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“Rumour has it that after the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Second Class great forces join the Cave Heavens and Paradises, they’ll soon vanish. It’s said that they’re either imprisoned or secretly killed,” Xu Wang put on a smile, “Over the years, I’d indeed seen some High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Second Class great forces. They were brought to Bright King Cave Heaven by the Elders in the Sect.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “How are they now?”

Xu Wang shook his head, “I’d only met every one of them once. After that, I haven’t heard about them anymore, and it’s not certain whether they’re dead or alive.”

Yang Kai felt a chill running down his spine. The insinuation in Xu Wang’s words made him realise that he didn’t understand the Cave Heavens and Paradises at all.

“It’s hard for the Cave Heavens and Paradises to monitor the affairs in the Shattered Heaven; therefore, many people who have ascended to the High-Rank will come here to live. Some of them have even come all the way here to achieve a breakthrough in order to avoid catching the attention of the Cave Heavens and Paradises. So, there are not only Seventh-Order but also Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Shattered Heaven. You have to be careful while you’re here, Junior Brother.”

“I’ll take note.” Yang Kai nodded lightly. However, his heart wasn’t as calm as his expression. If what Xu Wang had said was true, the waters in the Shattered Heaven were truly muddy.

The several Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who had hidden among the crowd obviously knew a thing or two about the Universe Cave Heaven; otherwise, they wouldn’t have waited here and raced through the portal right after it opened up.

Unfortunately, after they entered, the portal instantly disappeared. There was no hope for the others to go in and get some leftovers. Yang Kai was capable of following the traces and forcefully opening the portal, but he wouldn’t do such a thing as it wasn’t worth the effort.

“The Shattered Heaven is indeed an amazing place.” Yang Kai suddenly sighed, then turned to look in a particular direction and smiled, “Don’t you agree, Blood Crow?”

Xu Wang’s expression turned solemn as he followed Yang Kai’s gaze.

There were three people, two men and one woman, in that direction who were apparently from the same Sect. Noticing the stares of Yang Kai and Xu Wang, they turned to look at them.

The two men frowned while appearing both vigilant and perplexed. The woman also asked in puzzlement, “Are you talking to us, Senior Brother?”

Yang Kai flashed a grin at her, “If the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters hadn’t appeared and disturbed you, causing your aura to leak, I wouldn’t have discovered your whereabouts. Since I’ve found you, there’s no point for you to keep pretending. You’re a senior expert, so you should behave like one. Juniors like us will be disappointed if you keep acting dumb.”

The woman said with displeasure, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Senior Brother.”

The two men beside her glowered at Yang Kai, thinking that he had offended the beautiful woman.

Yang Kai sneered, “What’s wrong? Are you sick of being a man, so you’ve decided to live as a woman now?”

One of the men bellowed, “Please mind your language, Friend! The three of us have no grudges against you, nor do we even know you. Have we ever offended you before?”

“Are you mistaken?” Xu Wang asked in a small voice. He didn’t find any traces of Blood Crow coming from that woman, nor could he detect any unusual aura around her. The way the woman reacted was also natural and reasonable; hence, he was puzzled at Yang Kai’s accusation.

The conflict had caught the attention of many people at the scene. The portal that led to the Universe Cave Heaven had disappeared while several High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had entered it. Many had thus already decided to leave.

After all, High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were immensely formidable. They wouldn’t dare to snatch anything from them.

Since there were no benefits to be gained, they wouldn’t mind watching a good show. At that moment, many of them turned to look at the source of the conflict.

Right in front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai suddenly extended his hand and summoned his spear. As a light flashed through the weapon, he thrust out his weapon. Faced with the attack, the alluring woman with an hour-glass figure didn’t even have time to react before her head exploded. Blood started spurting out of the headless corpse like a fountain.

Everyone was stunned by this scene.

The burly man, who was standing somewhere near Yang Kai, was especially terrified. When Yang Kai asked him a question some time ago, he brushed him off because he was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master with profound cultivation. Even though he was aware that Yang Kai was also in the Sixth-Order upon the latter’s arrival, it didn’t bother him one bit.

However, Yang Kai’s incredible attack and the heaviness of his World Force made the burly man realise the immense difference between them.

At that moment, he was covered in cold sweat as he instantly retreated dozens of kilometres, so that he wouldn’t be dragged into this mess.

In the blink of an eye, the alluring woman was killed just like that.

The men beside her were startled for a moment before their eyes reddened. One of them bellowed, “How could you murder Junior Sister Guo? I’ll kill you!”

Upon finishing his words, he summoned a long sword and pushed his World Force before charging towards Yang Kai. Although the other person remained silent, he also summoned his artifact as his murderous intent surged.

Both of them were only in the Fifth-Order. Despite knowing that they were no match for Yang Kai, they couldn’t keep a cool head since their Junior Sister was killed for seemingly no reason.

Xu Wang hurriedly raised his hand and explained, “Please calm down. She wasn’t your Junior Sister. That person was…”

Before he could explain anything, he felt a spear brushing past his ear. He instinctively tilted his head, and when he looked up again, he realised that the two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had perished together with their Junior Sister, their heads exploding in the very same way as they passed away.

Xu Wang turned his head and yelled, “Yang Kai!”

If Yang Kai hadn’t saved him from being killed by Blood Crow, he would’ve launched an attack on him just now. He initially had a good impression of Yang Kai, which was why he had told him many secrets that were not very important; however, he had never expected that Yang Kai was such a ruthless person who had no qualms about killing people.

Until now, he still hadn’t detected the aura of Blood Crow from any of these three people.

Without gazing at him, Yang Kai looked up with a solemn expression, then his lips curved into a sneer, “You’ve indeed lived up to your name as a senior expert. What an ingenious move!”

Xu Wang realised that something was off as well. As he looked around, he saw that about twenty people, who were supposedly onlookers, had just stepped forward. They consisted of men and women as well as young and old people.

Their companions gazed at them in shock as they had no idea why these people had stepped forward when they were supposed to just watch the show.

In a particular direction, a woman, who was in a group of four people, looked at the leaving figure in puzzlement and called out, “Senior Brother Lu?”

The person called Senior Brother Lu didn’t even turn his head as he spread his palms and activated his World Force. He then bellowed, “Anyone can destroy such a Devil Lord who has no qualms about killing others. Aren’t cultivators like us supposed to stand up to injustice?”

There was a glow behind the woman’s eyes as the already perfect Senior Brother Lu in her heart appeared even more heroic now. She then stepped forward and stood beside him, “I’ll assist you, Senior Brother!”

Upon seeing that, the remaining three disciples from the same Sect had no choice but to come forward as well.

The same thing happened to other groups of people. Initially, there were only some twenty people who had stepped forward, but in the blink of an eye, the number increased to over seventy since the companions of the initial people had come forward.

Although Xu Wang was from Bright King Cave Heaven, he was still dumbstruck by the sight. He wasn’t a fool. He was furious because he thought that Yang Kai had killed some innocent people just now; however, it was awkward that more than twenty people had suddenly come forward together right after that.

All of them were Open Heaven Realm Masters who had seen enough of the world to know not to take a stand so easily. They were not head-strong youths and they could decide whether they wanted to fight or kill based on not just emotions, but logic and reason. For such people, it was no different from self-deception to claim to be standing up against injustice.

Xu Wang would rather believe that there was a problem with the more than twenty people who first stepped forward than naively think that they were really trying to bring the murderer to justice.

However, there was supposedly no problem with their companions from the same Sects who had come forward to help them out.

“What should we do?” Xu Wang asked in a small voice.

“Just kill them all,” Yang Kai replied.

Xu Wang rolled his eyes, “How are you still in the mood to joke around?”

Yang Kai shrugged, “Even if I can’t defeat them, I can still flee. None of them can stop me.”

Xu Wang hurriedly said, “Don’t forget to bring me with you when you flee! Although the disciples from Bright King Cave Heaven are tough and resilient, it’s not like it’s fun to be beaten up by so many people.”

“It’ll depend on my mood,” Yang Kai replied dispassionately.

A speechless Xu Wang stared at him.

“We are disciples of Bright King Cave Heaven!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his spear and shouted. At the same time, he secretly kicked Xu Wang.

After Xu Wang got his hint, a thought flashed through his mind as the golden Immovable Bright King Body appeared behind him. He wasn’t in the mood to reprimand Yang Kai for pretending to be a disciple from Bright King Cave Heaven. At this point, it was the best choice to make use of Bright King Cave Heaven’s name.

As expected, after Xu Wang activated the Immovable Bright King Body, the group of seventy or so people became wary. They certainly knew that Bright King Cave Heaven was one of the 36 Cave Heavens.

“We were pursuing Blood Crow Divine Monarch and have chased him all the way to this place. Blood Crow has many deceitful tricks up his sleeves. The three people I killed just now were controlled by his Blood Principles. Even your companions have ended up the same. They’re no longer the friends or family you once knew.” Yang Kai looked provokingly at the more than twenty people who first stepped forward.

The whole crowd broke into a commotion.

Blood Crow Divine Monarch was infamous in the Shattered Heaven. He was an expert in the Dao of Blood who loved to absorb the Blood Essence of cultivators. Those who were targeted by him would end up in a horrible state.

The emotions in their hearts undulated when they heard Yang Kai’s words. Some of the agile ones immediately moved away from their companions who looked perfectly normal. Nevertheless, most of them were still doubtful; after all, they hadn’t separated from their companions recently. They would’ve noticed it if Blood Crow was really around.

“Senior Brother Lu!” The woman called out in a shaking voice as she gazed at the man’s profile, “Is what he has said true?”

Senior Brother Lu didn’t seem to hear her as he looked impassively towards the front. The woman suddenly covered her mouth as her tears slid down her face like the pearls after the string snapped.

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