Martial Peak

Chapter 4651

Chapter 4651 – Our Goal Has Been Achieved

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“Why are you crying, Junior Sister?” Senior Brother Lu suddenly turned his head and looked smilingly at his Junior Sister.

The woman shook her head as a glow of resentment radiated from her teary eyes, “You’re not Senior Brother Lu!”

“Silly girl.” Senior Brother Lu put on a smile, “Who could I be if I’m not your Senior Brother Lu?” He then touched the woman’s delicate face, his hand felt as cold as a snake, causing the woman’s heart to freeze over in an instant.

A sword suddenly appeared in her hand as a cold glint radiated from her weapon. She directly thrust her sword into Senior Brother Lu’s chest.

Senior Brother Lu looked down at the weapon in his chest, but he didn’t react in a way that was expected of an injured person. Although his heart had been shredded by the woman’s World Force, he still appeared calm and collected, “People in love can also be the cruelest.”

He then clenched the woman’s neck. His blood squirmed out of the wound in his chest as though it was a living creature, which then turned into blood mist. Regardless of how hard the woman tried, she could not escape his grip. The blood mist soon engulfed her as she disappeared from everyone’s sight.

When the blood mist dissipated, she was nowhere to be seen.

The remaining three disciples from the same Sect were stunned.

Senior Brother Lu turned his head and bellowed, “You’ve been chasing after me for a long time, Yang Kai, but do you really think this Monarch is afraid of you? I have a lot of blood sacrifices now. Let’s see how you can fight with me!”

The strangest part was that as Senior Brother Lu spoke, the more than twenty people who first stepped forward also said the same thing in the same tone.

Over twenty people performed hand seals and shouted, “Raging Blood Sea!”

Following that, all of them exploded and turned into blood mist as it spread out across the void. The same thing happened to the three people previously killed by Yang Kai.

The blood sea took shape and covered a large area as it madly expanded. The Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had stepped forward alongside their fellow disciples, were unable to dodge it and were directly swept into the blood sea. Other than shrieks, the noise of artifacts and Secret Techniques being unleashed were also heard. The place soon descended into chaos.

In just a moment though, the noises died down, and only the weltering blood sea remained.

The onlookers in the distance hurriedly flew backwards upon seeing the turn of events. Those who were agile instantly escaped while the sluggish ones were pulled towards the blood sea by Blood Dragons which had manifested from it.

Inside the blood sea, Yang Kai and Xu Wang pressed their backs against one another as blood weltered around them. They were like two reefs in the sea that protected the only pure land left.

“Junior Brother, if I’m killed here, please bring my corpse back to Bright King Cave Heaven!” Xu Wang shouted.

Yang Kai broke into laughter, “Do you think your corpse will remain if you die here?”

It was then Xu Wang thought of the eerie methods of Blood Crow Divine Monarch. With a dejected expression, he continued, “It’s horrible to die without a complete corpse.”

“En, so you’d better not die.” Yang Kai smiled.

As they spoke, the blood sea in front of them contorted and formed into a curvy figure, the same one Yang Kai had killed with his spear earlier.

The woman’s eyes were filled with hatred as she clenched her own neck. Like the most ferocious ghost, she stared fixedly at Yang Kai while her blood streamed down from her eyes, which looked horrifying, as she screeched, “Your spear hurt!”

“Cheap tricks!” Yang Kai snorted and pushed out his spear before exploding the woman’s head, just like how she was killed some time ago.

However, this time, her head soon grew back into shape as though she was immortal and indestructible. She continued staring resentfully at Yang Kai as she snarled, “So what if I let you kill me 100 or 1,000 times? Can you destroy this Monarch?”

“Just stand there and let me jab my spear into you 1,000 times and we’ll find out!” Yang Kai extended his spear again. On the tip of the spear, a black ball the size of a fist exploded and turned into a black hole before absorbing everything around it.

Several figures consecutively appeared. Most of them were the cultivators that were killed by Blood Crow just now. Yang Kai had never even met these people, but it was apparent that they were killed and refined by Blood Crow.

The powers of these people ranged from the Third-Order to the Sixth-Order as they emerged from the blood sea. Blood Crow alone could create an army. Yang Kai continued wielding his spear while Xu Wang’s fists turned into countless phantoms as they battled against the tide.

Nevertheless, their efforts were futile. Regardless of how many times these people were killed, they could be swiftly resurrected.

As the intense battle dragged on, Yang Kai furrowed his brows. He initially intended to use his Cow Punch Secret Technique to end this; however, Blood Crow had suffered a setback before, and had apparently learned his lesson. Yang Kai was unable to find any traces of the other party’s aura.

“Junior Brother, it’s not like we can do this forever. Blood Crow obviously wants to deplete our strength. Once he succeeds, we’ll be at a big disadvantage.” Xu Wang suddenly spoke to him secretly.

Yang Kai remained calm despite knowing that what Xu Wang had said was true. Anyone who wasn’t blind could figure out Blood Crow’s intentions here. Outside the Astral Wind Divine Ability back then, Blood Crow used the same trick to deal with Xu Wang. If Yang Kai hadn’t suddenly appeared from the Astral Wind and caught Blood Crow off guard, Xu Wang would’ve been killed.

This time, Blood Crow was using the same trick while both Xu Wang and Yang Kai were unable to get out of the trap. Since the blood sea had taken shape, and the space around them had been sealed off, it was also impossible for Yang Kai to use Instantaneous Movement to escape.

“What’s your plan, Senior Brother Xu?” Yang Kai secretly asked.

“I want you to join forces with me to fight our way out of here, Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai frowned upon hearing that. To him, it wasn’t hard to fight their way out of this place. No one was a match for him unless he was faced with a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Although Blood Crow’s moves were indeed strange and mysterious, he was still just a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Despite the fact that he was an Old Monster who had been reborn, and that he had the foundation of a Seventh-Order Master, his strength was still limited to his current realm.

While Blood Crow wanted to deplete their strength, Yang Kai was actually trying to do the same. That was why he engaged in a protracted fight with him in the blood sea.

To him, it was pointless to simply defeat Blood Crow. Only by destroying Blood Crow completely would it be useful. Otherwise, given the guy’s capabilities to flee and save himself, he would recover sooner or later as long as he survived.

Upon realising that Yang Kai didn’t respond to him, Xu Wang spoke to him via Divine Sense again, “Please trust me, Junior Brother!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed, then he nodded, “Please do your best, Senior Brother. I’ll have your back.”

Xu Wang guffawed, “I definitely will.”

He then roared and fully activated his Immovable Bright King Body. A gigantic golden figure expanded and turned into a 1,000 metres tall colossus. It even showed some signs of materialising.

Yang Kai gazed at the golden figure in amazement.

Given Xu Wang’s heritage, he had definitely reached the threshold of acquiring a Divine Manifestation. If nothing unexpected happened, after he ascended to the Seventh-Order, it would only take him some time before he could comprehend his own Divine Manifestation.

It had to be noted that Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, didn’t have his own Divine Manifestation, which went to show how difficult this was to achieve. Ti Zheng from Myriad Demons Cave Heaven had showcased his Divine Manifestation once, but he subsequently died for some unknown reason.

The competition between Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters wasn’t just about the heritages of their Small Universes. The possession of Divine Manifestations was also a big factor.

The Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters who could use Divine Manifestations were definitely stronger than those in the same Order who couldn’t.

Xu Wang raised his hand and revealed a long sword, which was not beautiful or delicately made. However, with the sword in his hand, he had become even more imposing.

The cultivators of Bright King Cave Heaven focused on Body Tempering, making their bodies their strongest artifacts. Despite that, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t use artifacts, but when they did, it meant that they were going all out.

Following Xu Wang’s movements, the 1,000 metres tall golden figure shadowed him and unsheathed a huge sword from its waist.

When Xu Wang brought down his sword, the golden figure did the same as he had fully activated his World Force.

A huge gash was then formed in the blood sea upon impact.

Without stopping, Xu Wang charged forward as countless figures came right at him. Nevertheless, he was unfazed while staring fixedly at the front.

Yang Kai wielded his spear and exploded all the figures before they could come near them.

The speed these figures could resurrect was slower than the speed Yang Kai could kill.

In the blink of an eye, they had moved across a 1,000 kilometres distance and reached the end of the gash. Xu Wang brought down his sword and formed another gash.

After three times doing this, he finally formed an opening in the blood sea that had surrounded them. The Heaven Sealing and Earth Locking trap started showing signs of weakening.

Yang Kai grabbed Xu Wang’s shoulders as he was ready to manipulate Space Principles to take them out.

Upon realising Yang Kai’s intention though, Xu Wang grasped and clenched the other man’s arms.

Yang Kai was puzzled, and while he was in a dazed state, the crack in the blood sea had healed, which meant that they had lost the best chance to flee.

Xu Wang had turned pale after making three moves. It was obvious that such a Divine Ability was quite energy-consuming for him. Even the huge golden figure behind him had dimmed noticeably.

He proactively dispelled his Immovable Bright King Body, as though he was ready to entrust his safety to Yang Kai. He then directly sat down with his legs crossed and grinned, “Our goal has been achieved.”

While Yang Kai looked at him doubtfully, Xu Wang fished out something and tossed it into the blood sea.

Yang Kai could clearly see that it was a lid, but he was unable to figure out anything special about it.

However, after Xu Wang threw out the lid, Yang Kai could detect a flustered aura coming from the blood sea. The Blood Slaves, who originally kept appearing, suddenly quieted down.

A ferocious aura suddenly descended on this place from a few million kilometres away. Even surrounded by the blood sea, Yang Kai could feel as though his skin had been jabbed with countless needles. The trap around him seemed ready to tie him down.

On the other hand, Xu Wang grinned, “After I parted ways with you previously, I contacted my Martial Uncle who was stationed in the Shattered Heaven. Back then, two disciples from Bright King Cave Heaven were killed in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven by Blood Crow Divine Monarch; therefore, my Martial Uncle was sent here to hunt Blood Crow down. Still, Blood Crow is truly cunning. Although Martial Uncle personally made a move, he still couldn’t find Blood Crows whereabouts, so he has been unable to accomplish his mission thus far.”

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