Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1042 - 1042 Let Me See Your True Ability

1042 Let Me See Your True Ability

“That old witch really said that?” Angie Prairie looked at Chu Nan in surprise with an unbelievable expression, “Is she crazy?”

After agreeing to the conditions proposed by Supremacy Mal, Chu Nan made another small request to her, which was to bid farewell to Angie Prairie and the others.

Unexpectedly, Supremacy Mal was surprisingly reasonable and actually agreed.

Looking at the wide-eyed Angie Prairie, Chu Nan shrugged, “Regardless of whether she’s crazy or not, this is always an opportunity. Therefore, Angie Prairie, there’s no need to worry so much now. Hurry up and retreat with them and set off for the Cross Arm Stargate as quickly as possible. I’ll last as long as possible.”

Angie Prairie frowned. “You mean to let me leave you behind and escape? This can’t…”

Chu Nan raised his hand to stop her from continuing.

“You have to escape with them. I’m worried about anyone other than you.”

After a pause, he added, “If I don’t last long enough and you can’t escape, it’s naturally useless to say anything. If you can escape, I hope… Angie Prairie, you must live well.”

“In the end, won’t I still leave you behind and escape and watch you die? Do you think I’m willing to do this?”

“I don’t…”

Angie Prairie raised her hand to cover Chu Nan’s mouth and did not let him continue. Then, she looked straight into his eyes with an abnormally firm gaze.

“I understand what you mean. I’ll properly escape with them. If we successfully escape and you die, I won’t cultivate myself like last time and strive to avenge you with my own hands.”

Chu Nan was stunned, “Then what do you want?”

“I did that last time because I believed that I could break through to the Heaven Control Realm in a short period of time and have the ability to personally take revenge for you. However, this time, the person who killed you is a Star-Grade Martial Artist. I don’t think I have the ability to become a Star-Grade Martial Artist in a short period of time, and I might even never be able to break through, so the possibility of taking revenge for you is not high. In that case, I’ll find Master and get her to kill this old demonic woman.”


“Then?” Angie Prairie revealed a strange smile. She suddenly stretched out her hands and pinched Chu Nan’s cheeks before saying fiercely, “No matter if you go to heaven or hell, I have to chase after you and capture you because you haven’t agreed to be my boyfriend.”

Chu Nan puffed out his face and smiled before sighing. Then, he raised his hands and held Angie Prairie’s face. His gaze swept past the crew in the control room behind him and he suddenly lowered his head. He stuck out his mouth and pressed it against her lips.

Angie Prairie’s body first froze before it instantly softened. She opened her arms and hugged Chu Nan tightly. She exerted strength in her mouth and warmly replied.

After two minutes, the two of them slowly separated.

Angie Prairie smiled and glanced at Chu Nan before reaching out to touch her lips.

“I never understood why people kissed in the past because in my opinion, this was meaningless physical contact. But now… it feels good.”

Chu Nan could only roll his eyes and look at Angie Prairie before saying seriously, “Alright, Angie Prairie, if I can survive this time, I promise to be your boyfriend when I return.”

After saying that, Chu Nan hugged Angie Prairie and turned around to fly out of the spaceship again. A moment later, he flew in front of Supremacy Mal.

“What? You’re done chatting with your little lover?” The smile on Supremacy Mal’s face was still filled with mockery, “Can we start now?”

Chu Nan turned to look in the direction of the spaceship and gestured.

A moment later, the spaceship shook slightly and began to accelerate toward the distant starry sky. Before long, it disappeared into the vast starry sky without a trace.

Chu Nan turned to look in the direction of the battleships and discovered that they were floating on the spot without any movement. It seemed that they had really listened to Supremacy Mal’s order and did not chase after them.

In the end, Chu Nan looked at Supremacy Mal and assumed a posture.

“Senior, we can begin.”

“Very good.”

Supremacy Mal let out an ear-piercing laugh and her figure suddenly moved.

Her laughter was still echoing in Chu Nan’s ears with the weak spatial energy vibration. Supremacy Mal had already instantly arrived in front of him and slapped him.

Chu Nan’s eyes focused as he raised his arm and threw a punch.

As expected, Supremacy Mal did not lie to Chu Nan. Although the power of her palm was still terrifying, it was obvious that it was not as terrifying as a Star-Grade Martial Artist.

The most obvious difference was that Supremacy Mal’s palm actually attacked Chu Nan at close range. It was completely different from before when she attacked Chu Nan from afar.

Previously, Supremacy Mal only said that she would suppress her strength to the level of a Heaven Control Martial Artist, but she did not say what level she would suppress it to. Therefore, Chu Nan was not sure what power Supremacy Mal would unleash now.

However, as long as Supremacy Mal really suppressed herself to the level of a Heaven Control Martial Artist, he was naturally fearless.

When she threw this punch, Chu Nan had already fully mobilized all his strength and fused with powerful spatial energy before punching Supremacy Mal’s palm without any tricks.


A not-so-turbulent spatial energy suddenly surged from Supremacy Mal’s palm, but this spatial energy was divided into countless thin streams. Every thin stream had the characteristics of high-speed spinning and high condensation. It was simply like countless drills that forcefully broke through Chu Nan’s defense and entered his palm to invade his body.

Chu Nan instantly felt as if countless drills were crazily accumulating in his meridians. In an instant, all the meridians in his body were heavily injured and he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

He did not dare to stop at all and instantly gave up on the thought of facing it head-on. Then, the powerful shocking force on Supremacy Mal’s palm drove his body to fly at high speed into the starry sky behind him, and in the blink of an eye, he pulled an extremely long distance.

Supremacy Mal did not pursue. Instead, her voice sounded with the microwave vibration of spatial energy.

“Heh, kid, I know you’re very good at escaping, but I’ve said it before. You’re not allowed to escape this time. If you dare to escape, I’ll immediately order them to start chasing.”

Chu Nan’s body immediately stopped in space. Due to the extreme movement to silence, his already heavily injured body suffered further injuries. His injuries immediately increased and he could not help but spit out another mouthful of blood.

However, he could not care less about his injuries. He only focused all his attention on the distant Supremacy Mal to guard against her sudden attack.

However, to his surprise, Supremacy Mal still did not pursue. Instead, she slowly flew over and her mocking voice sounded.

“Kid, not only do I know that you’re very good at escaping, but I also know that you know a very strange cultivation method. No matter how serious your injuries are, you can quickly recover, right?”

Chu Nan narrowed his eyes and looked at her without answering.

“There’s no need to look at me like that. Come, I won’t attack you now. Heal your injuries first and let me see your true ability.”

Chu Nan was puzzled.

What did Supremacy Mal want to do today?

Although he could not understand it at all, Chu Nan did not dare to be negligent. Seeing that Supremacy Mal really did not have the intention to attack, with a thought, a milky white light instantly enveloped his entire body.

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