Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1043 - 1043 Be Serious!

1043 Be Serious!

A moment later, Chu Nan’s injuries had already recovered.

Supremacy Mal looked at Chu Nan with interest, “Kid, I’ve seen some cultivation methods similar to yours, but compared to you, the effect of those cultivation methods on recovery is far inferior to yours, let alone the speed of recovery. Tell me, what cultivation method is this?”

Of course, Chu Nan was happy to stall for time with her. He thought for a moment and replied, “This cultivation method is called the Flame of Life. I learned it from Angie Prairie’s master, Supremacy Oville.”

“Supremacy Oville?” Supremacy Mal frowned slightly, “That crazy woman?”

Chu Nan was silent.

“Very good, I understand. No wonder that crazy woman seemed to not care about her life when she fought last time. It turns out that she’s relying on this cultivation method.” Supremacy Mal sneered, “But so what if she has this cultivation method? If she can recover once, she can recover a second time, a third time, and continue to recover? Kid, I’ll make you regret knowing this cultivation method!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Supremacy Mal leaned over again and slapped him again.

From the momentum of his palm and the spatial energy fluctuations around him, this palm was actually identical to the previous one and did not change at all. It could be seen that Supremacy Mal did not take Chu Nan seriously.

A thought flashed through Chu Nan’s mind. In the end, he raised his right arm and threw another punch.

Buzz! Buzz!

Similarly, countless thin streams of force drilled into Chu Nan’s body like a drill. However, this time, he had prepared a defense on his fist in advance. The star cloud in his body circulated and the naturally transformed extremely high-frequency vibration spatial energy set up a protective layer on his fist, offsetting the high-speed spinning and vibration in the thin stream.

Although the two spatial energies that were also vibrating at an equally high frequency collided head-on, causing the surrounding space to tremble even more wildly, causing Chu Nan’s ears to recall a sharp bee buzz, causing his eardrums to hurt, this time, the thin spatial energy did not successfully “drill” into the meridians in his body.

However, he was still unable to completely resolve the terrifying force in Supremacy Mal’s palm. Just the terrifying impact coming from his palm shook his meridians to the point of being heavily injured again. He could not help but open his mouth and spit out another mouthful of blood.

Just like the last time, Supremacy Mal did not directly pursue. Instead, she floated on the spot and looked at Chu Nan with interest.

“Hey, kid, use your cultivation method called the Flame of Life to recover again. What are you waiting for?”

Chu Nan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and raised his head to look at Supremacy Mal in the distance. When he saw the undisguised cruelty in the smile on her face, he immediately understood.

This woman did not plan to give him a fair chance to fight, let alone give Chu Nan, Angie Prairie, and the others the possibility of escaping. She was clearly doing this to force Chu Nan to stay here and be heavily injured and tortured by her over and over again!

However, after figuring this out, Chu Nan was not angry. Instead, he was secretly happy.

Originally, they did not have the slightest chance in front of a Star-Grade Martial Artist like Supremacy Mal. Now, although she had ill intentions, she really gave Angie Prairie and the others a chance to successfully escape.

As for his injuries and pain, Chu Nan did not mind.

If Supremacy Mal liked it, Chu Nan was naturally willing to play with her.

As long as he could delay Angie Prairie and the others, Chu Nan had no complaints.

When he thought of this, Chu Nan deliberately pretended that he was affected by his injuries and slowed down before starting to circulate the Flame of Life to recover. He even pretended that the circulation of the Flame of Life was not smooth and probably took some time to recover.

“Senior, try again.” After confirming that his body had recovered, Chu Nan gestured to Supremacy Mal.

Supremacy Mal did not waste any time this time. Her figure moved and she slapped again.

Seeing that this palm strike was still identical to the previous two, Chu Nan was even more certain that Supremacy Mal was deliberately toying with him.

With a thought, Chu Nan threw another punch.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

This time, Chu Nan strengthened the Internal Breath in his fist. Although he blocked the force of Supremacy Mal’s palm outside his body, he was still heavily injured and spat out blood before flying back again.

This time, Supremacy Mal still did not pursue, but her performance was completely different from before.

She said with a cold expression, “Kid, although I’m willing to give you a chance, if you don’t want to grasp it well, I can’t be bothered to play with you. Do you believe that I’ll kill you with a palm strike now and immediately chase after your little lover and send her to see you?”

Chu Nan asked in surprise, “Senior, why do you say that? I’m naturally willing to do my best, but how can my strength compare to yours?”

“Is that so?” Supremacy Mal sneered, “I’ve already suppressed my strength to the Heaven Control Realm. If you can’t even receive a punch like this, how did you repel Rowe and those guys like Ankelu? How did you defeat Zelar? If you want to treat me as an idiot, I don’t mind beating you into a true idiot!”

Chu Nan could not help but smile bitterly.

Not only did this fellow ask Chu Nan to accompany her and let her vent the abnormal desire in her heart, but she also asked him to do his best.

However, the situation was stronger than others, so Chu Nan had no choice.

With a thought, he activated the Flame of Life with all his might. At the same time, he activated the Goddess’ Song cultivation method. In a breath, he had already calmed the meridian injuries in his body and looked at Supremacy Mal again.

“Come, if you still dare to try and stall for time by perfunctory me, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Supremacy Mal sneered and slapped again without any change.

This time, Chu Nan did not dare to have any negligent thoughts. With a thought, he activated his Internal Breath with all his might and instantly completed the Fourth Revolution in his meridians. At the same time, he urged the star cloud to enter a high circulation state and threw a punch.


When the fist and palm collided, the spatial energy in the surrounding space shook wildly. A terrifying roar spread throughout the entire Star Field with the vibration of spatial energy, and the entire starry sky seemed to tremble violently.

Chu Nan was slapped back again, but this time, he did not seem to be injured or vomit blood.

“That’s right. This is still decent.” Supremacy Mal nodded in satisfaction, “However, it’s still much inferior to your punch last time. What? Do you still want to maintain your strength? I’ll tell you clearly that the more you want to do this, the less time you can obtain.”

After saying that, Supremacy Mal’s figure flashed again and she slapped again.

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