Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1044 - 1044 It's Time to Fight

1044 It’s Time to Fight

However, Supremacy Mal’s palm was different from the previous few palms that did not change at all. When she slapped out, a ball of bright green light suddenly erupted from her palm. Countless spatial energy instantly condensed and actually turned into a little green “sand” that was like a physical body.

In the blink of an eye, the range of the “sand” had already expanded and completely enveloped the space in front of Chu Nan.

Chu Nan immediately determined that this “sand” was almost identical to the cultivation method used by Zelar. They used spatial energy to condense into an attack pattern like a sandstorm at an extremely small range.

However, compared to Zelar, the “sand” condensed in Supremacy Mal’s palm was undoubtedly denser and more terrifying.

The situation of his battle with Zelar instantly flashed through Chu Nan’s mind. He threw another punch, but he did not directly punch Supremacy Mal’s palm. Instead, he threw it into the air.

This punch carried the extremely high-frequency vibration spatial energy urged by the Fourth Revolution Internal Breath. It blasted out countless spatial cracks in the void in front of him and densely blocked Chu Nan.

As soon as the “sand” brought about by Supremacy Mal’s palm invaded these spatial cracks, it was directly shattered and returned to the most basic spatial energy particles.

The power of this palm immediately decreased and could no longer pose any threat to Chu Nan.

Supremacy Mal could not help but raise her eyebrows, and a trace of praise flashed through her eyes.

“That’s right. No wonder Zelar was defeated by you. Your use of spatial energy has actually reached this extent. Your talent is really the most outstanding among all the young martial artists I’ve seen.”

Chu Nan grinned and forced himself to smile, “Thank you for your praise, Senior.”

“Admiration?” Supremacy Mal sneered and shook her head, “No, I’m telling you that since your talent is so strong, it’s even more impossible for me to let you survive. Otherwise, if you break through to the Star-Grade Martial Artist in the future, your strength might even surpass mine. How can I be at ease?”

Chu Nan frowned slightly, “In that case, why didn’t Senior just slap me to death? Why did you give me such a chance?”

“You think this is really a chance for you?” Supremacy Mal laughed loudly, her face filled with mockery, “No, no, no. Do you know? When a predator captures prey, they usually won’t directly kill it. Instead, they’ll play with it for a while before ending its life. The current you is the prey that has already fallen into my hands. I only want to play with you before killing you. Do you really think you have the chance to escape?”

“Is that so?” Chu Nan shook his head and sighed, “I don’t expect to escape. I only hope that Senior can keep your promise and let me buy them enough time.”

“Do you really think you can do it?” Supremacy Mal sneered and waved her hand, “Alright, cut the crap. Whether you can buy them time will depend on your ability!”

After saying that, Supremacy Mal’s figure moved and she slapped again.

This time, her palm changed again.

Not only did she slap out the “sand” storm again, but it also secretly flowed. It gave people the feeling that the space was mixed with sand, and the entire space had become turbid.

However, this power was undoubtedly even more terrifying. Chu Nan could deal with one of the attacks with a punch, but it was a little difficult to eliminate two different spatial energy vibrations at the same time.

Although his punch accurately struck the most fragile part of Supremacy Mal’s palm and greatly reduced the power of this chapter, Chu Nan was still heavily injured.

Moreover, this time, Supremacy Mal did not give Chu Nan any time to continue recuperating in peace. She slapped him again and again, forcing him to receive it head-on.

Helpless, Chu Nan could only take the opportunity to urge the Flame of Life and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method to treat his injuries while receiving Supremacy Mal’s attack.

However, this way, the consumption of his Internal Breath could only be even more terrifying.

After receiving a few palm strikes, Chu Nan quickly determined that if this situation continued, his Internal Breath would not even last half an hour.

This time was clearly not enough for Angie Prairie and the others to escape to a safe distance.

Moreover, although Supremacy Mal had indeed suppressed her strength to the level of a Heaven Control Martial Artist, she did not show many cultivation methods. Just using such a palm technique to complement her special Internal Breath cultivation method had already made Chu Nan so miserable. If she used an even stronger attack later, how would he deal with it?

If he fought a Heaven Control Martial Artist normally, Chu Nan could still choose to think of a way to escape if he could not defeat him and return to rest before considering how to deal with him. Now, he did not have this chance and could only be forced to fight Supremacy Mal head-on.

Star-Grade Martial Artists were Star-Grade Martial Artists after all. Even if Supremacy Mal suppressed herself to the level of a Heaven Control Martial Artist, her understanding of Internal Breath and spatial energy as a Star-Grade Martial Artist would not change, and the cultivation methods she grasped would not change, let alone her various experience in facing enemies.

Compared to any Heaven Control Martial Artist Chu Nan had fought before, the strength displayed by Supremacy Mal was clearly much stronger.

As for Zelar, who was infinitely close to or even equivalent to a fifth-stage Heaven Control Martial Artist but his actual performance was greatly inferior, it was even more incomparable.

Soon, Chu Nan began to appear to be in a dilemma. His body was continuously injured by the “sand” and fine streams brought out by Supremacy Mal’s palm. Countless deep wounds that could be seen through his bones frequently appeared on his body before they were repaired by him with the Flame of Life and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method.

Not only did this situation not make Supremacy Mal feel anything amiss, she even became even more excited.

“Haha, kid, treat your injuries to your heart’s content! Seize this opportunity to your heart’s content! I guarantee you that when you exhaust the last bit of strength, I definitely won’t kill you immediately. Instead, I’ll pull out all the hair on your body one by one, peel off your skin bit by bit, cut off your flesh, and pull out all your blood vessels. I’ll let you stay alive and awake during this process. I want you to see the beating heart in your separated chest with your own eyes. I’ll let you see it in my hand and let you…”

“Damn, this abnormal old witch!” Chu Nan could not help but curse in his mind.

Supremacy Mal’s current performance reminded him of the guy who had almost killed him and Chu Xiaoxi.

He originally thought that that guy was the most abnormal guy he had ever encountered in his life, but now, it seemed that Supremacy Mal was probably even more abnormal than that guy!

Moreover, this abnormality was a Star-Grade Martial Artist!

After being slapped back by Supremacy Mal, he felt the shocking pain and the consumption of his Internal Breath from all over his body. Chu Nan took a deep breath and calmed down.

Without a doubt, he could not wait like this anymore.

Now, it was time to risk his life!

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