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Chapter 909 - 909 Invitation

909 Invitation

Previously, when he was in the Rand Clan, Chu Nan had once heard from High Priest Zima that the Rand Clan had once produced a true expert who could fly into the sky and enter the ground. Moreover, there was an extremely powerful expert who was suspected to have already reached the Star-Grade Martial Artist Realm.

However, after this expert broke through, he flew into the starry sky and disappeared for a few years. In the end, he finally returned, but he died under the so-called “Fury of the Heavenly God”.

According to Chu Nan’s guess, this expert from the Rand Clan had probably offended other experts when he adventured in the sea of stars and was chased to death, causing him to die.

At that time, Chu Nan had treated this as a story to casually listen to, but now that he suddenly recalled the cultivation method used by Sang Shan, he had more thoughts.

At that time, the cultivation method that Sang Shan used to slap her away was clearly extremely similar to the Song of Life cultivation method. Moreover, Chu Nan’s question caused such an obvious reaction. It could be seen that she definitely knew this cultivation method.

In that case… Sang Shan must be closely related to the Song of Life cultivation method.

However, the problem was, how was Sang Shan closely related to this cultivation method that should be unique to the Rand Clan?

With this question in his mind, Chu Nan immediately asked Sang Shan.

However, after asking, the answer he obtained made Chu Nan unsatisfied.

Sang Shan expressed that she indeed knew the Song of Life cultivation method, but she had only heard her master mention this cultivation method. Moreover, she expressed that the cultivation method they were cultivating now had evolved from the Goddess’ Song cultivation method and was passed down from generation to generation by her master.

Apart from that, Sang Shan did not know much.

She did not know what the Goddess’ Song cultivation method was at all, nor did she know what the Rand Clan was, let alone the legendary super expert.

After asking a few times and still not obtaining a definite answer, Chu Nan could only shake his head in disappointment.

This situation should have been too long ago, causing a lot of information to be lost.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Nan said to Sang Shan, “Sang Shan, I want to bring you somewhere. Are you willing?”

Sang Shan glanced at Chu Nan in surprise and seemed to be a little afraid, but she did not shake her head and reject him. She looked very hesitant.

“Heh, Chu Nan, are you sending a date invitation to Sang Shan?” Okiya shouted exaggeratedly, “So you like a girl like Sang Shan? To think that I even confessed to you previously. What a pity!”

Sang Shan immediately blushed and Chu Nan rolled his eyes at her.

“Don’t cause trouble. I’m helping some friends resolve a very important problem and need Sang Shan’s help. As for you… when did you confess to me?”

“I want to become yours. Isn’t this a confession?” Okiya widened her eyes and pretended to be surprised. Then, she shook her head and sighed, “However, let’s discuss these questions after we really return to the Orion Arm. Isn’t it too early to say this?”

“You said it first…” Chu Nan could only glare at her again, but he knew that this was indeed not the time to say this.

Compared to these problems, escaping was the thing they should be most concerned about.

Chu Nan raised his personal terminal and looked at it before turning to everyone with a serious expression, “Alright, everyone has recovered. I want to tell you in detail the next arrangements…”

Everyone was immediately shocked. Even Okiya immediately put away her teasing thoughts. Sang Shan also could not be bothered to be shy and stared at Chu Nan while quietly listening to his description.

The light of the star spread over from the sea and illuminated the entire island again.

The group of people crawled out of the cave they were hiding in and saw the brilliant light outside. The blue sky immediately felt relaxed.

Chu Nan looked around and discovered that all the monsters that filled the entire night sky and the surrounding sea area last night had indeed disappeared. He could not help but feel strange.

After thinking for a moment, he turned around and asked Tiago, “Are you sure these monsters won’t appear in the day?”

“Yes, it’s always been like this these few days.” Tiago nodded.

“Then… at least there’s no problem in the day?” Chu Nan asked again.

“Alright, Chu Nan, go quickly.” Okiya pushed him, “Even if you’re not here, haven’t we lasted for a few days? Hurry up and contact the Etoo Chamber of Commerce and get them to send the spaceship over as soon as possible. That’s more important than anything else.”

Last night, Chu Nan explained the next arrangements to everyone.

Although he had hidden many details about his body crossing the stargate in order to make it easier for everyone to accept, everyone was still very surprised that he could really find a suitable rescue in such a place.

Of course, it was not that no one suspected it, but in the current situation, they could only believe Chu Nan.

After all, Chu Nan had no reason to lie to them. Moreover, he clearly had the ability to leave but would return in the end.

“Alright, hold on for two more days. I’ll bring the rescue spaceship over as soon as possible.”

Without any delay, after Chu Nan bade farewell to everyone, he tapped his feet again and flew into the sky.

However, this time, he did not directly fly out of the atmosphere. Instead, he specially circled around and arrived at the back of the planet.

This side was currently night, but regardless of whether it was the night sky or the sea, it was the same as when Chu Nan investigated previously. There were no traces of monsters, let alone densely packed like last night.

“This planet is really strange…”

Chu Nan could only mutter and did not have the time to think carefully about what was strange. He turned around and flew out.

After leaving the atmosphere, Chu Nan immediately passed through the spatial wall and entered the now-familiar alternate space.

With his previous experience, Chu Nan could fly in the alternate space the entire time. In less than two minutes, after jumping out of the alternate space, he appeared in the starry sky near the rather dilapidated stargate.

Looking at the deep light that seemed to want to devour everything in the stargate, Chu Nan suddenly thought of a problem.

The stargates could establish a special spatial energy fluctuation trajectory in the alternate space and act as the connection between the two stargates to guide the spaceships flying in the alternate space to not get lost. Then, what about martial artists flying in the alternate space?

If he could do this, did that not mean that he could fly freely in the alternate space in the future and not worry about getting lost?

After thinking for a moment, Chu Nan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Unless the Noctem Chamber of Commerce was willing to completely open the stargate technology to him, it was almost impossible for him to understand it himself.

Moreover, he did not have that much time to consider this now.

This thought flashed through his mind before Chu Nan threw it away. He composed himself and flew towards the stargate.

Just as Chu Nan was about to fly into the stargate, he suddenly discovered a ripple in the deep starry sky on the surface of the stargate. Then, he saw the front of a spaceship poking out.

He was immediately stunned.

Didn’t the Etoo Chamber of Commerce say that it would take at least two days to prepare to send a ship over? Why was it here now?

However, in the next moment, Chu Nan’s eyes suddenly narrowed and his expression instantly became gloomy. Without a word, he rushed forward and threw a punch at the spaceship that had yet to completely leave the stargate.

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