Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 910 - 910 Nothing Strange

910 Nothing Strange

When this punch was thrown, the star cloud in Chu Nan’s body circulated and actually mobilized all the Internal Breath in his dantian. He instantly transformed it into the purest spatial energy through the star cloud and completed the Seventh Revolution in a breath. He mobilized all the spatial energy in the universe around him and injected it into this punch.

This punch was actually his true full-strength punch!

Although the spaceship in front of him had just jumped out of the alternate space in the stargate and was in a state where its energy shield was fully activated and its defense was especially solid, Chu Nan had already fully taken this into account when he threw this punch. The spatial energy attached to his fist was deliberately adjusted to the highest frequency high-frequency vibration state. Coupled with the special spatial energy use method that Chu Nan had comprehended from Ahmad, it almost condensed all the spatial energy into one point, so the destructive power was naturally incomparable.

The punch directly struck the spaceship, immediately causing terrifying spatial energy shock ripples visible to the naked eye. The entire spaceship shook violently.

Chu Nan only spent a short period of time investigating the spatial energy structure pattern of the energy shield outside the spaceship. His expression became even gloomier and he immediately made slight adjustments to the spatial energy brought about by his fist. A moment later, he saw a ball of dazzling seven-colored light erupt from the periphery of the spaceship. The entire energy shield had already been disintegrated by Chu Nan’s punch.

Fortunately, this spaceship had already jumped out of the stargate. Otherwise, if it was still in the alternate space and lost the protection of the energy shield, the entire spaceship would definitely be instantly destroyed by the violent spatial energy in the alternate space and turn into dust.

Even so, Chu Nan’s punch had already caused an extremely terrifying injury to the entire spaceship. The huge hull that was more than two kilometers long shook violently like a small ship moving in the storm. Countless obvious damage appeared on the metal exterior, and many parts even fell off, looking extremely miserable.

However, Chu Nan did not have any happy or relaxed thoughts.

The reason why he attacked this spaceship with his strongest punch without a word was that when he first saw this spaceship, he discovered from the appearance of the entire spaceship and some inconspicuous but important details that it was actually extremely similar to the spaceship that Jiggs had used to carry him, Tiago, and the others!

When he recalled the remoteness of this Star Field and the dilapidation of this stargate, only Jiggs’ accomplice could appear here at this time!

As for their sudden appearance here, there was naturally only one goal—to capture Chu Nan and the others again.

Seeing that his punch could not destroy the spaceship, Chu Nan was not too surprised. He bluntly condensed a huge spatial energy and planned to punch again.

Now that the energy shield outside this spaceship had been blasted open by him, it was impossible to open it again in a short period of time. With this second punch, Chu Nan was absolutely confident that he could collapse this spaceship.

However, Chu Nan did not have the chance to punch a second time.

As soon as he raised his hand, Chu Nan felt two terrifying auras surging toward him from the left and right. One of them was very familiar and was Master Rowe. He did not have any impression of the other, but it was not inferior to him.

Chu Nan quickly determined that although he had the ability to destroy the spaceship in front of him before these two attacked him, this would make it very difficult for him to dodge their attacks.

After hesitating for less than a thousandth of a second, Chu Nan continued to urge his spatial energy and threw a punch.


A huge hole was blasted in the huge spaceship by Chu Nan’s punch. An intense explosion followed the gas spat out by the spaceship, causing him to clearly hear the terrifying explosion.

The flames of the explosion of the spaceship in front of him also swept out and enveloped Chu Nan’s entire body. In an instant, a huge fireball erupted in space.

If it was an ordinary person facing such a terrifying explosion, they would only be shattered.

Of course, Chu Nan was not afraid, but other than that, there was still something that could truly threaten him.

While he destroyed the spaceship, Master Rowe and the Heaven Control expert who was comparable to him attacked at the same time.

In order to destroy the spaceship, Chu Nan had already missed the best opportunity to dodge. Coupled with the fact that the two of them were powerful Heaven Control experts, it was impossible for him to completely dodge their attacks.

Clearly, the Frost Formation activated by Master Rowe had completely frozen the surrounding starry sky in the blink of an eye, causing Chu Nan’s entire body to freeze. At the same time, another huge aura surged over from all directions. Several sharp arrows that could be seen with the naked eye and looked like physical objects shot over from the highly condensed spatial energy.

Even with Chu Nan’s powerful body, he could not completely block such a terrifying attack when his Internal Breath and spatial energy were used to attack the spaceship and he lost his defense.

The dense arrows instantly penetrated nearly a hundred small holes in Chu Nan’s body, almost turning his entire body into a rotten net filled with holes.

Two figures flashed past. Master Rowe and another middle-aged man who was similar to him in size but had sharper eyebrows appeared in front of Chu Nan who had his body frozen and nearly a hundred small holes pierced by the arrows.

“This is the kid who made you suffer a huge loss previously?” The other middle-aged man glanced at Chu Nan whose body was filled with holes and sneered. He used spatial energy to microwave and send a voice transmission to Master Rowe with a disdainful tone, “It’s not strange. How did you suffer at his hands?”

Master Rowe’s expression was a little ugly and puzzled.

Previously, Chu Nan had really left a deep impression on him. Moreover, he had actually disappeared with an entire condensation room in the end, causing his evaluation of his strength to increase infinitely.

This time, they had received the information and rushed over. He was already very surprised that the stargate had been attacked just now. Now that Chu Nan was actually killed so easily, it surprised him even more.

He frowned and did not believe that this troublesome kid had died just like that. However, since Chu Nan’s body had become like this, it was obvious that there was no possibility of survival. He was deader than dead, but he could not doubt it at all.

After thinking for a moment, he could only shake his head.

“Alright, although it’s a pity that this kid is dead, without him causing trouble, it’ll be much easier for us to capture the remaining guys.”

The two of them turned around and flew towards the spaceship that had no choice but to partially disintegrate because of the intense explosion just now. Soon, they entered the spaceship and disappeared into the vast starry sky with the restarted spaceship.

After the spaceship completely disappeared, a trace of green aura seeped out of Chu Nan’s frozen body.

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