Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 302 - Terrifying News

Chapter 302: Terrifying News

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She might have put it mildly but how could the Old Patriarch not have caught the meaning behind her words?

“Sigh! Since time began, Rulers and Emperors have disliked vassals whose merits overshadows the liege, what’s more a revered force like our Feng Residence. After what happened today, I fear that the displeasure towards our Feng Family in the Ruler’s heart would not just been a teeny weeny bit anymore.”

The public and blatant act of insubordination and disregard of the Ruler’s orders would surely leave a thorn in the Murong Bo’s heart but they really did not have any other choice in today’s incident.

If they had reported it truthfully and let him know that Little Feng was the Ghost Doctor and was also an Alchemist, it was feared that Little Feng would definitely be taken in under Murong Bo’s control, to become the Imperial Family’s exclusive Alchemist.

Afterall, as the patriarch of a clan, he knew clearly that if a person occupying the topmost seat knew that such a Alchemist existed, they would undoubtedly do everything they could to rope in the Alchemist into their clan, to serve the interests of their clan.

When one tree stands taller within a forest, it’s wrecked by wind. Because he understood that reasoning deeply, the moment he saw the three Heavenly thunderbolts struck, he had immediately ordered Feng Xiao to guard the main doors tightly, and to kill anyone who barged in without hesitation!

Because he knew that if it was known that his granddaughter was able to cultivate elixirs, then even the Feng Family would not be able to adequately shield her.

And it was exactly because of that that when he knew of her exceptional gift, he was only thinking of hiding her Heaven jolting talent in any way he could. Before she was able to gain stronger powers, he would use the best of the Feng Family abilities to protect her, to allow her to hone and nurture herself, to bide the time she would be able to shine brilliantly in her best state!

Just as they had guessed, when Murong Bo returned to the palace, he was unable to hide the rage in his heart as he swept everything off his table in a fit before slumping back into his throne with a darkened face, his sinister looking eyes glinting with a brief flash of murder, so quickly that no one noticed it at all.

[Just what is the Feng Residence hiding?]

[Things that could draw down those three Heavenly thunderbolts did not go beyond just those few possibilities. But no matter which one it was, none of them was one that he could accept.]

[The Feng Residence’s might has already grown too powerful, especially that division of Feng Guards, a group that had surpassed his own Imperial Guards. Such a force, if used well, would be a sharp blade against their enemies. But if managed poorly, that very same sharp blade would be pointed right at him!]

The three Heavenly thunderbolt incident seemed to have passed peacefully without a stir, but things were not as they seemed

Although no one went up to the Feng Residence to probe for information about that, that incident was hanging heavily in their minds. Even the commoners in the streets and alleys would mention about the day three lightning strikes had struck out of a clear sky but though it was a topic that people were debating in low voices, no one dared to openly bring it back up onto the table.

On the surface it seemed like people were intentionally brushing it aside, disregarding the incident. Even Murong Bo did not send anyone around to come enquire about it and did not summon Feng Xiao. As for Murong Yi Xuan, ever since Feng Jiu called off the engagement, he had gone into closed door cultivation in seclusion, where he had not heard a single thing about the matter.

Such days continued on for close to a month, and the incident was gradually forgotten by people. Very few people brought up things to discuss about the Feng Residence again and the entire Cloudy Moon City seemed to fall back into its peaceful state like before, with everyone minding their own business.

Until, a piece of news from the Green Gallop Country struck like a sudden bolt onto the Cloudy Moon City without warning, which shattered the surface calm in the city, stirring up wild torrential wave that swept through the various Family Clans and forces, which left everyone stunned in disbelief and incredulity…..

In the Feng Residence, Feng Xiao who heard the news could not conceal the surging fiery rage that shot right up to his head, his imposing countenance turned terrifyingly dark from anger. He ordered the steward to look after the Feng Residence before he went shooting out straight towards the Imperial Palace…..

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