Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 303 - Rejection

Chapter 303: Rejection

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However, even though Feng Xiao rushed to the palace like a torrential wind, he was stopped before he could even enter the palace gates.

“General Feng, the Ruler has orders that he will send someone to the full residence. General Feng, please return first!” Eight Imperial Guards stopped Feng Xiao in his tracks and refused entry into the Palace.


Seething with anger, even all pleasantries had been abolished as he looked at the Imperial Guards in front of him and roared at them as he looked at them ferociously. “Let me through! I have to go to the Palace to meet the Ruler!”

Eight of them could not help but smile bitterly as they said, “General Feng, please do not make things difficult for us.We have orders to stay here and wait for General. He doesn’t want to meet you, if you insist on meeting him, I am afraid all eight of us would lose our heads.”

For the eight of them to stop him with their strength was almost impossible. However, the Ruler had them wait here and refused entry was based on this point. If they let him in, their lives would be forfeited.

“Damn it!”

Feng Xiao was furious as he looked at the palace gates that he was not able to enter. A sense of helplessness washed over him as he could only curse and swear. As he was about to turn and return to the residence, he saw a familiar figure coming out from the inside and he immediately shouted out.

“Third Highness!”

Murong Yi Xuan was properly pondering deeply and lost in his own thoughts and is at the Feng Xiao voice as you raised his head up. Is it a long strides towards him, he asked: “Uncle Xiao, are you entering the Palace to see my Imperial father?”

“That is my intention, but I am unable to enter.” He look at eight of them and they all had their heads lowered.

Murong Yi Xuan swept his gaze at eight of them before he said to Feng Xiao, “Uncle Xiao, let’s find a place to talk about it.”


Seeing that he was unable to enter the palace, he could only find out more from Murong Yi Xuan. He would like to know what was the intention of his Ruler.

Originally they wanted to find a restaurant nearby, but felt that it was not too appropriate. Eventually, they went back to Feng Residence.

In the main hall, not waiting for Feng Xiao to start, Murong Yi Xuan asked: “Uncle Xiao, is Qing Ge at home? Does she know about this matter?”

“She is not at home, she went out and hasn’t returned yet.”

It was because precious daughter has not returned home, and his father was currently in seclusion, he was the only one in the entire manor. Yet, now that such a thing has happened, the two of them still have no knowledge of it!

His initial thoughts was to clarify this matter before informing them, but who knew that the Ruler would not even grant him an audience?

When he thought about this, all the anger in him reignited.

“What is happening? Such a big thing has happened yet your imperial father arbitrarily decided without any consultation? If this matter is made known to Qing Ge, I don’t know what will happen. He is simply brewing trouble.”

Murong Yi Xuan smacked his lips as he replied: “The moment I heard the news, I rushed to the palace to try to stop it. However, my Imperial Father has made up his mind and there doesn’t seem to have any room for negotiation. Otherwise, he would not refuse meeting you.”

“We will never agree to this!”

Feng Xiao stood up and said to Murong Yi Xuan, “Since I can’t meet the ruler, I will need your Highness to help me relay a message. Our Feng family has only our Qing Ge this child, we would not accede to this!”

While Murong Yi Xuan still in deep contemplation, just before he was about to speak, there was a voice from outside.

“An Imperial Edict! Feng Qing Ge to accept!”

Hearing the voice decreeing an Imperial Edict, Feng Xiao walked out with a sullen face and glared at that person. He scoffed, “I didn’t expect that it was Lord Xiang who personally came! Our Feng residence sure has quite a face! It’s just that Lord Xiang has made a wasted trip today. My daughter is not at home, I will have to request for Lord Xiang to return!”

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