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Chapter 304 - Appointing a Side Concubine?

Chapter 304: Appointing a Side Concubine?

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When he heard these words, the middle-aged Lord Xiang laughed out loud. “General Feng, what is this anger all about? You have to know that this is a joyous matter that many people are envious of. After all, Green Gallop Country is a sixth ranked country. To be linked with them in marriage is a blessing that are not possible for others in their lifetimes.

“What’s more, the party who initiated this was the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country himself. He is to be the future King of Green Gallop Country, to be his side concubine is an extreme honour and your greatest blessing.”

“Utter crap! The precious pearl of Feng Xiao to be a side concubine? An extreme honour and blessing? Since it is such a good thing, why don’t you send your own daughter then?”

Feng Xiao was furious and when he opened his mouth, he unleashed all his rage relentlessly. Lord Xiang took the brunt of it all because he was standing in front. The saliva splattered all over him and Lord Xiang’s face changed immediately as it turned from blue to red.

Lord Xiang touched his face and wiped his face and all the slobber along with it as he cursed under his breath. This Feng Xiao is an incorrigible and impertinent fool!

His heart was seething in anger, but he still remembered his mission and could only retort: “This marriage is not just about your family, but it is the relationship between the two countries. You know that Green Gallop Country is a six ranked country and its military might and prowess is not to be trifled with. Even ten Sun Glory Countries would not be able to match them. If anything goes wrong with this engagement, you know that our Sun Glory Country will not be able to face the repercussions and because of it, our entire land may be annihilated.”

“That is still not a reason to take my daughter’s marriage to be used as a chip! And to be given away as a side concubine? What’s more, I have promised that she has her own choice in her marriage, no one is allowed to interfere!”

Seeing that he could not talk any sense into him, Lord Xiang could only stop there. He felt as if he was playing music to a cow, nothing was going through. “Since your daughter is not home, except this edict on her behalf.”

Having said that, he unfurled the addict and he was about to read it. Who knew that this had further antagonised Feng Xiao and he immediately grabbed Lord Xiang’s collar and raised him up without saying anything.

“Feng Xiao! What are you doing? Let me down now!”

His strength was not as good as that of Feng Xiao, now that he had been lifted up by his collar, he was gasping for his breath as he kicked about his legs that were in mid air. His face was turning red, as he flung his hands in a helpless struggle.

“This Lord has already said that we would not be accepting this, you still have the audacity to ask me to accept it?”

Feng Xiao bellowed loudly as he swiftly carried him with his collar and threw him out the gates of the residence. “Scram back to where you came from! If you dare to come again, I will break both legs of yours!”

The moment he finished, the big doors were slammed shut, leaving a stunned group of people rooted on the spot in stupur.

“Feng Xiao! You, you…impertinent fool! I, I will definitely report you to the Ruler!”

Looking sad and miserable, all crumpled on the ground, Lord Xiang stared menacingly at the doors of the Feng residence. As he stood up, he cursed and swore as he dusted and tidied his robe, before he grudgingly headed back to the palace.

Some people who were hidden in the shadows were secretly shocked. Feng Xiao was going to rebel against the heavens? He even dared to fill Lord Xiang out? Does it mean that he has the intention to go against the decree?

In fact, they thought that it was an excellent thing to be in the good books of Green Gallop Country. No matter what, it was not any other country, even as a side concubine, the status and power was different.

They just could not understand, the Crown Prince can get any woman he wants, why would he name Fen Qing Ge specifically?

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