Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 307 - Turbulent Undercurrent

Chapter 307: Turbulent Undercurrent

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“For the following month, I will need to go into closed door seclusion. Pay more attention to the things happening at home, if there is nothing important, do not disturb me.” After leaving her instructions, she walked towards the courtyard where she lived.

After Feng Xiao responded, she did not follow her but she tidied it up the things before leaving.

After returning into her room, Feng Jiu took a bath and flashed back into the space.

The cultivation level of hers was currently only at the most basic level. She intended to charge all the way through to the peak stage within half a month’s time. In this space of hers, there was a strong concentration of spiritual qi to aid her in her cultivation. She also had the advantage to use pills to aid her in this break through.

What’s more, time flow differently in this space. Three days in here was equivalent to one day on the outside. This time difference was a crucial advantage to a cultivation, therefore, she was extremely confident that she could spend this half month and enter into the peak stage.

Seeing that the little Phoenix did not show any signs of waking she found a place to sit down and sat in a lotus position and began meditating….

Time flowed by as it aroused the curiosity of the people stay wondered why there was no movements from the Feng Residence. Only after enquiring did they realise that the Feng residence eldest Miss was not in and the old Patriarch was in closed seclusion.

It was no wonder that things past by so peacefully, perhaps this tranquil façade would be broken the moment the Feng’s eldest Miss returns, when the old Patriarch comes out from his seclusion or that Crown Prince from Green Gallup country comes personally. However, the undercurrents of this entire farce was brewing each and every moment.

“Old White, let us go one more round before we head back! Let’s take this opportunity since Qing Ge isn’t home, I will add another portion of food, how does that sound?”

Traversing the meandering mountainous paths, Feng Xiao was dressed in a casual robe as he sat on the back of Old White while talking to him. This was what he had been doing during this period, helping his daughter to train Old White and trim down its body weight.


The moment he heard of an additional portion of his meal, Old White was exceptionally happy and excited. His tail was swishing about ecstatically, his hips were swaying about as if telling him that this was a great idea.

“Ha ha ha! Alright alright stop swaying about so much, lest I fall off.”

Feng Xiao laughed out loudly as both of his legs clipped Old White’s abdomen as he patted him on his head and said, “In fact, you have grown a lot these days, but this doesn’t mean that you can be lazy, you must know how to persevere.”


Old White snorted heavily from his nostrils and looked away disdainfully as he thumped his hooves.

Suddenly, the trees on both sides of the mountain road rustled even though there was no wind. Old White stopped in his tracks, as he looked around the surroundings. He then neighed loudly and turned back.

Feng Xiao also felt that something was amiss and his face that was originally relaxed sank at this time as he glanced around vigilantly. In a calm voice, he said, “May I know which friend has come? Why don’t you show yourself?”

The moment he spoke, the entire surroundings was still, as if everything had been frozen in place. However, the next moment, a sharp arrow shot out from the lush trees as a strong murderous intent followed the arrow as it shot towards Feng Xiao who was sitting on the back of Old White.


A dangerous glint flashed by Feng Xiao’s eyes as he evaded it as he shifted slightly, as another series of arrows shot towards him. The third arrow was covered with a heavy bloodlust.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

“Clang! Clang!”

A series of arrows whistled towards him and he immediately took out his broadsword and when the sword collided with the arrow, he could feel a large force behind it and it pushed him back. The next moment, while he was sweeping away the flurry of arrows, there was one that was headed to his arm that was wielding the broadsword….

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