Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 308 - Life is hanging by a thin line!

Chapter 308: Life is hanging by a thin line!

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That arrow narrowly passed through his sleeves and did not hurt him, however, it left a hole in his robe. The heavy killing intent of the enemy made him very wary and he did not dare to underestimate his opponent. He shrouded his entire body with a layer of profound qi as he saw figures coming in from all directions towards him.

After he swept away over a dozen arose, he saw that he was surrounded by twenty to thirty men dressed in black robes. The person leading them had on a ghost mask, preventing anyone to see his actual countenance. However, the oppressive qi that he emitted set off the alarms in Feng Xiao.

This kind of strength is extremely rare in Sun Glory Country, moreover such people would not move so casually. So, who could it be? Who wanted to assassinate him?

The leader of the black robed men looked at Feng Xiao with murderous intent, without a word, he simply raised his hand and signalled. The black robed men instantly rushed towards Feng Xiao as they unsheathed their swords and imbued them with profound qi.

As they rushed towards him from all directions, they slashed at him as sparks flew as the clashing and clanging of metals resounded throughout. Those black robed men were were very precise in their attacks and there were some that were defending. It was obvious that these men had been strictly trained.


With the skilful manoeuvres of the broadsword in Feng Xiao’s hands, there were screams of anguish as he pushed them back ferociously. He quickly sat on Old White properly and dashed through as he shouted loudly: “Old White! Go!”

As he rode on and held the reins and just as he prepared to sprint faster, two old men dressed in grey who had their faces veiled suddenly appeared at the end of the bend. They waved their hands and struck out a fist as thunder roared violently.

In an instant, the roaring of the strong air current resounded as a gust of turbulent wind rushed forth. Remnants of the profound qi could be seen on their palms with the naked eye, however with the incredible speed, that blow did not leave any room for Feng Xiao to defend. He had absolutely no time to defend against that and he fell off Old White.


Feng Xiao could only feel a sharp pain in his chest, as if five of his internal organs had been torn apart. That intense pain was deeply engraved all the way down into his bone marrows and he couldn’t help it as a gush of fresh blood rushed out from his throat. His entire person crumbled onto the ground.

The fresh blood splashed onto Old White’s body which was white as snow and now it looked like a blood flower blossoming in the snow, looking garishly shocking.

Feng Xiao, who had fallen to the ground, struggled to stand up. He ignored the excruciating pain that was plaguing him but when he stood up, he spurted out another gush of fresh blood. His entire person fell down helplessly.

There were twenty to thirty black robed men, a leader who had extraordinary strength and now there were even two old men who suddenly appeared and their strength greatly surpassed his. With this sudden predicament, this huge disparity was too great and it doesn’t look like there was a chance of victory!

Seeing that situation was not good for him, Feng Xiao did not hesitate to take out the signal flare and shot it into the sky. He only hoped that reinforcements would arrive before he was killed, otherwise, this would be the place of his death.


The signal flare exploded into the sky like a flower.

“Kill him!”

Almost immediately after the signal flare was released, the leader screamed out. However, the moment his voice came out, Feng Xiao’s heart was startled as he looked at him incredulously.

The moment the killing order was said, the two old men released an extreme bloodlust as the surrounding seemed to have chilled. They immediately struck towards Feng Xiao who could not even stand up and intend to end his life with this one strike.

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