Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 310 - Bloodthirsty Fury!

Chapter 310: Bloodthirsty Fury!

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With ferocious eyes like a tiger, he shot out like a raging arrow towards the black robed men as he bellowed: “Want to kill me? Not so easy!”

Immediately, he waved the broadsword in his hand and with a strong momentum, he swept out at the surrounding black robed men who were resonating strong murderous intent. As the blade swept through, it roared out explosively as the air currents became sharp blades and screams of anguish filled the surroundings. The entire formation had fallen apart as some of the black robed men rolled about the ground in pain.

Despite being injured by Martial Cultivators at the peak stage, he could still stand?

The leader of the black robed men saw the scene before him and a cold glint flashed by his eyes. Thinking back on what he saw, he recalled him drinking something from a bottle. Was that a potion?

This made his heart incredibly shocked, without even having the time to think about where the potion came from, the first thing he did was to frantically shout out his killing order!

“Kill him! Don’t let him go back alive!”

The moment he shouted out his order, the surrounding black robed men rushed in and attacked. Because of the surging force of attacks, profound qi, sword intent as well as killing intent was all thrown in as an oppressive atmosphere descended upon them.


“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Screams filled with infinite blood lust shook the surroundings as the trees trembled as their voices reverberated all around. Feng Xiao’s robes had been slashed and many small gashes started to increasingly appear as the smell of blood rose in the air…

“Ha ha ha ha!”

As Feng Xiao struck out, his broad and sturdy figure stood straight as he held his broadsword in one hand and the other hand clenched into a fist.

The pressure emitted by a martial cultivator that has his voice imbued with qi was not something that those black robed men could take as they crumbled onto the ground, clutched their head tightly as they screamed out in anguish. Rings of air currents could be seen by the naked eye and some who couldn’t withstand the pressure started to bleed from their eyes and their nose.

“Ah! Ahhhhh!”

Shrill screams that were chilling to the bone resounded all throughout!

The deafening laughter suddenly stopped and his eyes that were like a sharpened sword that stared at them. His entire body was shrouded with a valiant and oppressive aura as he swung his broadsword out angrily as he said out soberly: “I shall let you see what kind of a person, I, Feng Xiao am! Open your eyes wide and see how I got my name by slashing thousands of enemies!”

“Slash! Slash! Slash!”

His slash that reached the ground seemed to cut the air and as a tumultuous roar accompanied by slashes of air current collided all around that had deep slash marks deeply embedded into the ground.

This wave of attack continued on as the surrounding black robed men were all one by one cut and sliced into two halves, in the mere moment, the smell of blood permeated throughout…..

Before the black robed men could react, he swung his broadsword once again and attacked. His entire person exuded bloodthirsty aura, one that was honed by killing countless men on the battlefield. This was a real warrior, one that truly experienced countless life and death battles!

The Feng Xiao at this moment was like a fierce and terrifying killing Asura. Each time his broadsword swung out, many lives were lost. This time his broadsword swung out, there were screams of anguish….


A head was lopped off and fresh blood splashed out from the neck like a fountain. The terrified black robed man next to him looked at him in horror. The blood scene shocked everyone all around, as a cold and chilling trepidation crept into their hearts….

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