Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 309 - Old White to the rescue!

Chapter 309: Old White to the rescue!

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At this moment, there was a huge stir as the signal in the sky had suddenly formed an image of Phoenix.

“That’s a signal of the Feng Residence! Did something happen?”

“That place seems to be the mountain road that is near the Kindred Mountain!”


Someone exclaimed: “Something must have happened to General Feng! Recently, he has been riding that weird white horse along the mountain roads. He wanted to train and let that fat horse lose some weight.”

As soon as he finished, there were many people rushing towards that direction. To them, he was the esteemed general and he had always been true and just. They did not know if they could help, but they wanted to see if they could contribute anything at all.

At the same time, when the people of Feng Residence saw that signal, their hearts sank. They quickly gathered and flew towards the signal in a flash.

No one knew the meaning of the signal better than them! There were several kinds of signals and the one that appeared in the sky was an urgent distress signal!

How serious was it that their master had used the signal? Their hearts were heavy and as they frantically rushed to the rescue, while the steward went to the old Patriarch who was in seclusion…

Seeing that killer move struck towards him, Feng Xiao who did not even have any strength left to stand could not even evade it.

The moment he moved, his internal organs felt as if they’ve been displaced and twisted. It was so painful that he found it even difficult to breathe. Faced with such a crisis, deep down inside thinking that reinforcements could not reach in time and he could not even save himself. A tinge of sadness sprouted in his heart.

However, the next moment, his fighting spirit was once again reignited…


He could only see Old White at the side suddenly neigh and stood in front of him protectively. When the two men approached, Old White suddenly stood on two hooves, kicked out and succeeded in kicking one old man heavily.


The The old man who was kicked staggered a few steps back as the force behind that kick was too large. He didn’t even have the opportunity to stabilise himself and plopped onto the ground as he looked incredibly shocked as he clutched his chest.

When he was first kicked, he only felt a strong force behind it. However, after a while, he could only feel that the place that he was kicked felt as if it was torn apart and he could feel the force slowly spreading out and before he knew it, he could feel a sweet sensation well up his throat as he spurted out huge mouthful of blood.

As he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were widened in disbelief. The way he looked at Old White now was complicated, mixed with a tinge of fear.

The other old man felt that there was something wrong with the scene that just unfolded in front of him. The hand that was originally headed towards Feng Xiao was stunned momentarily and it was precisely at that moment, he saw that weird horse snort heavily as two streams of air flared out from its nostrils, stirring up the dust from the ground and blurred his vision. The next thing he heard was a loud neigh and saw its two hooves.



A bloodcurdling scream sounded out and the old man that was behind him was more seriously injured as his entire person flew back and crumbled onto the ground into a sorry heap as he directly vomited out a mouthful of blood, dyeing his entire person red.


Witnessing such a shocking scene left not only Feng Xiao who thought that he would meet his end, even the men in black all stood stunned in place.

What levels of cultivation did those two old men hold? They were martial cultivators that were already in the peak! Yet, they were sent back flying from a mere kick from a weird horse?

Feng Xiao immediately recovered from his stupor and immediately retrieved a bottle that his daughter had left for him in the event of an emergency from his space. He immediately swallowed it and he could immediately feel the pain in his chest gradually ease as he picked up his broadsword and stood up…

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