Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 328 - Feng Residence's Side Branch

Chapter 328: Feng Residence’s Side Branch

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The moment he finished speaking, he immediately headed towards the closed room door.

“Qi Kang.” A few of them called out to him.

That Feng guard stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at them. He had on a flippant smile and he said very matter-of-factly: “You all are just too nervous, is not as if I’m going to do anything to our Patriarch. I’m just very curious and want to have a look, that’s all.”

After which his reached his hands out for the door and it was at this moment that his outstretched hand was caught. He turned to look and saw that it was Luo Yu that held onto his hand firmly.

“Luo Yu, what are you doing?”

Luo Yu had on a serious expression and looked at him, his eyes reflected his unhappiness and he said, “Qi Kang, before our Mistress left, she had told us to stay within the courtyard and has not given us permission to enter. At that time, you had also agreed. Do not make things difficult for us.”

Seeing that he was very serious, Qi Kang was startled as he retracted his hand and stepped back immediately. He turned around and saw in a glance that they all had on a serious and grave expression. He then smiled apologetically to them.

“Sorry, I’m only curious, that is all. I won’t go in, alright?”

He had not seen this as such a serious matter. Only when he saw each of them react this way, he then felt embarrassed. He really had no ulterior motives and was simply curious. He just wanted to find out more about the condition of the Patriarch, he did not think that a moment of rashness would put his brothers in a difficult position.

He was the youngest of the eight but he wasn’t an unreasonable person. If it was his mistake, he would apologise and correct it. The few of them saw this and sighed out with relief.

In fact, they did not know that Feng Jiu had not only left this courtyard for them to guard. She had also left instructions for the shadow guards to uphold this order. If there was anyone who had entered without her permission, they would be killed on the spot!

Everything that happened in this courtyard was all reported back to her. Even if she wasn’t here in person, she also clearly knew what happened.

Two days later, she deliberately hurried back from outside. This time round, it was for everyone in the city to see her figure and let everyone know that she was back.

In the city, the moment news of her return reached his ears, Murong Yi Xuan immediately headed out to the Feng Residence. However, he did not expect that the gates of the Feng Residence had more than a dozen people waiting outside. After revealing his identity in a low voice, he was able to get some news and found out that they were actually the side branch of the Feng Residence.

Seeing the situation, he did not go forward to the Feng residence. Instead, he went to the tea house that was not far from here. He sat down on the second floor to drink tea as he paid close attention to the gates of the Feng Residence.

“Old Patriarch Feng, Young Miss, the side branch of our Feng Residence are outside. They said that they would like to pay a visit our Patriarch.” The steward reported the situation outside and awaited their orders.

“Side branch? Which side branch?” Old Patriarch Feng furrowed his brows and asked.

“It’s the branch that belongs to the Second Old Master, even the Second Old Master is here personally.”

Hearing this, Old Patriarch Feng fell into deep thoughts. He looked at Feng Jiu who had not spoken yet as he continued to relay his instructions to the steward: “Bring them into the main hall, I will go and have a look.”

“Yes.” The steward and said and walked out.

“Little Feng, what do you think?” Old Patriarch Feng asked.

“It should be that they heard that father has fallen and started to have designs against us.” She gave a brilliant smile. Today marks the start as these wolves begin to act. There will only be more coming.

“You’re right, these people are all ingrates, I will go and send them all away.” Old Patriarch Feng said and immediately walked away in huge strides.

“Grandfather.” Her voice tinkled after him…

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