Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 329 - Wild Ambition!

Chapter 329: Wild Ambition!

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Old Patriarch Feng halted his steps and turned around to look at her.

Feng Jiu stood up and walked towards him. She said softly to him: “Just leave it to me, it’s still better for Grandfather to stay here to accompany Father.”

“You’ll go instead?” He was startled and was worried that she might not be able to handle it.

“It’s just a few people from the side branch, don’t tell me that Grandfather is to worried that I can’t cope?” She smiled slyly, as she gently pulled her sleeves up and sashayed towards the main hall.

At this time, the people waiting in the hall were already impatient.

“We’ve waited for such a long time, why isn’t anyone here yet? Hmph! They really do not put us in their eyes at all!”

“Tell me about it, once Feng Xiao has fallen, even the basic hospitality of hosting guests have been completely forgotten.”

Hearing the dissatisfaction of several people in the hall, the old man who held onto his walking stick while he sat down with his eyes closed immediately opened his eyes and bellowed: “Shut up!”

Everyone quietened down immediately and no one dared to speak until the steward’s voice came from outside.

“Young Miss is here!”

When they heard this, everyone in the hall looked at the figure that was coming in from outside.

They saw a delicate girl who was dressed in white, her body was slender and she looked very fragile. Her steps were light as she elegantly walked in. Every step she took, her white skirt swirled like a flower blowing in the breeze, it was simply breathtaking.

As they looked up, they saw that she had a stunning countenance, and her fair skin complemented her exquisite features. If one had just one look, it was an unforgettable appearance.

Thinking about it, being hailed the number one beauty, her looks would definitely be extraordinary.

However, no matter what rumours are one thing and seeing her in the flesh was another thing altogether. They felt that she had a kind of attractive charm and disposition that would not lose to her face.

Looking at her, everyone’s mind had a thought: Try to imagine this fragile and weak girl, how was she to shoulder the entire Feng Family?

When they thought of this, the more they had affirmed in their hearts that the decision to come here today was correct!

“Qing Ge greets Second Great Uncle, and fellow Uncles.” After she paid her respects to the old man and the few middle-aged men, she then went to the main seat to sit.

“How is it that it’s you instead of your Grandfather? Where is your Grandfather?” The old man asked in a low voice without masking the hint of dissatisfaction in it.

“There are many things to handle these past few days, and Grandfather was too busy that he had neglected his health and his body couldn’t take it. He is now resting at this moment!” Her voice was soft and her manner of speaking was unhurried and leisure, sounding every bit like a young noble lady who was ignorant of the world.

At this moment, she gave off the impression that she was a docile and harmless frail lady.

When he heard her explanation, the old man glanced at her and said in a deep voice, “We have heard about your Father’s incident. We had especially rushed over, afterall, we all have the same blood running in our veins. We are family, since such a big incident had happened to the Feng Residence, we cannot just stand aside and watch with folded arms.”

Hearing these grand words of his,Feng Jiu picked up the cup of tea that was served to her and took a small sip from it. She also made use of this opportunity to cover the sneer at the corner of her mouth. Drinking her tea leisurely while covering half her face, she took her own sweet time.

When the old man saw that she did not speak, he continued: “One has to know that the country cannot be without a Ruler for even a day, similarly, a family cannot be without a head. Now that your Father has fallen and your Grandfather is already past his prime and in his elderly years. Not to mention, you are a woman, that’s why we are here today to discuss with your Grandfather and recommend that your Uncle to help shoulder the Feng Family. After all, his strength is that of a Martial Cultivator and only he can stabilize the entire Feng Residence. He is the only one that can shoulder this heavy responsibility.”

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