Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 330 - Want to Seize Power

Chapter 330: Want to Seize Power

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Feng Jiu put the tea cup down and on her beautiful face, was a faint smile. The eyes of the several young men who were standing behind their Father could not recover their sight.

They only saw her raise her head and look at the few middle-aged men sitting in the hall and her gaze finally rested on the old man as she replied with a smile: “Second Grand Uncle has the heart. Everything in our house is well now and there is no need for Uncle to help us shoulder anything.”

Her voice paused for a moment and with a tinge of indifference, she continued on: “Not to mention, though you are the Feng Family, however our Feng Residence had long separated since the generation of Grandfather. That is why, with regards to matters of our Feng Residence, it’s still best for Second Grand Uncle to not intervene.”

“What kind of words are those? Is this the way you talk to your Elders?” His tone was unpleasant and his entire wrinkled face crumbled. Obviously he had never expected a n insignificant girl like her who was in the younger generation to talk to him in such a manner.

“That’s right, Feng Xiao has fallen, look here, even your mannerism is totally lacking. It shows that there needs to be a capable head.” The middle-aged man sitting at the side said in a calm voice and he looked at Feng Jiu with a condemning gaze.

And the few young men stood there lost in their own daydreams. They were thinking that if they could enter the Feng Residence, then they could be closer to this little cousin of theirs. She has the Feng Guards behind her and if the people of their branch can attain it, they can really soar through the skies!

“Ha ha ha…”

Listening to their accusations one, Feng Jiu laughed softly as she leaned against the back of the chair and twirled with the hair that dangled down from the side. With a casual and lazy demeanor, her aura slowly changed.

It was as if this laughter that she had just let out had changed the entire person. If it was said that the previous her was as docile as a kitten, letting people have the impression that she was weak and easily deceived then the change in her now was tantamount to a lion that had awoken. As it stretched out it’s sharp claws, it revealed an intense and dangerous atmosphere. This sudden oppressive change could not help but made them feel a layer of chill on their back, one that penetrated right into their bones, letting them feel restless and unable to sit still.

“Why are you laughing?”

Because her laughter sent a chill down his spine, a middle-aged man was spooked by it.

Feng Jiu lifted her gaze and her ice cold eyes stared at them, with her lips slightly hooked, she said: “Naturally I’m laughing because of your own ignorance! You really overestimate your own capabilities.”

The moment her words came out, everyone felt humiliated and angry. The old man slammed the walking stick on the ground and bellowed out in rage: “Preposterous! How dare you be so rude to your elders! You are simply too arrogant! Go and call your Grandfather out! I want to ask him how did he teach his younger generations? How can a junior talk in such a preposterous way!”

Feng Jiu looked at that face which could not hide the greed but he still tried to show that he had a sense of justice. She only felt that it was extremely unsightly.

Her fair and slender fingers tapped on the table as she looked at the lot of them who were had on an indignant expression but their hearts were scheming on all means and ways to take over their Feng Residence. When she thought of this, her lips curled up mirth and a strange glint flashed past her eyes. Only her languid voice that had on a tinge of laziness leisurely rang out.

“Since you’ve said that you want us to help us shoulder the Feng Residence, then it means that you have at least a bit of capability. Or else, let’s not even mention my Grandfather refusing to hand over the token of authority to you, even I will not agree to such a thing, what more of the Feng Guards?”


Her voice trailed off as she gave them a meaningful smile.

When they heard her words, their faces all lit up as they looked at her with expectant gaze and eagerly asked: “However…what?”

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