Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 332 - Harbouring Bad Intentions

Chapter 332: Harbouring Bad Intentions

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The moment he heard this, that young man’s face darkened.

He can’t? Which part of him can’t?

“Cousin’s way of speaking is really unbefitting, we haven’t even tried, how are you so sure that I can’t? Hmmm?” He said in it an ambiguous tone as he threw her a leering glance as he looked at her from head to toe.

When they saw his reaction, even though Feng Jiu didn’t say anything, but the expression of Luo Yu and the others who were not far away immediately darkened. Their gazes turned cold and they stared at that man with a dangerous glint in their eyes. Especially so for Luo Yu, whose fists were clenched tightly, so much that even the cracking of his knuckles could be heard.

To actually harbour indecent thoughts of his Mistress? Hmph! He’ll mark this kid for sure!

When Feng Jiu saw his gaze hovering on her, she looked as if she couldn’t understand his meaning. She only arched her brow and glanced at him as her lips hooked up into a dangerous smile.

“Well, since you want to try, then try it! I just hope that you won’t regret this choice of yours.”

The old man and the few middle-aged men who stood by the side heard this and they felt a little confused. She clearly has no strength, but where was all this unfound confidence from?

One of the middle-aged man saw this and was just about to open his mouth to ask his son to come back, but who knew, his son had already took a big step forward.

“Come on! Very well then, I will let you try my might!” With a lewd smile on his face, he already stood in a battle ready position, waiting for her in a provocative stance.

Feng Jiu casually picked up a sword from the rack of weapons at the side of the training ground, her fingers traced the edge of the blade and she paused for a moment not knowing what she was thinking about, she just shook her head as a smile emerged at the corner of her lips. Eventually, she picked a wooden pole that was about 1.2 metres long.

“You’re not going to pick a weapon?” She raised her eyebrows and looked at the young man that stood opposite her. This young man was supposingly her paternal cousin, however they were a generation apart and weren’t close at all.

“Hahaha, against you, just my bare hands are enough to deal with you.” He laughed loudly and the next moment, a wicked smile was hung on his face as he said, “Cousin, you have to be careful oh~”

The moment he said it, he took a step forward with a menacing stance as his hands shot forward, hooking his hands like a claw and reached out towards her chest. The faces of the eight Feng guards who saw this instantly changed.

“That lecherous bastard!”

Luo Yu cursed out in a low voice. As a man, seeing such irksome man making such an indecent move really made him want to go forward and beat him up.

“He’s really throwing the faces of us men!”

The youngest of the eight, Qi Kang’s expression also crumbled and stared at the young man dangerously. He even called her cousin, were they really relatives? Well, it’s better off not having such relatives!

The other few did not say anything but they looked at that man with narrowed eyes and furrowed brows. Fan Lin had also noticed Leng Shuang who stood not too far away from them. She had on a calm but frosty gaze, and he couldn’t help but be surprised. A few ideas flashed past his mind, and his gaze eventually returned to the training grounds and his originally tightened brows had loosened by then.

The young lady in white had on an indifferent expression as she stood there without moving an inch. She was holding the wooden pole in her hand in a very casual manner, there was not the semblance of any defined stance. And when she saw that his first move was to reach for her chest, she raised a brow and revealed a sneer.

Just when the hand of that young man was about to touch her chest, she was seen moving a slight bit and just as her side passed him, the wooden pole instantly knocked that wretched hand away and when the wooden pole fell onto his hands, they could even hear the whooshing of the wind from afar.

And what came next was the pitiful scream of that man….

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