Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 333 - The Gains Do Not Make Up For The Losses

Chapter 333: The Gains Do Not Make Up For The Losses

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“Hiss! Arghhhhhh!”

That blood curdling scream masked the sound of the shattering bones in his hand. With just one move, that pole had landed on his hand and shattered all the bones in his hand. His hand was now swollen and looked like a swollen pig’ trotter and his other hand was holding tightly to his injured hand as he jumped about in pain, trying every way to alleviate his pain.

“Arghhhh! Ahhhhhh!…Oh my hand….! Ssssss! Ughhh! It hurts like hell..!”

Seeing this scene, there was a relief on each of the Feng guards faces mixed with an undisguised delight as they relished the moment.

“Hah! He deserves it!”

“That’s the way it should be!”

Luo Yu and Qi Kang both shouted out at the same time, and the two turned to look at each other with a smile in their eyes. Their sparkling gaze shifted to the figure in white on the training grounds, and felt that this strike was extremely refreshing.

When the people of the side branch saw this scene unfold before them, each of their expressions turned ugly to the extreme. When they first saw that his hands had reached for her chest, they felt that he had lost all their faces. Great, now in just one move, he had been hit by the wooden pole in her hands.

At the moment that pole had landed on his hand, their view was blocked by his body. That was why from their angle, it didn’t look too heavy a blow and hence when they saw his extreme reaction, they only felt that he was being overly dramatic and was useless fool. He had completely thrown all their faces to the ground in front of those Feng guards and Feng Qing Ge.

However, it was at this moment when the wooden pole in Feng Jiu’s hand swept out again and landed on his calf bone. As another ear piercing scream echoed, and just as they saw that he was about to collapse onto the ground, they could only see a flash and the wooden pole had struck him in midair. Another succession of screams reverberated throughout and with a bang, it landed right between his legs.





Almost at the same time, different voices came out from all around. All the men who saw this subconsciously clamped their legs tight, both eyes wide open in horror as a cold chill crept into their hearts in trepidation.

“Hiss! That move was too brutal! It hurts just to look!”

Luo Yu clamped his legs tightly and suddenly felt that his Mistress had really let him off leniently the last time. At least, she had only beaten his handsome face and had spared his little brother.

Qi Kang gulped and with a white face, he exclaimed: “Thi..This Young Miss’ move is really lethal! Extremely fierce!” He couldn’t help but think back, if he really entered the room that time, would Young Miss also reward him with the wooden pole?

Just the thought of it made a cold chill run down his back.

Sure enough, once the switch of a woman’s wrath has been flicked, the wrath unleashed is unfathomable!

When Fan Lin saw the man who was sent flying by a wooden pole, and where it ended, he stroked his chin and said thoughtfully: “Seeing how this pole landed, it is estimated that his chances to have descendants are in jeopardy.”

That very man had now fainted from the excruciating pain and was lying unconscious on the ground in a sorry state.

The other few looked at their Young Miss who had turned and put the wooden pole behind her, they all sucked in a cold breath. “I really can’t see that our Young Miss is…. Mmn, such a harmless and docile lady can actually harness such an explosive maneuvers from the wooden pole…one really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

“Hui’er! Hui’er!”

The middle-aged man cried out in shock, as he rushed forward to support his unconscious son and discovered that his entire hand was soft and all his bones had been broken. His whole palm was filled with blood, and at the most vulnerable place for men, there were also beads of blood and his pants had been dyed red. With a heart full of sorrow, he suddenly looked up as he cast her a resentful gaze, he hollered out: “You have such a vicious heart! Without any regards for familial ties, you actually struck out so heavily! You simply want to ruin him!”

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