Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 337 - The Unrequited Love of the Lord

Chapter 337: The Unrequited Love of the Lord

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Shadow One glanced at him and said, “I beg to differ. Lovesickness is a matter between two people, but in Master’s case, one look and it’s obvious that it’s only one-sided. If Ghost Doctor has Master in his heart, he would not escape every time.”

“Sigh! You can’t blame this entirely on Ghost Doctor, looking at him, he should only be about fifteen or sixteen years old. He is just a young sprout, although I have to admit that he is more perverse than anyone his age, however you can’t deny that in reality he is only fifteen or sixteen. Not to mention, Master is the one who is broken sleeve. That Ghost Doctor looks normal, so the matter of Master liking him it’s one thing and the fact of him not liking Master is another. You say that Master likes him, could it be he wants to bend him?”

When he heard this, Shadow One looked at him strangely and said: “What you mean to say is that Ghost Doctor is normal but Master is not?”

Grey Wolf straightened his back and quickly glanced behind to check the surroundings before he laughed out, “Master has never been normal, tell me, would a normal man give up a beautiful woman who is well endowed and like a man instead?


His complexion suddenly changed as a a glint flashed by his eyes as he coughed lightly before he put on a dignified expression and said: “Master is our Master, it doesn’t matter whether he likes a man or a woman. That is not something us subordinates and stop and look at his feelings towards Ghost Doctor, I also want to help him with all my heart and wish that he could fulfil this wish of his and they can be together for a lifetime of happiness.”

“Oh, are you worried that I will snitch on you?” Shadow One drank a mouthful of tea and asked: “Do I look like someone who will snitch on others?”

Grey Wolf gave him a condescending glance and said, “You wouldn’t, only that when you’re drunk, the first thing you’ll do is to rush to Master and spill everything out, that’s all.”

“Cough … cough”

Shadow One coughed awkwardly and retorted, “I was drunk the last time, did Master not take it seriously?”

“Yes, yes he didn’t take it seriously and only said that he would find stronger wines for you to try.”

While on the topic of this, he let out a sigh and said: “If you are not the only person around that I can talk and chat to, I wouldn’t be dragged into trouble by you so many times.”

“Hey! How can this be considered ‘chatting’? You are obviously talking behind Master’s back and gossiping about him. Other than me, who else dares to listen, huh?” These two are the only ones who would dare to discuss such things. They are the two that followed by their Master’s side and are his left and right-hand man, other than them, who would have such guts?

Shadow One said and when he saw that Grey Wolf held to that portrait for a long time without putting it down, he advised: “You better be careful with that painting and don’t leave any creases on it. Master has left strict instructions for this painting to be returned to him. You have no idea , when he had painted this, he held this painting in his hands and stood by the window and muttered to himself and berated the Ghost Doctor for having no conscience countless times . When I saw that, for moment that there I thought that he might have been possessed. If not for things cropping up at that side, I believe that Master would have long gone to find Ghost Doctor already.”

“I know, I know… If it wasn’t for letting the subordinates look for Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts, Master would never let this painting out of his hands.” Grey Wolf said as he put the portrait on the table and picked up the other information and looked through them. A short while later, his eyes widened and he stood up in disbelief as he cried out, “Wha… what? Ghost Doctor is a woman?!”

At that moment, Shadow One who was drinking tea immediately sprayed out a mouthful of tea onto the table when he heard that. And on the table, was that vividly drawn portrait which was instantly soaked wet…

“Choke! Cough, cough!”

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