Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 338 - News of Ghost Doctor

Chapter 338: News of Ghost Doctor

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He raised his head and looked at him with disbelief and said: “wha…what did you say?!”

Grey Wolf held on tightly to the paper in his hands as he said with exhilaration: “Hahahhahahahaha! This is fantastic! Ghost Doctor is actually a woman…Ah! So that means that our Master is normal, which means that we will have a Little Master in the future as well… Hahahahahahahahaha…ugh!”

His laughter stopped immediately as he looked at Shadow One with wide eyes: “You’re in trouble, you actually ruined the portrait of Ghost Doctor! It’s soaked wet now!”

Shadow One froze momentarily as he slowly looked at the portrait that had been soaked wet with the tea he had just sprayed out. Thinking back on the repeated warnings when his Master had passed the portrait to him….he found that his forehead was already covered with a layer of cold sweat.

“Let me look at the information.”

He took the stack of paper over and the more he read, the more astonished he was. “Not only is Ghost Doctor a woman, but she’s actually from that small ninth ranked country? I really can’t believe that such a place can actually produce a person like her.”

“”Heh heh, who cares what country it is? In the future, as long as Master introduces Ghost Doctor to everyone, no one would say that he is a broken sleeve. Oh yeah, come to think about it, do you think that Master has long known this fact that Ghost Doctor is actually a girl?”

A shocking thought had suddenly hit him, perhaps his Master had known long ago that Ghost Doctor was a woman.

“There’s a possibility.”

Shadow One nodded his head and thought on how persistent his Master was towards her interests. He should have long known that she was a woman, or else, even if his Master didn’t care about what kind of looks others cast upon him, but he wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone saying that he broken sleeves?

Thinking up to this point, he touched his chin. Come to think about it, the only people who said that he was broken sleeves was only Grey Wolf and himself… just the two of them…

Just as he wanted to delve deeper into his thoughts, he saw Grey Wolf pack up the documents as well as the portrait and quickly headed over to where Master was.

“I’ll go and report to Master in Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts.” Grey Wolf grinned as he looked at the portrait deviously and said, “At the same time, I might as well tell Master about this portrait.” The moment he finished speaking, he swiftly walked out.

“This white eyed wolf!”

Shadow One cursed out in a low voice and quickly stood up and chased after him.

In the room, dressed in a black robe and sitting by the the study table, he was busy writing and when he finally finished, he set the brush aside. As he picked up the cup of tea and placed it onto his lips, he heard a voice from outside.


“Come in.”

Only after Grey Wolf heard the voice from inside, he then pushed the door open and entered. With quick steps, he hurried in and with a beaming face, he reported: “Master, there’s news of Ghost Doctor.” He handed the documents over, including the soaked portrait.

When he saw his Master staring at that portrait with a deep frown, without any tinge of apology in his voice, he said: “Master, Shadow One wasn’t careful and sprayed a mouthful of tea on the portrait.”

Shadow One who had chased him from behind heard these words and he glared at Grey Wolf fiercely before he knelt down on one knee in remorse: “It is all this subordinate’s fault. Master, please mete out your punishment.”

The Master glared at both of them and without saying anything, he looked through the information and the more he read, the more furrowed his brows were. It was especially so when he read the portion where it stated that she was engaged to this man called Murong Yi Xuan. His entire face darkened and his expression sank.

Until the moment he read that they had annulled their engagement did his brows loosen. On his impeccable face, there was even a faint smile. This revealed that he was very satisfied with the news he received.

Grey Wolf was observing his expression by the side and he carefully said, “Master, as Sun Glory Country is very far from where we are, we haven’t received the latest news yet. But knowing Ghost Doctor’s whereabouts, would Master like to go and have a look?”

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