Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1840 - 1840 His Rich Girlfriend Wants To See The World

1840 His Rich Girlfriend Wants To See The World

Ever since Yang Yi noticed a similarity between Huo Yao’s signal jammers and the jammers he had experienced at Mirage Base, he did not feel like talking to anyone.

He thought that if no one brought it up, he could forget what he had seen.

However, it was impossible to do it.

When Zhuo Yun saw Yang Yi coughing, he glanced at him quizzically and asked in concern. “What’s wrong? Is there hair in your throat?”

Yang Yi went quiet.

Damn you. What hair? If anyone had hair in their throat, it was Zhuo Yun.

Min Yu glanced at them mildly before he looked at Huo Yao and asked. “Do you want to go?”

Huo Yao nodded. She looked at him shyly and seemed as though she meant it. “Well, I haven’t seen any treasure in my life, so I wanted to check it out.”

Yang Yi could sense his forehead throbbing. If no one infiltrated his boss’s secret stash, he might still believe her now.

Min Yu did not expose his wealthy girlfriend’s lies. He smiled ambiguously and asked again. “Aren’t you busy preparing for the test to be the heir?”

The moment he mentioned the test, Huo Yao thought about the potential inheritance. Something suddenly changed about the expression on her face. Even the temperature in the living room went down by a few degrees.

“Even if I have no time, I’ll make time,” Huo Yao replied expressionlessly.

Min Yu raised his brow. Did she get triggered by something?

Zhuo Yun and Yang Yi were here to discuss matters surrounding the archaeological team anyway. Hearing this, Zhuo Yun immediately volunteered automatically. “In that case, let me talk to the archaeological team and tell them to add one more person.”

Miss Huo must know about ancient-style mechanisms. Otherwise, she could not have entered Mirage Base effortlessly yesterday.

After all, the Mirage Base entrance consisted of a stone gate with a special mechanism and it was very hard to crack.

Upon saying this, Zhuo Yun glanced at Yang Yi.

Yang Yi glanced at Zhuo Yun before he quietly followed Zhuo Yun out.

After getting into the car, he remained very distracted.

Zhuo Yun did not start the engine immediately. Instead, he took out his phone and gave the archaeological team a call. After ending the call, he finally started the engine and said, “If Miss Huo comes along, she might be able to help the archaeological team.”

What if she was after something else?

Zhuo Yun was startled by the volume of his voice. He nearly mistook the accelerator for the brake. “Yi, something’s wrong with you today!”

To be precise, he had been acting strange ever since Miss Huo got here.

Yang Yi raised his brow and argued. “No, I’m not.”

Zhuo Yun replied confidently. “Yes, you are!”

Yang Yi went quiet.

This was so tiring. He did not want to continue talking to this idiot.

“Give it to me honestly. Do you have a problem with Miss Huo?” asked Zhuo Yun.

“You’re overthinking it,” replied Yang Yi in a stifled tone.

He simply had trouble digesting a secret he had inadvertently discovered.

Yang Yi sighed inwardly. He raised his hand to touch the scar on his ear and the back of his head. It had lightened a lot. No wonder Miss Huo gave him a scar removal cream previously. When she gave it to him, he was very flattered.

In hindsight, everything happened for a reason.

Zhuo Yun looked up into the rearview mirror and did not continue with the subject. Instead, he got to business. “Oh yes. Yi, I’m going to the underground palace at Blaye tonight to get ready. You can take care of the archaeological team.”

Yang Yi turned to look at Zhuo Yun quizzically. “Huh? What preparation are you talking about?”

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