Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1841 - 1841 Treasure In The Underground Palace

1841 Treasure In The Underground Palace

Zhuo Yun shrugged and explained. “You’ve been in Mirage Base for some time, so I didn’t get the chance to tell you. News that a treasure exists in the underground palace has already spread across. I was hoping to take this chance to draw that stupid thief out.”

Hearing this, Yang Yi could sense his brow throbbing. For a moment, he thought something was wrong with his hearing. “Huh? Say that again?”

What stupid thief?

Was it what he thought Zhuo Yun meant?

Zhuo Yun answered with a determined attitude as he repeated. “… This time if the stupid thief dares to show his face, I’m going to make sure he never lives to see the light of the day!”

When Yang Yi heard Zhuo Yun bring up the ‘stupid thief’, he could almost see Zhuo Yun stepping on the execution line.

After going quiet for a couple of seconds, he decided it was wrong not to help him since they had worked together for years.

Yang Yi looked at him seriously and nodded. “Bro, I have faith in you. If you manage to nab the guy, this will be a big contribution. When the time comes, you’ll have enough money to go find yourself a wife.”

Zhuo Yun became cocky from the praise. “I hope so too.”

Yang Yi cleared his throat, veered his head solemnly, and looked out of the car window.


The next day.

Huo Yao left for Sangry Town. Although the official contract signing was taking place the next day, Councilor Ding wanted her to go over in advance to familiarize herself with the situation.

First thing in the morning, Xie led a fleet of cars and waited outside the main building.

Over ten modified bullet proof off-road cars looking grand and imposing waited outside. Before long, the car fleet pulled out of the estate.

Meryl stood on the open-air balcony on the third floor looking down coldly at the car fleet until it disappeared out of sight. Then, she took out her phone and dialed a number.

“… Uh huh. They have left.”

Meryl hung up the phone and a sinister smile appeared on her face.

She could not let irrelevant people hinder her daughter’s path.

Meryl turned to enter the house. Just as she was about to step in, she looked up and saw her daughter leaning against the glass door with her arms crossed, looking very relaxed. She did not know how long Huo Wanying had been standing there.

Huo Wanying looked at Meryl intently. “You shouldn’t get involved in family matters.”

Meryl froze. In reality, she was a little intimidated by her daughter. She was holding her phone, but she did not know where to place her hands for a moment. “Did you hear me on the phone?”

Huo Wanying straightened her body and spoke mildly, “Grandpa misses you. I have already made arrangements for people to send you back.”

Something changed about the expression on Meryl’s face. She did not have strong ties with her side of the family. “I’m not going.”

Huo Wanying stopped looking at Meryl and turned to enter the house.

There was no room for negotiation.

Meryl stood where she was motionless. She did not expect her daughter to send her back to her family at a time like this.

She had simply wanted to remove all obstacles for Huo Wanying.


From the Huo estate, it would take roughly six hours to drive to Sangry Town. Shortly after leaving the estate, Huo Yao got out of the car.

She told Xie to go meet Councilor Ding first. Today was the day that the archaeological team was going to the underground palace.

The underground palace was located in Blaye. Blaye and Sangry happened to be neighboring towns, so both places were just two hours’ drive apart.

Hence, Huo Yao had already decided to go to the underground palace as well since it was on the way.

She was not going for the treasure. Instead, she learned that the object Aunt Tong wanted was most likely in the underground palace.

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