Chapter 16 Hidden Class

“Those Indestructible Bodies were their greatest invention combined with Soul Stones but also the cause of their extinction.”

“So they were not immortals?.” Alex asked.

“Let me complete the story.” The kid said, frustrated.

“Those humans crossed the line after they built their Indestructible Bodies.”

“They used the rune magic and their science to build a metal that can repair itself with the mana in the air, so if there were mana around them, their bodies would always repair and become new.”

“Those humans crossed the line when they tried to ascend the human limits and forced all their people to die and turn into the undead metal humans that don’t need any resources to sustain themselves.”

“It was going well for some years; they built new technologies and conquered more land, but they started realizing that weak humans among them began to lose their emotions, turning them into walking metal monsters with no souls.”

“They thought it was just a side effect of the soul stone, and only weak humans would lose their sanity, but as time passed, even strong humans turned into soulless metal monsters.”

“Humans turned into something far from living, and their greatest invention turned into a curse.”

“Those humans didn’t despair and searched for a solution, and one they did find using other living being souls to sustain their own.”

“A cruel solution but a solution to their problem, and they lose their humanity after they force their fellow humans, turning them into metal monsters .”

“After finding the solution, they started massacring every living thing on their continent, and after they destroyed their continent, they began searching for something else to fulfill their need.”

“One of their Higherup found a demon and killed him and absorbed his soul; he found that the demon gave him enough soul energy that could sustain him for many decades.”

“Finding such a source of energy, those humans made their last mistake making a portal to the demon realm and invading the demon realm, killing every demon they could nfind to sustain their own life.”

“Humans turned into mindless metal undead that only searched for living beings to kill and sustain their own life, but even the world has enough of them and sent a calamity that erased their very existence.”

“It worked for some time, but when the demon king found out, he started hunting them with his demon dukes.”

“Humans’ biggest advantage was not their strength but their numbers and indestructible bodies, but it all failed against the powerful demons that used the demon flame that burned their bodies and souls, killing them permanently.”

“Demon king didn’t leave a single human alive, killing every one of them, destroying the most advanced civilization in this world.”

“How did your family get destroyed then,” Alex asked, fascinated by the story.

“Because of my father,” The kid replied.

“My father searched for that human civilization after finding a journal about their achievement and tragic ending.”

“My father’s search led to nothing, and he tried the last choice that one can think of, interacting with the demons to see if they have a cure for my mother.”

“My father contacted a demon noble and asked him for any information he knew about that human civilization by sacrificing many slave souls as the exchange prize.”

“Making contact with the demons was forbidden in any continent, and those that made discovered will be given the worst possible punishment to make an example out of them.”

“The demon was a cunning bastard; he used my father’s love for my mother and manipulated him by feeding him lies, telling him that he can cure my mother in exchange for more sacrifices.”

“My father believed the demon’s lies and started sacrificing slaves. After some time, the demon started corrupting my father and demanded more sacrifice, forcing him to sacrifice castle maids and Knights all to save his beloved wife.”

“Things Just got worse with every passing day, and my father, once a proud warrior, turned into a husk of his old self.”

“I can’t allow my family to turn into a demon pawn, so I traveled to ruins where my father found the journal and searched with my trusted knight.”

“My effort didn’t disappoint me, and I found the tomb of a human from that era that left behind all his people’s research.”

“Those humans, when the demon king was hunting them, they made legacy holders and gave those to their best warriors to spread all over the world, so their legacy wouldn’t get erased entirely, and someday other humans could find it and use it better than they did.”

“When I returned home, it was too late; my father and mother died. The demon had made a contract with my father to possess his body and turned my home into a dungeon.”

“I tried to fight him in rage, but he killed me and made me into an undead that you fought.”

[Prehistorian title acquired]

“All the knowledge from how to build the soul stone and the indestructible metal body is in that golden ball, and to use that knowledge. You need to complete my request.”



[Clifford Forechester Request] [SSS]

Conditions: ???????

Reward: NekrΓ³s Legacy [SSS]

Accept: [YES / NO]


“Please accept my request.” the kid said with sadness and hatred oozing out from him.

After hearing the story, Alex was surprised will, be an understatement, but completing the quest and then getting the legacy he will not use felt like a waste of time.

‘I will not be using this knockoff version of necromancer legacy because I will get the real deal, but having one I can sell or give to a person I trust will be a good idea.’

” kid, I accepted your request; tell me what I need to do.” After thinking positively and negatively about the situation, Alex accepted the offer.

Getting a SSS Rank legacy was already hard, even with Alex’s future knowledge, and finding one even Alex didn’t know existed was even more challenging.

“Thank you, Adventurer.”

“The condition you need to fulfill are simple.”

1: Clear the other two hidden chambers in this dungeon.

2: Find and kill the demon Nobel.

‘Completing the first condition will be doable, but finding and killing the demon Nobel will be very troublesome.’

Alex was not worried about not being able to complete the quest but bothered about how much time it will take to clear it.

Finding a demon Nobel and killing it in their continent, which was hidden and not assailable to any player, will be equal to fighting a losing battle.

‘Demon Continent will be opening in around two years, and in that time, I will have enough strength to kill a minor demon Nobel.’ Alex thought as he calculated how to proceed in the quest.

“I will try to complete your quest as fast as possible,” Alex said to Clifford.

“You have my undying gratitude.”

“Adventurer, be wary of the people you trust in this world; contacting even a minor demon is close to impossible without dark knowledge.”

“My father was able to make contact with a powerful Nobel demon; there was someone in the shadows who manipulated my father,” Clifford said as his soul faded light particle.

‘Powerful Demon Noble? He didn’t tell me which Rank of nobility that demon belonged.’

‘I will find out about it eventually.’ Alex thought as he put the golden bell and the key to the second chamber into his inventory.’

Alex opened the system to check on the quest and see if there was any hidden condition he needed to fulfill.


[Clifford Forechester Request] [SSS]


1: Clear the other two hidden chambers in this dungeon.(0/2)

2: Find and kill the Demon Nobel. (0/1)

Reward: NekrΓ³s Legacy[SSS]

Time: ∞


‘I Don’t need to worry about time.’

‘let’s leave this place and check the hidden promotion quest rewards.’

Alex left the underground chamber and graveyard before other players found him. It was not that he was scared of them, but all this caused unnecessary trouble.

After Alex found a safe place, he opened his system panel to see what reward he could get for completing the hidden quest.

[Rank Promotion Quest] [Rank One]

Hidden Class:

[Objectives] 1: Kill 150 Common Monsters. 𝒃𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒍.π™˜π™€π™’

2: Kill 70 elite Monsters. 3: Kill 40 Rare elite.

4: Kill 3 Epic Monsters.

Condition: complete all Objectives within 20 hours.

Completed: Time taken to complete (18 hours and 46 minutes).

Rewards: Promotion to first Rank (Death Disciple) or (Skeleton Lord)

Hidden Class Quest Progress:

1: Common Monsters (150/150)

2: Elite Monsters (70/70)

3: Rare Elite Monsters (40/40)

4: Epic Monsters (3/3)


‘Well, that’s some badass name for a class.’ Alex thought as he saw the name of the hidden class reward.

‘I completed the hidden quest. I’d like to know how many extra skills I can get.’

‘Let’s check which of these two classes will work best for me.’ Alex wondered as he walked toward the castle’s exit.


Seeing the description of both classes, Alex felt like he was dreaming.

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