Chapter 17 Death Disciple

Alex stood stunned in front of the castle door like he had seen a ghost.


Alex felt like he saw a ghost after reading the description of both classes he could choose as his promotion class.


[Death Disciple]: A person loved by Death walking the path of Death and destruction. He understands Death as a living being uncovering its secret and embracing the truth that no one can change.

Death is the only truth that no one can change living beings can think they are immortal, but they will live more than others, and one day, Death will embrace them.

Death Disciple class is the base for a player to walk the path of Death, and if the player is competent enough, he can reach greater heights and become a Death Guardian or Beyond.


[Skeleton Lord]: A being far stronger than the necromancer who left behind every weakness an undead have and control armies of bone monster. He can control bones as he pleases; his troops can wage war for him without rest.

Skeleton Lord class is an advanced version of a necromancer with the ability to control strong skeletons with never-ending stamina and abomination made from pure bones that rack havoc on the battlefield.


‘Well, the luck I have now is scary, but I like it.’

‘Death Disciple can evolve and turn into a SS Rank class, and the Skeleton Lord can turn into a peak S Rank class that can smoke any S Rank legacy holder and rival many SS Rank legacy holders in strength.’

Alex thought about any information he could think about the two classes, and what he remembered was scary.

‘In my previous life, the person with the Skeleton Lord class was one of the greatest necromancer players ever to live. He started from nothing, and with his hard work, he created a style that can rival any Ranker with a skeleton army that never gets tired.’

The player was called Mr. Skeletal, and even big guilds didn’t want to go to war with him; he was an inspiration for many players, and Alex was one such player.

‘I would like to meet Mr. Skeletal in this life if I have the chance.’ Alex thought about the real broken class, the Death Disciple.’

‘Death Guardian is a SS Rank legacy owned by a Ranker from the First Rank guild. What is this class doing here as the reward for the Promotion quest?’

Alex thought and found some differences between his reward and the legacy.

‘The Emperor of Death ( Xherdan ) as players called him, didn’t start from Death’s disciple; he got his legacy of Death Guardian from the start.’

‘I think Death disciple is the correct way to reach the death guardian and beyond that, and Xherdan got the legacy of a warrior who already became a death guardian, or maybe he surpassed it and put only the knowledge of the death guardian as his legacy.’

‘This also explains how one can reach the strength of legacy holders and prove that ZERO was telling the truth when he said that every player can be as strong as the legacy holder if they have the talent for it.’



‘I will choose the death disciple class as the reward.’ Alex chose the death disciple class because of its advanced version. Death guardian had many broken skills and could be considered one of the strongest SS Rank legacies.

The reason for choosing the death disciple class was to train and understand what advantages the dark element could provide.

Alex knew that death disciple was his best chance to understand his potential in the dark element.

The other reason for not choosing the skeleton lord class was its effect on Alex’s race because if he chose it, he would not be a human anymore and would be converted to a Skeleton.

Alex left the castle to find a carriage to return to the royal city and a private place to get his promotion rewards.

Alex rented a carriage service and continued his journey to the capital.

After traveling for two hours, Alex reached the capital and returned to his hotel room for privacy.

If it were a standard or advanced promotion reward, Alex would have chosen to get them in the hidden dungeon because players don’t need to go to any particular place to get their rewards.

The black badge the promotion elder gave him was proof of his Rank promotion quest and if he failed, that badge would turn to dust.

Alex was being this cautious because he didn’t know what he would experience when he accepted the reward.

‘I wonder what will happen after I accept the reward. In normal cases, I will get the choice to choose the skills.’

“I will get nothing by speculating. Let’s do this.” 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝑡

Alex opened the system panel and accepted the rewards for the promotion quest.

After Alex accepted the reward, his vision turned dark; he could think like usual but could not do anything.

If someone saw what was happening in Alex’s room, they would be shocked. Alex was covered in darkness; it would be a scary site to watch for anyone.

Darkness slowly took the shape of a cocoon, and Alex felt fantastic; his body felt light, and there was no pressure on his brain.


[Body Scan Complete]

[Promotion to First Rank Complete]

[Limit Breaker Title Gained]

[Death Disciple Title Gained]


After some time passed, the black cocoon was absorbed into Alex’s body, and he regained his conciseness.

‘I feel fresh.’

‘First Promotion Rank up experience was different than what I expected.’

‘I Didn’t get to choose any skills?’

‘What is going on? Did something go wrong?’

After being unable to select skills like players usually can do when they Rank up, he got nervous and opened his stats panel to check what was happening.



Player Name: Hidden One

Class: [Death Disciple]

Title: [Monkey Killer][Conqueror][Limit Breaker][Death Disciple]


Legacy: None

LVL: 31

Rank: First Rank


AGI: 238. VIT: 283.

INT: 112. STA: 255.

STR: 494.

HP: 2830/2830

MP: 1120/1120

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

Condition: Weakened

Equipment: YETI King armor set(Peak Epic)

Weapons: Frost Moon(Peak Epic)

Skills : [Slash][Dash][Ice Sword frenzy][Ice Meteor Crash][BERSERK][Frost tide][Frost Slash][Death Contract][True Death][Executioner][Reanimation][Life Drain][Death Whisper][Death Judgement]

[Death Incarnate]




“Why do I have so many new skills.”

Alex thought as he opened and closed the character window to see if it was a Glitch.

After not finding any glitches, Alex calmed down and started reading the descriptions of the new skills and titles he had gained.

Alex acted like this because he gained eight new skills, which was scary. After all, an average player would only get two skills and four if he completed the advanced version of the promotion quest with the best possible results.

After getting calm, Alex thought about all the strong player from big guilds that he thought was legacy holders, but now he knew that those players must have cleared the hidden promotion quest and got the best rewards turning them into so-called legacy holders.

Getting rewards, Alex got answers to many of his questions from his previous life about the big guilds having so many legacy holders.

Alex first read the Title perks, and they were not disappointing.




Prehistorian: Increase intelligence by 20%.

Description: The Title that represents your achievement in the field of Archeology. It represents your finding ancient history that has been long forgotten.

Your search has led to the truth about a forgotten era of humankind, and only a few people know that truth throughout history.


Limit Breaker: Increase All your stats by 10%.

Description: A title fitting for a man that has achieved the impossible and attained strength that less than 0.1% of humans will obtain in their lifetime.

The Title represents the potential of humans and proves that if a human decides, he can control tremendous power.


Death Disciple: Decrease the Death penalty for the player by 50%.

Description: Only the player chosen by Death can obtain the Title.

It represents life’s dark and bright side, showing how a living being is closer to death, reminding the living that death is not the opposite of life but a part of it and every living being shall die one day.


‘Well, the Death Disciple class title is broken as ever.’ Alex thought after reading its effect.

Alex was not surprised as he knew that the title (Death Guardian) grants the ability for the player to negate 80% of the death penalty, and the players that the title holder kills will be given 50% extra death penalty.

In the Ancient World, If a player dies, he will not lose any level, but he will not be able to login into the game for the next 24 hours.

Death Disciple title gives the player 50% less penalty, and with its help, if Alex dies, he will be able to log back in after 12 hours.

The other two titles also gave excellent bonuses.

“Time to check the skills and see If I get any broken skills.”

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