Chapter 18 Skills

“Time to check the skills and see If I get any broken skills.”

Alex started reading the skills description, and as he had hoped, there were many good skills.





Name: Death Contract

Grade: First Rank

Available Death Contract (0/3).

Description: A contract between two individuals ends only when the agreed conditions get fulfilled or one individual dies.

The player can create any type of contract with his chosen condition, and world laws will enforce the contract conditions.


Name: True Death

Grade: First Rank

Grants death to players (only players) (Cool Down: 12 hours)

Description: The player killed by the skill will not be able to log back in for the next Seven Days.


Name: Executioner

Grade: First Rank

Grants Player permanent MP when certain conditions get fulfilled.

Description: An executioner is a person that grants the death sentence to the guilty and cleanses the world from evil.


Name: Reanimation

Grade: First Rank

Dead into UnDead(0/10).

Description: Turning the Dead into the undead creature with no soul and conciseness.

The creatures that walk the earth like puppets attack anything on instinct when their master orders.


Name: Life Drain

Grade: First Rank

Take the target HP and recover the user’s HP.

Description: The skill is as simple as it sounds player can recover his hp from any living creature [Caution using the skill on a far stronger creature than you will not work, and after, you will feel their anger].


Name: Death Whisper

Grade: First Rank

When used, the enemy gets hallucinations, filling their minds with the vision of their death.

(Cool Down: 1 hour)

Description: A skill that will attack the target mind and show them visions of their death countless times until their mind beak down or they die.


Name: Death Judgement

Grade: First Rank

When used, there is a 0.5% chance the target will instantly die.

(Cool Down: After successful activation, the skill will be on cooldown for

(2 days).

Description: A skill that defines death.


Name: Death Incarnate

Rank: First Rank

Increase Strength by 500% for 5 minutes.

(Cool Down- 7 days) (Side effect: Player stats will decrease by 80% for 12 hours).

Description: A skill only available to the Death Disciple, granting him the strength to kill foes far stronger than him.



‘That’s what I call some broken skills.’

After clearing the first hidden chamber from the castle dungeon, Alex was satisfied with all his new skills and knowledge.

‘These skills are not on par with the Death guardian legacy skill, but they are broken compared to ordinary skills.’

Alex read the skills description one more time to understand how they would work and the best way to use them.

All the skills were simple to understand, and Alex could think of many ways to use them, but he could not understand how to use the Death contract skill.

‘The description says that it will be between two individuals and not two players, so that means I can use it with NPC and monsters.’

‘The skill also says I can use conditions that I desire.’ This skill has outstanding potential.

‘I need to test them in battle and experiment with them to understand their potential, but this is good enough for now. Let’s log out and sleep.’

Alex was exhausted from killing creatures for hours and then fighting a battle with three Epic monsters.


After resting and spending time with family, Alex entered the game with a fresh mind.

When Alex was offline, he searched the forum for news about the castle dungeon’s hidden chamber.

Just as he expected, after Alex left the dungeon, the empty chamber was found, and many players searched it to find the clue to the person who discovered its secret.

Many guilds posted big money and position to enter their guilds in exchange for information on the dungeon.

Alex was not interested in selling any information about the other two secret chambers when nobody knew that they existed in the first place.

After Alex returned to the game, he ate a meal at the hotel and left for the training chamber.

The training chambers were built for players and NPC to use for training. In those chambers, many training tools can help a player reach his limits and become stronger.

The training chambers have advanced technology that works with magic for a player to get a training partner; he can use the training dummy with simple to advance move sets.

The dummies take damage, and if they are in fighter mode, they will attack like a natural person.

The training chamber is the best choice after actual fighting in the wild, but if a player wants to improve or learn to control his strength better without the risk of dying, then they choose the training services.

The chambers contain dense mana, changeable gravity, and other technology players can train with and become better than other players.

These training chambers also have many different variants that one can choose from, and the higher you go, the better the results, but their price also reflects their services.

All the strong players use these chambers to understand their element better because after reaching Rank three, stats and level will be just numbers that boost jour overall strength. Understanding your element will be most important if you want to reach the higher Rank.

Alex was going for the lowest-class training chamber with basic high mana and gravity up to 5 times that of normal, and even that will cost 100 gold coins for one hour.

Alex reached the training chambers building. It looked similar to the magic tower with many floors.

Alex entered the building and went straight to the counter to get room to train.

The room booking went smoothly. Alex paid for three hours with most of his gold coins and got the key to the room.

Alex went to the training room, an empty room with a lot of space. The room was protected with magic against any damage, so a player could go wild and use as many skills as he wanted.

The whole building uses space magic, stretching the space that helps to provide a significant area in training rooms.

‘All the significant building have their characteristics, and all are works of art.’

Alex started testing his newly gained skills on basic training dummies that stand like real dummies and don’t move or attack.

Alex can check the system if he wants the data on dummies, like how much damage he did and other stats with detail.

The training chambers were helpful, but only the higher-level ones could provide real benefits. Low-level chambers will only provide high-density mana and room to vent your anger.

Alex tested his skill on dummies checking their data to understand his strength better, and after two hours of testing, he concluded that it was both good and bad.

‘The good news is that all the skills are good and can be utilized in many different ways, but the bad news is I don’t have enough mana to use them.’

After using the skills, Alex realized that all the skills needed more mana than he thought, and with his current mana, Alex could only use five skills out of eight once, and then his mana will be depleted.

Alex didn’t even use his old skill, and he was already this miserable; if he used them in battle, he would surely be dead.

‘I need to solve my problem of mana.’ Alex thought as he rested to restore his mana to do what he came here for in the first place.

Alex came to the training chamber to check his new skills and test his talent in the dark element.

Checking skills was over, and he was satisfied with the result; it was time to test his dark element, and he was going to test it by creating an evolved skill.

Evolved skills result from a player with two different classes combining one of his skills with the other. 𝘣𝘦𝑑𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝘵

The concept seems simple, but it is the hardest thing to do in the game, even harder than understanding your element.

The player needs to have a very detailed understanding of both skills, and those skills need to complement each other for the process to work.

The players will start understanding their element when they reach Rank three, and that is when they will combine low-rank skills to create higher-rank skills.

Alex was going to try and create the most basic evolved skill, which was very hard even for a genius at the Rank one.

The skill evolution gets harder as one reaches a higher level, but lower Rank skills get easier to understand as the player Ranks up.

(For Example). A Rank 3 player can understand and combine two mortal rank skills easily.

Alex was going to try and evolve the (SLASH) Skill by combining it with his Death Mana growing it into a stronger version of the skill.

In Alex’s previous life, he created the (Ice Slash) skill at the peak of Rank 1, which was considered a big achievement.

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