Chapter 24 Adventurer’s Guild

Alex entered the city and walked into the capital’s remote area to complete the Bevel revenge quest to get the forging metal.

‘I can complete the quest and get the unique ring in two hours; then I will meet Badger to hear his request on what he wanted.’ Alex thought about different valuable things that Badger would want from him.

Alex reached his destination; after traveling for some time, he found Bevel sitting outside his house.

“Sir Bevel,”

“Adventurer Alex, you need more information on wolf king?” Bevel asked Alex.

“Sir Bevel, I have already killed the wolf king, and here is the evidence,” Alex said as he took the wolf king’s head out of his inventory.

“This is wolf king Guadric head,” Bevel said as he looked at the wolf head in Alex’s hand.

“There is also this ring I found near the wolf king.” Alex took the broken ring out, showing it to Bevel.

“My Daughter’s Ring,” Bevel said after looking at the ring with sadness and tears in his eyes.

Alex gave the ring and wolf head to Bevel; he cried for some minutes and cursed the wolf king for killing his daughter.

‘Now that I know this world may not be just a virtual world, NPC feels too natural, and their pain and emotion also affect me differently.’ Alex felt sad for Bevel’s loss because he saw things differently with his travel back in time than any other player.

“Alex, I am grateful to you for avenging my daughter’s death and returning one of her last memory to me,” Bevel said as he looked at his daughter’s ring.


[Bevel Revenge](B) [Quest Completed]

[EXP Gained]

[Reputation Gained: 600]


“Please wait here. I will get the reward that I promised you.” Bevel said as he entered his house.

After some minutes, Bevel returned with two stones, one silver and the other pitch black with red lines.

“This silver stone is a forging metal called the Moon Rock; it is a great material for forging swords and your reward for killing the wolf king.”

“This little black marble is something that I found in ruins, and it is unknown what it is exactly; it will not melt even with the second Rank forging flame. It can be something special, and this is the reward for finding my daughter’s ring.”

Bevel gave Alex two stones, one that he needed to complete the second quest and the other that he needed to figure out what he could use it for.

“Thanks for the generous rewards.” Alex took the two stones and left for the adventurer guild after thanking Bevel for his generosity.


‘I am getting more and more things that I don’t know how to use,’ Alex thought as he checked the status of the two stones.


Name: Moon Rock

Material: Forging Metal

Quality: Rare

Grade: Second Rank

Description: A metal that glows like a moon and has properties of extreme toughness and sharpness used for making blade-type weapons.


Name: Black Rock (???)

Material: (???)

Quality: (???)

Grade: (???)

Description: A unknown material with high resistance to flames.


‘This black rock is shown as a material, so I can be sure that this is not some random egg, but its rarity is unknown’ it could be a treasure or just a useless rock with high fire resistance.

‘This Moon Rock is of rare quality; if I can sell it, it will be sold for a good amount of gold coin.’ Alex thought about other higher-quality forging metal he could find at his level to earn extra gold.

The forging metal and other materials are divided into five different quality grade depending on their rarity.

①: Common (white)

②: Uncommon (green)

③: Rare (blue)

④: Legendary (purple)

⑤: Exotic (gold)

Alex thought about high-quality materials but could not think of any at his level, so he just dropped the idea of finding material to sell for gold and focussed on his mission to get the unique Rank mana ring.


Alex’s destination was the Adventurer Guild, an NPC organization where anyone can post a quest for a reward, and the adventurers will complete it.

Alex was going to join the Adventurer guild to get the quest of the Duke’s daughter.

The Adventurer guild was one of the major organizations with its headquarters on every continent. A group of the strongest adventurers of every race ruled it.

The adventurer guild was an organization that operated on merits and strength; the guild had a ranking system, and every adventurer had a Rank that represented his standing in the Adventurer guild.

NPCs rule the organization, but players can join and rise in ranks through their strength and gain access to things that are impossible to buy outside the adventurer guild.

The Higher ranking Adventurer will be respected in any race continent; they have more authority than the Nobel of high-ranking kingdoms, and with fame and respect, they have access to high-ranking quests with mind-boggling rewards.

Adventurers can buy anything from the guild with the merit points they earn by completing quests, selling important information, and trading with other adventurers.

The Adventurer guild is the largest organization with the most people working in it, and almost every player joins the Adventurer guild because of the benefits it provides.


After walking for some time, Alex reached the Adventurer Guild headquarters. It was a five-story building that looked similar to Chinese architecture.

Alex entered the building and approached the receptionist, an elf lady with breathtaking beauty. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝑡

“Greetings, Miss Elf. I want to register as an adventurer,” Alex politely said to the elf lady.

“Your Name!, Sir Adventurer.”Elf lady said with a charming smile.

‘If I can have a wife, this beautiful life will be so colorful.’ Alex was daydreaming about his nonexistent love life.

“My name is Hidden One,” Alex replied.

“Sir Hidden One, please place your hand here to register as a member of the Adventurer guild.” The Elf lady asked Alex to put his hand on the crystal device to register him as an adventurer.

Alex did what the elf lady asked him to do, and after some more talk, he got his adventurer card and became the lowest-ranking adventurer.

The adventurers are divided into typical fantasy Ranks lowest being the F Rank and the highest Rank being the SSS Rank adventurer.

There are only nine SSS Adventurers in the whole organization, and their authority is equal to the emperors of every continent.

In Alex’s past life, only Two players became the SS Rank adventurer, and those two were the strongest players in the world one can see how hard it was to reach a higher Rank in the Adventurer guild.

After getting his adventurer card, Alex opened the adventurer mission panel, where he had access to every mission he could accept according to his rank.

Alex searched the quest posted by the nobility of the Ice kingdom, and after scrolling through many quests, Alex found the quest he wanted.


[Duke Harold Daughter Request] (???)

Objective: Forging Metal(???)

Time: ????

Reward: Select any item from Duke Harold’s private collection, [Adventurer guild Reputation 10000 and Marit points 20000].

Description: Duke Harold’s Daughter needs a forging metal to help solve her problem, and the forging metal can be of any rank and quality; the condition to clear the quest is to get the forging metal accepted by Duke Harold’s Daughter.


The quest is so out of balance that the adventurer guild should not accept it because it will only be a waste of time for the adventurers to search for the unknown.

The request is accepted because its a request by Duke Harold’s only daughter, and Duke Harold is an S-Rank adventurer himself.

Alex accepted the request and left the Guild building for the inner city to complete the quest and get his reward as fast as possible.

‘I hope that player didn’t mix lies into his story, and I can get the mana ring after completing the quest.’ Alex thought about the worst-case scenario if he got some information missing, all his effort would be wasted in return for nothing.

Alex reached the inner circle of the capital, where all the rich and aristocrats live; he was permitted to enter easily; he didn’t come here before because if the player had not reached First Rank, they needed to pay 20 gold coins as an entry fee.

It was a ridiculous charge to enter the inner circle, but that was the rule, and the royal family made it so those living in the inner circle could have a better life, and beggars and scammer merchants would not crowd it.

Alex’s destination was the core area of the capital, the mansion of Duke Harold, and he would need to go through an even tougher checkpoint to reach the mansion.

Alex walked toward the core area checkpoint where he would usually be restricted from entering, but now he had a mission, and he could get the entry, albeit a Second Rank Guard would watch over him all the time he had in the core area.


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