Chapter 25 Duke Mansion

Alex reached the checkpoint of the capital core area, where he explained his reason for visiting, and after some questions, he was permitted to enter with a second Rank guard as his guide.

The guard was not his guide but was present to watch over him because he needed to have more reputation for roaming free in the area of royalty of the kingdom.

The core area of the capital was only for royalty, and only the people the kingdom trusted were allowed to enter.

The guard led Alex straight to Duke Harold’s mansion, and on the way, the guard told Alex not to get his hopes high because many adventurers were coming to present many rare forging metals in the hope of getting them accepted to clear the quest.

Alex was not nervous about the Moonstone getting rejected as he knew it was the forging metal that the Duke’s daughter wanted; he was more worried about some hidden condition he needed to clear to get the reward.

After traveling through the grand roads, Alex and the guard reached Duke Harold’s mansion.

The guard told the mansion guard the reason for the visit, and then Alex was told to follow a mansion guard to some place to test the forging metal he had brought.


“Adventurer, A blacksmith will test the forging metal, and if it’s not the correct one, you will leave immediately.” The guard said.

“OK, but can you tell me how will the forging metal be tested to determine if it’s the correct one?” Alex questioned the guard to understand the story behind this unusual quest.

“I don’t know the exact details, but there are ten blacksmiths in the mansion, and they all have a silver stone that they touch the forging metal with, and after that, they will reject, and I have seen that happen a thousand times by now.” The guard replied.

The guard took Alex inside the Duke’s mansion, and through the luxurious corridor, he took Alex to the grand room.

‘Don’t say anything stupid if you don’t want to die,” the guard told Alex as he entered the room with Alex.

The room was luxurious, the best Alex had seen in his life, and inside the room sat a young human blacksmith that was too young to be master.

“Sir Burton, This adventurer is here with a new forging metal.” the guard said with respect as he bowed toward the young man.

“You said the same thing last time as well, and forging metal the adventure brought was already checked to be useless,” Burton said to the guard.

The guard must check every forging metal that an adventurer will bring and eliminate those that are already checked to be useless because if they check every forging metal that the adventurer brings, the duke mention will be crowded all day.

“It was my mistake last time, but this adventurer here has brought a rare rank forging metal.” The guard mentioned the rank of the forging metal to divert Burton’s attention.

“A Rare Rank forging metal. Give it to me quickly,” Burton said to Alex with impatience in his voice.

‘All blacksmiths are greedy for high-quality forging metals, which will never change.’ Alex thought as he took the Moonstone out of his inventory, giving it to Burton.

“This stone is definitely of rare quality with unique properties.”

“Adventurer, sell this stone to me,” Burton said, excited like a kid after seeing the forging metal.

“Sir Burton, you can buy the stone if the Duke’s household doesn’t have any use for it,” Alex replied, not even considering Burton’s offer.

“OK, we have a deal. I check the forging metal first; then, we can discuss the price.” Burton took out a piece of flat metal silver in color from his storage ring.

Burton placed the silver metal piece on the Moon rock, and right after the contact of the two metals, there was a reaction; the small silver piece of metal started shining with silver light that locked like the clear night sky with uncountable stars.

The three people in the room have different reactions; seeing the reaction, the guard looks at the phenomena with disbelief while Burton stands mesmerized, looking at two metals, and Alex has a satisfied smile on his face.

Alex saw that both the guard and Burton had no intention of separating the two metals, so he stepped forward and took the silver metal away from the Moonstone, and then the reaction stopped.

“WHY Would You Do That,” Burton shouted angrily at Alex.

“I thought my forging metal may damage your testing tool, so I took action to stop it.” Alex lied, not caring about Burton’s reaction.

“You stay here. I will be right back.” Burton said as he ran outside, smiling like a fool.

“Your forging metal is probably the one that the Lady is looking for after seeing Sir Burton’s reaction and what happened after the testing metal touched the stone’s surface.”

“You have stuck gold adventurer.” The guard said as he stood near the Moonstone guarding it.

————- 𝚋𝚎d𝚗ov𝚎𝚕.co𝚖

After some time passed, Burton entered the room with a stunning lady and muscular men.

“Master, There is the stone that gave an intense reaction when I touched it with the silver metal you gave me,” Burton shouted after entering the room like his life was in danger.

“Burton, stop shouting like a madman. I will check it myself.” The muscular man slapped the back of burton’s head as he walked toward the Moonstone.

Alex got queries about the man and the woman, so he checked their state panel to see if he could find any information about them.


Name: Garrick Steel Scourgers

Class: Grand Master Weaponsmith

Title: [Legend][?????][???][??????][??????]






Name: Esmeralda Caerwyn

Class: Frost Puppeteer.

Title: [Genius Mage][Wizard][Ice Kingdom Royalty][???][?????][??????]






‘What is a Grand Master Weaponsmith doing here.’ Alex knew after seeing the Grand Master that things were not simple as he thought they were.

A Grand Master Weaponsmith was not the highest Rank blacksmith in the world, but they had a status equal to the kings, and finding one to do a commission for you was hard because of their absurd demands as payment.

Garrick checked the Moonstone and the same reaction happened last time; he didn’t give a big reaction; he placed both stones inside his storage ring with a satisfied smile.

“Lady Esmeralda, This is the forging metal I needed to repair the sword,” Garrick said to the young lady, probably the Duke’s daughter.

“This is good news, Master Garrick,” Esmeralda replied, looking happier than anyone in the room.

“You should thank this young adventurer here,” Garrick said as he looked toward Alex with a smirk, showing that he knew Alex had checked his information panel.

“Young Adventurer, you have my gratitude for helping me solve a big problem,” Esmeralda said to Alex with a bright smile.

“I just got lucky,” Alex replied, not talking more than he should and causing unnecessary problems for himself.

“Luck is a part of one strength, and finding a moonstone proves you have some strong luck,” Garrick said.

“Master Garrick, you can start your work when you are ready, and I will give the promised reward to this gentleman for providing us with this rare forging metal,”

“Adventurer, please follow me to meet my father to get your reward,” Esmeralda said to Alex.

‘I will need to meet the Duke? Hope he doesn’t waste my time.’ Alex thought as he left the room, following lady Esmeralda.


“Lady Esmeralda, why would you need a particular forging metal to repair a broken weapon? When Master Garrick can make a new one according to your requirement.”

Alex asked such a stupid question knowing that strong people who have been familiar with their weapon for years will repair it if they can and not replace it.

He asked this to understand the value behind the weapon that Lady Esmeralda wanted to repair and see if he could benefit from using that information.

“Sir Adventurer, can you tell me your name so we can talk more freely.” Lady Esmeralda said as she halted her walk and waited for Alex.

“My name is Hidden One, but you can call me One.”

“Well, that is a unique name, but with the aura of Death on you, it suits you well.” Lady Esmeralda said with a charming smile.

‘It not surprising that she can sense my class aura.’

“Mr.One, the name sound like it belongs to the leader of some shadowy organization.”

“Mr.One, to answer your question, why do I want to repair the weapon?”

“It belongs to fiancé, but unfortunately, his beloved sword got destroyed while he was fighting a mighty creature.”

“I want to get the sword repaired and give him as a gift.” Lady Esmeralda replied, excited while talking about her fiancé.

“Your fiancé got his sword broken while fighting? Is he alright?” Alex asked, surprised because he knew when someone’s sword brake fighting, their chances of survival were very thin.

“He is sad about his beloved sword being broken, but he is doing alright.” Lady Esmeralda said, looking sab for the first time.


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