Chapter 27 Badger Identity

“You like the Disaris Ring.” Duke Harold asked.

“Sir. Harold, thanks to your generosity, this is the best equipment I have in my life.” Alex replied happily, looking at the ring.

“I can sense the aura of death on you that proves you have great talent and are not just a lucky person. I believe you will have more glory and riches in the future.” Duke Harold said.

“Father, Now that Mr.One has chosen his reward, I want you to allow him to accept the request of searching for the Blood Basilisk.” Lady Esmeralda said.

“I like to hear your reasoning for that young lady?.”

“He has great potential, but the search request needs far greater strength than he currently has, and if he entered the swamp forest in search of the Basilisk, he would needlessly lose his life.” Duke Harold said.

“Father, Mr.One is an Immortal Adventurer from the other world, death is not permanent for him, and I don’t think he will just run into the swamp forest without any preparation like a brute.”

“My reasoning for giving him the search request is simple Mr.One may be fated to help me with this problem as well.” Lady Esmeralda replied by pointing out that Alex was not an ordinary human but an Immortal Adventurer from the other world.

In the Ancient world, NPC knew that players were Immortal entities because they had protection from the WATCHER.

The NPC believed that players have the protection of the mighty entity Watcher[AI ZERO] as the players would get teleported to the resurrection Tower when their death is inevitable.

“Esmeralda, you understand that even if Hidden One can revive endlessly, he will experience tremendous pain in the process?”

“The swamp area is overrun with powerful creatures, and we don’t know where to find the Basilisk; the search difficulty is too much for him, and he will die needlessly.”

“I will not allow him to risk his life for nothing.” Duke Harold firmly denied Lady Esmeralda’s request.

The world NPC thinks that we players go through tremendous pain when we revive, but that is just a lie fabricated by AI ZERO.

“Father, we can give Mr.One a different request in which he just needs to find clues to the Blood Basilisk location, and with his luck, we may find the creature faster.” Lady Esmeralda proposed a different request knowing her father would not change his mind.

“Mr.One, will you do another favor to my household and search for any clues related to Blood Basilisk?” Duke Harold asked Alex.

“When you complete my request, you can choose an item from my collection as your reward, and this time, you will have more options to choose from, so try your best.” Duke Harold said, hinting that Alex could get a more extraordinary item than the Disaris Ring.


[Duke Harold Request] [A]

Objective: Find Clues to Blood Basilisk

Time: ????

Reward: Select one item from Duke Harold’s Private Collection.

Description: Find clues to the location of a unique creature with an unknown origin. ( Find Blood Basilisk’s location for additional reward and ice kingdom reputation.)

Accept [YES / NO]


“I will do my best to get some more rewards,” Alex replied, confident he would complete the quest.

“A young adventurer should have confidence, but don’t get drunk in it, or you will lose in the long race of life.” Duke Harold said.

“I will take my leave,” Alex said, as he needed to meet with Badger.

“I will assign a carriage to take you to your destination.” Lady Esmeralda said.

Alex and Lady Esmeralda left the duke’s office, and after leaving the duke’s mansion, she ordered a Second Rank guard to take Alex to his destination. 𝑏𝘦𝑑𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮


‘This may cause trouble if other players saw me inside a Duke household carriage.’ Alex was sitting inside a royal carriage with Duke Harold’s emblem.

‘I can use this situation to my advantage.’ Alex thought of a plan to use the duke carriage and have a big first impression on Badger.

“Sir Adventurer, you have a destination you like to go to.” The guard asked.

“You can drop me off at ice dale hotel in the city’s outer circle,” Alex replied as he opened his system panel to message Badger that he would be at the meeting location in some minutes.

“Now, let’s check the reward I got from the adventurer guild for completing the quest.” Alex opened his adventurer profile to check his reward and new adventurer Rank.


[Adventurer Guild Profile]

Name: Hidden One

Rank: First Rank

Adventurer Rank: D [4000/10000]

Merit Points: 20000



-Information HUB:


” My Adventurer Rank increased to D, and I have twenty thousand Merit points to help me acquire some good skills.”

Adventurer Rank was divided into different grades, and the guild members needed to meet the condition to promote their Rank.

The adventurer guild reputation is the essential thing the members need to increase their Rank, and one could get the guild reputation by completing quests and other guild-related services.

Alex obtained Ten Thousand Guild Reputation after completing the quest of Lady Esmeralda, and as a result, he got promoted to D Rank adventurer, skipping the E and F Rank.

The Guild members must meet certain conditions before getting promoted to higher Ranks.


Adventurer Guild Rank Promotion Condition:

[Rank A]= [250000 Guild Reputation] + [Thirty A Grade Mission]+ Contribution to the Guild.

[Rank B]= [75000 Guild Reputation] + [100 B Grade Mission] + [Five A Grade Mission].

[Rank C]= [25000 Guild Reputation] + [50 C Grade Mission] + [One B Grade Mission]

[Rank D]= [10000 Guild Reputation] + [20 D Grade Mission] + [One C Grade Mission.].

[Rank E]= [5000 Guild Reputation]

[Rank F]= [1000 Guild Reputation]


These are some primary conditions that guild members need to fulfill, and they also need to meet the standard strength limit to get promoted to the next Rank.

After a guild member meets all the conditions, he will be given a promotion mission to complete that can range from finding information to fighting in a bloody battle. After completing the task, he will be promoted to a higher Rank.

‘I will meet Badger and then log out and have good rest, and then I will buy some good swordsman skills in the adventurer guild shop.’

‘let’s check my stats and see how much it has changed after equipping the Disaris Ring.’


Player Name: Hidden One

Class: [Death Disciple]

Title: [Monkey Killer][Conqueror][Limit Breaker][Death Disciple][Prehistorian]

Legacy: None

LVL: 34

Rank: First Rank


AGI: 238.(48) VIT: 446.(89)

INT:317. (63) STA: 402.(80)

STR: 494.(99)

HP: 4460/3180 (890/890)

MP: 3170/2310 (630/630)

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: 600

Condition: Weakened

Equipment: [YETI King Armor Set?(Peak Epic)]

[Disaris Ring ? (Low Unique)]

Weapons: [Frost Moon?(Peak Epic)]


-Class Skill:

[Death Slash][Dash][Death Contract][True Death][Executioner][Reanimation][Life Drain][Death Whisper][Death Judgement]

[Death Incarnate]


-Equipment Skill:

[Ice Sword frenzy][Ice Meteor Crash][BERSERK][Frost tide][Frost Slash][Wood Control][Wood Dome][Wood golem]


‘My stats now look more balanced, and after I upgrade my equipment, I will have another stat boost.’

‘The Death Incarnate skill 80% Debuff still has close to 10 hours left.’

“Sir Adventurer, we reached your destination.”

‘Now, time to meet badger and find out what he wants from me.’

Alex exited the carriage at the front gate of ice dale hotel; many players were there looking at him in surprise, and Badger and his two friends were also present, having the most surprised look in the crowd.

Alex walked toward Badger while the players present there talked to each other, asking if anyone knew Alex’s identity.

“Badger, did you book a private room,” Alex asked Badger, not responding to any player trying to talk to him.

“Mr.One, there are too many players here; let’s talk in the private room while having some ice dale special tea,” Badger replied with a broad smile.

Badger led Alex toward the private room area, and after a short walk, they reached the most expensive section of the hotel.


‘This private room costs 100 gold coins per hour. Badger is trying his best to show off, but I arrived in a Royal Duke’s carriage.’

“What deal do you want to make with me, Mr.Badger?” Alex asked, sitting on a luxurious sofa in front of Badger.

“I will start by introducing my real name and then explain my reason for talking privately with you, Sir Hidden One,” Badger replied.

“My Real Name is Alden Gedeon.” Badger said and looked at Alex to see his reaction.

‘Well, This is Bullshit.’

‘If Badger belongs to the Gedeon family, then I will be in deep trouble.’

‘Maybe he has the same name as that family; let’s confirm it first.’ Alex was panicking out inside, but he had a poker face looking at Badger straight in the eyes.

“Badger, you belong to The Gedeon Family?” Alex asked in a calm voice, not showing that he was nervous.

“Yes, I belong to The Gedeon Family, and my father is the Family Patriarch, Eurwen Gedeon.”

‘What does a Real World Giant Family young master want from me.’


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