Chapter 28 Meeting

Alex remembered anything he could about Alden Gedeon so he could use that if things got out of hand.

After brainstorming, Alex remembered some interesting details about an event related to Alden Gedeon that could help him gain many benefits.

‘Alden Gedeon, the young master of the Gedeon family, got his avatar permanently killed in my previous life.’

Alex remembered all the detail about the event that caused a big commotion in which the Gedeon family destroyed 167 Ranked Guild for permanently killing their young master game avatar.

In Alex’s previous life, a Guild named Twisted Destiny got an anonymous job to kill a player avatar permanently for a massive sum of money. They did the job without checking the target’s background; the target was Alden Gedeon.

A player’s avatar could be killed permanently, which would cause them to lose connection with the game world forever, and they would not be able to create another avatar to rejoin the game.

A player avatar could be killed permanently if the player is killed many times in a short period when he is at level 1.

To kill a player’s avatar, the killer will use a rare artifact that will force the target to respawn in a designated location without being able to log out.

The Twisted Destiny guild did the job without leaving any clues, but their guild member betrayed them, and they felt the wrath of the Gedeon family for their crime and got destroyed in the game and the real world.

“Mr.One, is there a problem?” Badger asked after seeing Alex in deep thinking.

“I am just trying to understand if you introduced your real name so I would trust you or if you did so that I would be afraid of you.”

“If you are trying to scare me with your family name, you have failed because I don’t care which family you belong to,” Alex said with a blank face, not giving any reaction.

‘He doesn’t know my real identity; if I can convince him that I have a strong organization as my backer, I can benefit from this situation.’

Alex reacted like this because The Gedeon Family is an absolute giant of the Real World, and their family business is building weapons of mass destruction for many world governments.

The Gedeon Family has unimaginable wealth and influence in the real world.

The family is feared and respected worldwide, and if Badger wants to mess with Alex’s life in the game world or the real world, he can do it without any trouble.

“You are misunderstanding, Sir Hidden One. I am not trying to threaten you with the family name; I am here to ask for your help.” Badger said, laughing awkwardly to calm the tense situation.

“How will you convince me that you are telling the truth?” be𝚍no𝚟𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m

“A young master from an influential family wants help from a nobody he met randomly for a dungeon raid and knows nothing about him,” Alex said, trying to understand what Badger could want from him.

“It’s not like I don’t know anything about you. I know that Mr.One is a Legacy holder, so I want to meet with you to make a deal that benefits both of us.” Badger replied.

‘He thinks I am a legacy holder?’

“Why don’t you tell me more about what you think about me and what kind of deal you want to make?” Alex understood what Badger wanted after hearing his reasoning for this meeting.

“I believe that Mr.One is a [SS Rank] Legacy holder and a member of one of the Great Guilds, and I want to help me become a sponsor of your guild, and for that, I am willing to meet any demands,” Badger said.

‘He created a false image of me. I can use this to cover my future knowledge and gain tremendous benefits.’

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not a [SS Rank] Legacy holder nor belong to any great guild,” Alex said, starting his plan to gain maximum benefits from this God-given opportunity.

“Mr.One, don’t be like that; you cleared the winter wolf’s dungeon at nightmare difficulty alone with an astonishing speed that only a high-Rank legacy holder could do,” Badger said.

“I don’t belong to any great guild, but I am a member of an organization, and I don’t think they need a sponsor,” Alex said, trying to make his fake organization powerful and mysterious.

“You belong to an organization? Can Mr.One tell me its name?” Badger asked with a confused look.

“Shadow Oblivion,” Alex replied, making a cool-sounding name without thinking much about it.

“I am a low-ranking member of the organization, but I can ask a higher-up for the things you need,” Alex said, already planning what he would offer Badger, and he could do all this in the shadow of his fake organization.

“Well, I never heard of Shadow Oblivion, and with strength like Mr.One, why would you join an organization as a low-ranking member,” Badger asked, questioning if Alex was telling the truth or just making things up.

“Well, I understand that you will not trust me, so I will ask my higher-up to give me some information that will prove that I am telling the truth,” Alex replied without hesitation as he made a story that would convince Badger.

“I know Sir Hidden One has no reason to lie to me. I trust you without any proof.” Badger said.

“Mr.Badger, you are a young master of an influential family. My higher-up will not mind making a deal with you to benefit both parties.”

“I will message my higher-up for some information. In the meantime, we can talk while drinking some tea.” Alex said.


“The organization sent me some sensitive information that will convince you that my organization is real and has tremendous strength,” Alex said after finishing his tea.

“I would like to hear this information,” Badger replied eagerly.

“The information is about your uncle Zahavi Gedeon and the organization said it is a welcoming gift for the young master of the Gedeon family.”

“Your uncle Zahavi Gedeon has bought a 20% Share in the 59 Ranked Guild [Doomsday Dragoons] at a price tag of 10 Billion Doller and has become the second highest shareholder in the guild.”

“???????????” Badger stood upright with a shocked expression.

“Organization said this news was a part welcoming gift, and there is some other major news about you that I will give you if the organization deems you worthy enough.”

Alex knew about this deal clearly because after Zahavi Gedeon bought the 20% shares of Doomsday Dragoons guild, he used his power and influence in the real world to force the other shareholder to sell him the additional 31% guild share.

Doomsday Dragoons was the first high-ranking guild that became the victim of a hostile takeover by force by an influential person from the real world.

“How can I believe that organization is telling the truth?” Badger said, not looking too happy after hearing the news.

“You can ask your cousin; he will happily tell you it’s the truth; after all, he is now an Elder in the Doomsday Dragoons guild,” Alex replied with a wide grin.

“I am sorry for my behavior; the news surprised me,” Badger said.

“The organization understands that there is competition in every major family in the world, and in your family, the competition is between you and your cousin.”

“The organization will offer you a chance which will help you stand on equal ground with your cousin and, in return, what could Mr.Alden offer.”

Alex led Badger to a path where his only option was to get help from an organization he knew nothing about, and with the things Alex told him, Badger knew the organization was real with tremendous strength that operated in the shadows.

“What can the organization provide to help me against my cousin?” Badger asked.

“The organization is willing to sell you three [SS Rank] Legacy and a chance to buy a 30% Share in one of the Ranked Guild with the Guild Ranking between 30 to 40.”

“If a deal is made between you and me, then Sir. Badger will have a meeting with the organization higher up to decide all other details of the deal.” Alex said, looking at the Badger and his two friends.




“I accept the deal; tell me how much money the organization will take for the three [SS Rank] legacy,” Badger said with excitement.

“I already told you that the organization doesn’t need money, and you know that the things the organization is offering you are worth more than money could buy,” Alex said, making it clear that money would not be enough if he wanted to make this deal.

“What could I offer that could allow me to be eligible to make a deal with the Shadow Oblivion Organization.” Badger was intelligent and knew that this might be his only chance to gain a foothold in the fast-changing world.

“Loyal Friendship” Alex replied.


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