Chapter 3 Ancient World

Alex left the mall, walked straight to his home, and started waiting for his VR pod to arrive.

It did not take long before the delivery company arrived, and they fitted the VR pod in Alex’s room just as he wanted.

Alex was standing in front of the VR pod that looked like a sleek black egg. The pod looked terrific.’ it’s time for me to start the journey to a new life and leave behind all the mistakes I made in my previous life.’

He got into the pod to start the game, and Alex ensured that everything was plugged into the VR pod. Then, after getting comfortable in the pod, Alex put the VR headsets on and drifted into a deep sleep, the game screen welcoming him to humanity’s second world.

“Welcome to Ancient World”

Alex was standing in space watching the game world; the giant planet looked magnificent, with towering mountains that reached an unknown height, rivers bigger than humans thought possible with different colors flowing in their designated space.

The world is at least ten times the size of the earth, which looks like a work of art.

‘no matter how often I see this sense, it is always outstanding.’

“Adventurer, do you want to spend some time watching the world or start your journey in the new world”

Alex heard the voice to his right. There standing a person wearing a black tuxedo and smiling at him.

“ZERO” ‘The super AI that so-called created the (Ancient World); now that I am sent back by a game NPC, I don’t believe that he made this masterpiece; they are hiding some big secrets. Only time will tell the truth.’

“I would like to start my adventurers in the new world,” Alex replied.

“That’s the spirit, Adventurer. Start your journey by creating your avatar.” ZERO said.

Alex seeing the translucent screen, got a nostalgic feeling. Of course, with so many options, any newbie will need clarification, but Alex has already decided what he will choose.

‘It will not matter after I get the legacy.’

[Choose your class Adventurer]

SWORDSMAN be𝚍no𝚟𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m










There were many options to choose from with the freedom game provided for players; they could choose any class after every significant level threshold.

The players can create unique classes that fit them perfectly; for that to happen, they need to choose every advancement class ideally; their choices will make or break their future.

It all depends on the players. They can become dependable and respected, or they can become garbage that nobody cares about

It’s not like everybody needs to go through this gamble; only idiots or those who have confidence in themselves go for this route.

Those that want to play safe choose the same class advancement tree, i.e.,’ if someone selects the mage class and learns the fire magic spell, they can decide to become a variant of fire mage or go on to becoming a magma wizard.

Every decision has advantages and disadvantages.

The players that gamble and succeed will be rewarded with strength and fame; if a player did succeed, they could get as high as an SS Rank class, but chances are slim; that is why most players go for the easy and secured route.

Alex has already decided to go with the most versatile class, Swordsman, so he made his choice.

[Congratulation becoming a swordsman]

[Please choose your name]

Alex thought about a name that would make him stand and match his class because he had already decided to go for the darkness legacy (Darkness Ruler).

‘My game name should be “Hidden One.’

[Welcome: Hidden One to Ancient world]

[would you like to change your appearance]


Alex selected [NO]

[PLEASE Select your Kingdom]

The Ancient World had many continents; everyone started the game on the human continent with three Kingdoms and one empire.

[The kingdom of Ice]; [The kingdom of Gold]; [The kingdom of Darkness;]

The Frost Dale Royal Family rules the kingdom of Ice. Royal family members specialized in ice magic and its variants; they have a history dating centuries of ruling the ice kingdom.

The kingdom of Gold is under the rule of the gold royal clan; they are not a family but a clan made out of three affluent merchant families.

The kingdom itself is the richest of the three kingdoms and has the most fertile land, and they are also influential members of the merchants association.

The Baladan family rules the kingdom of Darkness. Players thought they were only equal in strength to the Ice kingdom, but boy o boy, we were wrong by a long shot; they are not only the strongest among the three domains; their strength is close to the sole empire of the human continent.

The Baladan family showed their strength when demon invasion threatened the human continent.

They showed their masterpiece (the white death army) created by them using their death magic, and with the empire’s help, the white death army slaughtered the demon army.

‘I would like to get an army like that. I will be unstoppable,’ Alex thought.

Alex thought about which kingdom he should start from that could provide the best benefits.

After considering for some time, Alex chose [The kingdom of ice] as he could sell information to his dear customers.

Alex selected the ice kingdom because of the frozen flower guild; they Rank ninth in the top guild ranking, with only female players allowed to join; they are a group of solid beauties.

It is not like I love their guild. It’s just that their guild leader helped me one time unintentionally and saved me from becoming a slave to some f**king bitch in my past life, this time I will pay the favor back and also take my revenge on that bitch

[Congratulation you have selected the Ice kingdom]

[Selecting random beginner village]

[Village selected “hailstone village”]

Alex got teleported to the hailstone village respawn point; feeling the hard ground, he opened his eyes, feeling the cold in the air. Alex thought, ‘he was back now; time for some leveling up.’ Alex left the respawn building and walked onto the village street.

Village streets were filled with new players amazed by how realistic the game felt. And how every NPC has a different personality, like real people.

They get angry at a player’s bargain and try to scam sometimes.

The Ancient world has a very detailed and rich history; every minor to major NPC all has a back story; they have emotions and get angry at the player if you mess with them, and if the player becomes good friends with the NPC, they can fight battle shoulder to shoulder with you.

The ancient world is filled with unique places, unknown dangers, and life-changing opportunities; the world has prehistoric animals that went extinct on earth millions of years ago and mythic animals that walked uncharted territory.

Ancient worlds give players the freedom to do what they want; players could create their cities and become a vessel of any kingdom and get protection in return, or choose to be free and be a target for kingdoms and bandits alike.

The Ancient world is not fair; some players start from zero and become world-famous, and some start on the same level and work harder than others, but they will become side characters.

That is how real-life work and the same principle the game operates on; both worlds are challenges, and one can only depend on his strength.

Alex standing before the village gate, thought about how he should proceed to level up. One Can leave the beginners’ Village any time and go to a nearby city, but with no strength, that is close to impossible.

There are two ways to get out of the beginner’s Village one to travel on foot to fight monsters and bandits, or you can pay a fee of twenty gold coins and go straight to the capital city of the ice kingdom.

‘I will use teleportation not to waste time, but before that, I need to be at least level 10. Let’s save time and get started.’

‘I will start by hunting those cheeky monkeys in the gloomy forest and try to reach level 10 as early as possible.’

Alex walked through the crowd of players hunting rabbits, and some higher-level players were hunting wolfs, but Alex targeted the monkeys.

Players don’t like fighting monkeys because they are strong and will use underhanded methods, and if they can’t, they will run away, wasting your time and effort.

Those monkeys provide the highest experience on the low level.

Alex, after making his plan. He Opens the system to see his character information.

Player Name: Hidden One

Class: Swordsman

Title: None

Legacy: None

LVL: 1

Rank: Mortal Warrior





(HEALTH POINT) HP: 100/100

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

condition: Healthy

Equipment: Beginners Armor

Weapons: Common Beginners Sword

Skills : (Slash) ATK 130% ; (Dash) AGI 150%

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