Chapter 4 Monkey Killer

Alex was standing at the village entrance where people were shouting for party member recruitment; some high-level players were giving their services for fast leveling. Alex walked through them toward the gloomy forest.

Alex’s target for leveling up is level 5-10 common monsters; he walked through the gloomy forest entrance toward the leveling field of monkeys.

After walking through many players, he finally gets to the monkey’s area.

He knew he was not strong enough to handle monkeys above level three at his current level, so he started to find lone low-level mobs. Alex found a level 4 lone monkey walking around searching for food. He hides behind the tree cover to begin his hunt.

‘I can’t kill its head-on, so I can only stab him in the back. If I can injure him, I can kill him easily.’

[Common Monkey]

[Level: 4]

[HP: 140]

[DEF: 6]

Alex took out his sword and started slowly moving from behind the tree toward the monkey. Alex did not waste time slashing at the monkey’s head. A critical hit, a Red damage number popped on the monkey’s head.

[Damage: 27]

Alex didn’t waste any time and used the skill (slash) on the monkey’s head again, giving another critical hit and stunning the monkey for 3 seconds.

[Damage: 66]

Monkey, getting hit twice on his head from behind, got stunned the creature turned around to attack.

Alex didn’t give any time to his prey and started slashing nonstop, giving the target no chance to recover, finishing the monkey with the slash to his neck, chopping his head off, and killing him instantly.

[level four common monkey killed]

[400 EXP gained]

[level difference bonus EXP gained: 800]



‘That was easy; now I level up twice, giving me ten unassigned stat points; how should I use the stats point? Balance stats are not of any use to me, so let’s build a power and speed base build.’

Alex used seven stats points for strength and three for agility because his goal was to level up fast and get the legacy as quickly as possible.

After collecting the loot, he started his journey to level up.

‘I have been fighting these monkeys for five hours straight, and now I am level 7; just a little more, and I will be done with them.’

Alex was wandering the gloomy forest and fighting any monkeys to get EXP, but now even level 8 mobs didn’t give much exp. ‘I need to go deeper and find some elite monster to level up fast; these common monsters are not worth my time now.’

After one whole hour of searching, Alex finally found the monkey tribe leader, an elite monster.

‘This mob will give me good exp and loot, but I need to do something about these wandering monkeys; fighting all of them at level 7 will get me killed. Let’s start by killing them one by one.’

Alex starts hunting the wandering monkeys one at a time to make the stage clear to fight the elite mob; after some time, he cleans the area around the tribe leader.

Alex has changed almost all his newbie equipment to armor obtained by hunting monkeys. And assigned all his stat points to strength and speed, becoming strong but a one-shot-to-death player; his new stat window looks like this now.

Player Name: Hidden One

Class: Swordsman

Title: None

Legacy: None

LVL: 7(88%)

Rank: Mortal Warrior

STATS 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

AGI: 32. VIT: 21.

INT: 13. STA: 17.

STR: 47

HP: 210/210

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

condition: Healthy

Equipment : [leather glove](bronze) ; [monkey leather boots](common)

[Hard leather chest plate](bronze) ; [Hard leather Pants](bronze)

Weapons: Common Beginners Sword

Skills : (Slash) ATK 130% ; (Dash) AGI 150%

Alex seeing his stats, has a satisfied smile on his face ‘now I can hunt their leader; this will be fun.’

Alex, after making his preparation started walking toward the tribe leader’s monkey, an oversized 7ft monkey with sharp fangs and deadly claws resting on green grassland. Seeing an intruder coming toward it, the monkey got up and started staring at his enemy and getting ready to pounce at Alex.

Alex seeing the monkey leader ready to fight, got his sword prepared to receive the enemy’s attack. Against a giant monkey with deathly eyes. Alex unintentionally got a big smile on his face enjoying the moment.

[Monkey tribe leader][ELITE]

[level: 10]

[HP: 1500]

[DEF: 15]

[SKILL] : (Nimble Legs)Increase speed by 50% for the duration of 1 minute.

Alex seeing the monkey leader skill, gets a frown on his face. Monkeys already have insane speed, now with an additional 50% boost. This fight is going to be difficult.

Monkey leader didn’t waste time and pounced on Alex with rapid speed. Alex saw him coming toward him and got ready to fight; when the monkey leader was seconds away from him, he emptied his mind of unnecessary thoughts and waited for the perfect moment.

When the beast reached Alex, he opened his mouth wide to bite his prey head off and end this, but Alex had other plans.

He sidestepped from the coming attack and puts his sword through the air-born monkey’s neck.

With the critical hit monkey and tremendous pain monkey didn’t land but crashed on the ground face first; the beast got up, blood spraying from his neck, and he was losing HP, but the monkey didn’t even flinch and started running back at Alex full speed with his claws wide open swinging them madly.

Alex didn’t make any wasted movement and waited with an empty head, only one thought to KILL his prey.

Alex has developed this minimal movement style and only attacks weak points.

In his previous life, he could only cover his weakness by creating a perfect fighting style after gambling on building his class and messing it up.

This fighting style saved his life many times, and many big guilds asked him to teach as a newbie players coach, but they all wanted him to sign a contract that was as harsh as becoming a slave. In this life, he could use all he learned in his past life to his advantage.

Alex seeing the monkey leader coming in his sword range, used the (DASH) skill to increase his agility to maximum and used a technique he mastered in his past life, multiple slashes, all targeting the monkey’s crotch and cutting his balls off.

The monkey leader felt tremendous pain from his crotch and started rolling on the ground, screaming like a bitch

‘Time to end this.’ Alex thought

After rolling around, the monkey leader stood with blood-red eyes, angry and scared at the same time.

This time, he didn’t run like a madman and closed the distance with moderate speed. Alex seeing through the monkey’s slow speed attack, steps to the right and attacks the right eye blinding the monkey.

The monkey leader, getting blinded, tried to make some distance, but Alex didn’t give him any chance and stepped right behind the monkey, swinging his sword and cutting the beast’s tail.

Blinded by the pain coming from the back and front, the monkey lost his insanity and ability to think and didn’t even use his skill, the only chance to survive this massacre, swinging at Alex in a wretched condition.

‘Let me put you out of your miserable life.’

Alex used his (DASH) Skill to increase his speed to maximum, vanishing from the beast’s line of sight, arriving in his enemy’s blind spot using the second skill (SLASH), delivering the final blow killing the monkey tribe leader.

[Monkey tribe leader (ELITE)][KILLED]

[32000 EXP gained]






[Monkey Killer tile gained] Effect: gain 2% extra damage against monkeys

‘That took a lot of concentration. Now I felt lightheaded; well, It was worth it. I am finally level 10 after nine hours of grinding; that was fun.’

‘After a long time with no thought of earning money, in my previous life, I can only think of how I could make extra money. fighting without any burden on my mind was refreshing.’

“let’s see what you have in store for me.” Alex thought, watching the dead monkey leader’s body

After collecting the loot, Alex started his journey back to the hailstone village; his haul was impressive; he got one silver rank sword and some reasonable level 10 bronze leather pants.

Sword stats:

[Hardened steel sword](Silver): A sword made by an unknown blacksmith with hardened steel. It weighs less than a traditional long sword losing defense for speed, a valuable exchange for an ideal swordsman.


Level: 10.

STR: 28.

AGI: 24.

Effect: (nimble movement) Increase movement by 30% for two minutes

(Cooldown) 5 minutes.

Alex walked into the village and started finding a merchant player with who he could sell his extra loot; after some time, he found a player selling things on the roadside. Alex made a deal with him for all his extra loot for two gold and 40 silver.

After selling his useless things, Alex walked toward the teleportation hall to get to the ice kingdom’s capital city [Stormward].

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