Chapter 31 Buying Skills

Alex opened his equipment stat window to check their changes, and after seeing them, he was satisfied.


Name: Frost Moon

Weapon Type: Great Sword

Quality: Epic(Peak Epic)

Grade: First Rank(Upgradable)

①-Effect: -Increase strength by 25%

– Increase critical hit chance by 20%

– Increase frost damage by 40%

②-Effect: 50% chance of doing freeze damage

– 100% chance to freeze the enemy for 8 seconds when a critical hit is dealt.


Name: YETI King armor set

Equipment: Five pieces of armor set

Quality: Epic(Peak Epic)

Grade: First Rank(Upgradable)

①-Effect: Increase frost damage by 30%

-Increase Ice resistance by 35%

②-Effect: Increase Defence by 25%

-Decrease ice base attack power by 25%

③-Effect: Increase strength by 25%

-Increase Stamina by 30%

-Increase Vitality by 30%


Name: Disaris

Equipment Type: Ring

Quality: Unique (Low Unique)

Rank: First Rank(Upgradable)

①-Effects: Increase Intelligence by 100%- [Maximum Intelligence increase by 2200]

– Increase Vitality by 50% – [Maximum Vitality increase by 2200]

– Increase stamina by 50%- [Maximum Vitality increase by 2200]

②-Effects: Friendly affinity with all wood element species.

– 50% decrease in all Wood Magic spells cast time.

– 100% increase in the effectiveness of healing spells.


‘The equipment has some decent change to their passive effect for the first Rank upgrade.’ Alex thought as he traveled toward the adventurer guild to buy some skills.

The equipment skills also have minor changes, as the cooldown duration decreased by around 20%.


After some time, Alex reached the adventurer guild; he entered the building and navigated his way to the bar where many players and NPC adventurers were eating and drinking, enjoying their time.

‘This place is as lively as ever.’ Alex thought as he found an empty table to sit at.

“Are you ready to order? Sir. Adventurer” A waiter asked Alex for the food he wanted.

“I’ll have the bar specialty,” Alex replied.

The bar specialty was a beef dish cooked from the meat of a magic Bull with the strength Second Rank; it was cooked in rare honey and was one of the best-tasting dishes in the royal capital.

‘I will check the adventurer guild shop for the skill I need.’

After setting some filters only to see Sword and Death magic skills, Alex opened the adventurer shop and started scrolling and selecting the Skill he found interesting.

There were many skills that Alex found interesting, but he only selected four skills from both sword and magic categories.


Adventurer Shop:

Sword Skill:

① [Parry] [Price= 100 Merit Points]

② [Three Fold Slash][Price= 400 Merit Points]

③ [Phantom Sword Dance][Price= 8000 Merit Points]

④ [Formless Sword Style][Price= 100000 Merit Points]

Death Magic Skills:

① [Death Magic Spear][Price= 1000 Merit Points]

② [Touch of Decay][Price= 2000 Merit Points]

③ [Shadow Summon][Price= 2500 Merit Points]

④ [Summon Plague Master][Price= 40000 Merit Points]


Alex selected some skills he wanted to buy and others he knew from his previous life with tremendous potential.

‘What are these skills doing here? These skills are the same ones used by Ranker in my previous life.’ Alex thought after finding the Formless Sword Style and Summon Plague Master in the Adventurer shop.

‘Let’s check the description of these skills,’


Sword Skill:

① [Parry]: The fundamental Skill of every melee class help deflect the opponent’s attack giving the opportunity for an attack. [No Cooldown]


② [Three Fold Slash]: Three consecutive Swords Slash on a single point last sword slash dealing maximum damage up to 300%. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚

Every strike carries the momentum of the last slash, increasing damage after every Sword Slash.


③ [Phantom Sword Dance]: The player will move like a phantom creating multiple mirages to confuse the enemy creating the opportunity to attack from the target’s blind spot.

?-[State of Illusion]: The Player’s movement speed increases by 30% while Creating a maximum of 10 mirages. [Condition to Learn (1000 Agility)]

?-[State of Wraith]: [Condition to Learn] Full Mystery of State of Illusion and (4000 Agility).

?-[?????]: LOCKED


④ [Formless Sword Style]: A Sword Style thought to be created by a Sword Emperor countless years ago, an entity whose strength rivaled a peak Eight Rank Warrior.

In countless years, numerous Sword Genius have learned it, but none reached its maximum potential, and every person to learn this Sword Style has died a terrible death giving this sword style another name [Dead Man Dream].


‘I will buy the first three Sword Skill, and if Formless Sword Style is available when I have 100K Merit points, I will buy it.’ Alex thought after reading the exciting yet terrifying description of the Skill.

In Alex’s previous life, the Formless Sword Style was used by an unknown Ranker that players called the Sword Emperor.

The player was given such a big title because even though he was only an early-stage Fifth Rank warrior, he could easily Fight peak Fifth Rank warriors because of his unique sword style.

‘Let’s check the remaining Skill.’


Death Magic Skills:

① [Death Magic Spear]: Deals 150% Damage [Cooldown = 20 seconds].

A spear made using the death mana, A basic magic spell created with a High-Ranking element giving it unique properties.


② [Touch of Decay]: After a part of the target body is infected with Decay Magic, it ages rapidly, destroying muscle and affecting tremendous pain [Cooldown = 2 hours].

[The skill duration is one minute. A large amount of mana is used in the active state.]


③ [Shadow Summon(1/0)]: Summon a creature of darkness.

The creature of darkness will help the player in minor tasks such as scouting, distracting the enemy, and spying.


④ [Summon Plague Master]: Summon a Plague Master, A creature gifted in controlling abnormalities and diseases of all kinds.

[Seller Note]: The Skill was found in an ancient warrior tomb sealed in a chamber; not much information is known about the Skill, so purchase at your own risk; the Skill is nonrefundable.


‘That’s a shady description for a Skill with such a price. No wonder nobody purchased this Skill for such a long time.’

Alex thought after checking the Plague Master Skill as it was up for sale for two years, and according to Alex’s knowledge, the player that used this Skill will only make his appearance after three years.

‘I have around one year to buy the skill for myself.’

Alex was desperate to buy this skill because it was one of the most broken skills he knew about, and the price it was selling for was equivalent to giving it for free.

The Plague Master Skill potential was tremendous because the summoned creature of Plague was just an infant that could evolve and grow stronger.

The most broken thing was that the Plague creature could create an army of monsters affected by deadly diseases and abnormalities, making them walking calamities of destruction.

The Army of Plague was so deadly that in every war they fought against beings of flesh and blood, their victory was guaranteed, and if they were to lose the war, the casualty to the winning side would be crippling.

The Army of Plague was one of the worst calamities that every guild feared to fight because after killing a member of the army, their bodies would explode, infecting the nearby players with deadly diseases that would eat their flesh and kill them quickly.

The Plague Army’s only weakness was undead creatures with no souls that felt no pain and were immune to diseases but finding a player rivaling the Plague Army was very difficult.

After checking all the skills, Alex bought the Six skills spending a total of 14000 Merit points.

‘I can use the five skills, but to learn the [Phantom Sword Dance], I will need 1000 Agility, and I only have 250.’

‘I can only wait to meet the conditions before I can learn Phantom Sword Dance.’

After eating his meal, Alex left the bar area toward the collection counter to collect his purchased skills.

Every guild member can buy the things from the adventurer shop, but to receive them, they will need to go to an adventurer guild building to collect their purchased items.

After collecting and learning the skills, Alex left the adventurer guild toward the royal capital exit; his destination was the Deadwood area near the gloomy forest.

The gloomy forest was connected to all three kingdoms; as its name implies, it was made up of different deadly areas, like the deadwood area and the dead swamp.

Alex found a carriage that would take him to the entry area of the deadwood forest as he planned to test his skill and familiarize himself with his strength in a level 40 area.


Alex reached the outskirts of the deadwood forest, and the environment here was not very pleasant as the air was heavy, trees were dying, and the whole forest was filled with carnivore monsters.

‘I will travel toward the Fogburg Fortress and try to fight as many monsters as I can along the way.’

After making a plan, Alex started his journey toward Fogburg, a fortress in the outer area of the deadwood forest for the adventurers to rest and mine precious material in the area.


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