Chapter 32 Hyenas Den

‘The Assassin Cave is near the Fogburg Fortress, well hidden in a remote area, but it is guarded by a level 80 Epic monster.’ Alex thought as he ran through the forest.

‘I will need to gain some level before I can handle an Epic monster.’

Alex planned to get the loot from the Assassin Cave as fast as possible and then travel toward his next destination: finding the dungeon he would sell to Frozen Flower guild.

The Assassin Cave loot was significant for Alex to make his deal with the Frozen Flower guild and the deal with badger as he will gain a cape of invisibility and a Unique grade mask to change his identity when he meets people with high power.

Alex only planned to meet with high-power people to make deals after getting the mask to change his appearance and name because he was weak, and if those people wanted, they could ruin his life very easily.

After some time, Alex found a pack of hyenas with seven members, one Rare Elite and three Elite hyenas.


[Hyenas] [Rare Elite]

LVL: 40

Rank: First Rank

HP: 35000

Skills: [Bone Crusher] [Air Leap] [Rapid Charge]

…. 𝒃𝙚𝒅𝙣𝙤𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝙣𝙚𝙩

‘They are weak monsters but will be good for practicing my Parry skill.’

Alex has mastered many skills in his previous life, and even though Alex could use the skill parry, not perfectly but better than many veteran players.

The system will not register the skill, and Alex could not execute the skill as he did in his previous life because of the difference in strength and body physique.

Alex’s past life experience was well-spent as he could learn things much faster and not waste time like new players learn the form and other vital points in mastering the skill.

Alex started his fight with the wolf, focusing on Parrying their attack and avoiding those he couldn’t parry.

“I am gaining EXP at a snail’s pace. I need to farm in a high-level area to gain level quicker,” Alex said, surrounded by the bodies of hyenas.

The fight with the hyena pack lasted for 20 minutes, and after finding no more use for them, Alex quickly killed them.

After four hours of traveling and fighting monsters he found along the way, Alex reached the Fogburg Fortress and tested almost all new skills understanding their basics.

‘The new skill has good damage but also has major problems.’ Ales thought about his experience with newly learned skills.

Death Magic Spear was good, but it took five seconds to prepare a single spear, and he needed to wait for 20 seconds before he could condense the second spear.

Touch of Decay was even scarier than he thought after he touched any part of the monster; it would start aging, the muscle would melt in a couple of seconds, and the beast would experience tremendous pain.

The only drawback of the skill was the mana usage, as it took 100 mana for every second the skill was in effect, and with his total mana, he could only activate it for 25 seconds.

‘Touch of Decay deals tremendous damage, but with the mana drawback, its uses are limited only to certain situations.’ Alex thought as he walked toward the Fogburg Fortress.

The Fogburg Fortress was only the size of an average town with a limited population, as only the miners and guards lived in the town.

The area around the town was not a good EXP farming point for players, as only lower-level monsters and forging metal were found in the area.

Alex entered the Fogburg Fortress; it was bustling with Miners, Merchants, and new players; he searched for a hotel, and after finding one, he rented a room for four days and logout of the game.


Alex returned to the game, and after buying the potions and searching the game forum for the best place to find level 50 monsters, he started his journey toward the Hyenas Den to level up to get ready for looting the Assassin Cave.

‘I will hunt higher level monsters for two days to reach the highest level I can, and then kill the cave guardian and get the Unique Mask to move my plan forward and earn some real money.’

Alex was in a hurry to get money because his sister had started showing symptoms like his previous life, and the doctors said it was because of fatigue, but he knew better; in one month, things would only get worse, and he didn’t want to take any chance.

Traveling for some time, Alex reached the dungeon Hyenas Den; the dungeon had one floor with many small and big tunnels that led to a different chamber filled with hyenas.

‘The tunnel size represents its difficulty and how many hyenas I will find there, so which tunnel should I enter.’

[Adventurer you have entered the Dungeon [Hyenas Den]]

Alex thought as he walked through the entrances finding small and some big tunnels deep inside; after finding a big tunnel, Alex entered it to start hunting higher level monsters to gain level fast.


‘These tunnel smell so bad that if I am not in a hurry to gain Levels fast, I will not even consider this shithole of a place.’

Alex traveled through the tunnel, which was not very pleasant, but he found four hyenas to kill and vent some of his anger on them early in the tunnel.

‘I will test my theory on this Elite hyena.’ Alex thought after seeing an Elite hyena in the group.

Alex walked toward the group, and the moment the monster saw him, the three regular hyenas lunged at him with bloodthirsty eyes.

Alex took his sword out, and within a couple of seconds, he killed the three leaving the Elite hyena for his experiment.

“Ugly Face, Why are you standing still? Come here like a good dog.” Alex said to the Elite hyena as he placed his sword on his back.


‘Why do I feel like every creature understands when I insult them?’ Alex thought as he watched the Elite hyena charging at him.

The hyena charged at Alex, and when the creature entered the attacking range, he jumped straight at Alex’s face with jaws wide open.

‘Time to test my theory.’ The hyena’s jaws were centimeters away from Alex’s face when he stepped to the side and placed his hand on the creature’s head while using the Touch of Decay skill.

Alex caught the creature’s head with his hand covered in deadly decaying energy and smashed it on the ground; after just two seconds of contact with the hyena’s head, Alex deactivated his skill and made some distance.

‘I was right about it,’ Alex thought, thrilled with his discovery as he watched the decaying energy still working even after he deactivated the skill.

Alex tested the skill only once, and at that time, he used the skill and touched the beast in multiple places causing him to waste a lot of time and drain all of his mana in the process.

This time he activated the skill for a moment to touch a critical place of the beast causing tremendous damage while using only a tiny amount of mana.

Alex watched as the hyena rolled on the ground in agony, with its skull cracked open while the head crumbled to dust, and in just moments, the creature was dead as its brain got destroyed.

‘The skill damage is immense, but it’s tricky to use, and with two hours of Cool down, I could only use it once in a fight.’

Alex continued his journey, killed every hyena he encountered, and experimented with his new skills to understand their uses better and make some deadly combinations with his other skills.

Alex found that he could create up to five Death Magic Spears at a time and control them with a tiny amount of mana.

He tested the Touch of Decay multiple times on the hyena and found that the decay energy would remain the same duration of time the skill was activated.

When Alex fought a Rare Elite level 45 hyena, he did the same as the first time, activating the skill for two seconds, but this time, the hyena didn’t die in two seconds, and after two seconds of deactivating the skill, the decay energy disappeared.

Alex did some more tests and confirmed that the decay energy would take longer to kill a strong monster.

After killing hyenas for 16 hours and gaining four levels, Alex found a rare version of a common hyena.

The creature stood 6ft tall, with its body covered in dark green spots with black fangs protruding from its mouth; the hyena looked nothing like its regular version.


[Poison Blood Hyena] [Rare Elite]

LVL: 48

Rank: First Rank

HP: 45000

Skills: [Bone Crusher] [Air Leap] [Rapid Charge] [Poison Weaponry]

[Poison Blood Spear].

Description: Evolved species of the common hyena with minor control in poison element.


‘This one is stronger than the normal Rare Elite monster; he will perfect to test the skill combination.’ Alex thought as he planned to use two skills to finish the fight without needing to work.


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