Chapter 343 Class Upgrade

Chapter 343 Class Upgrade

‘I always thought what I would feel to finally advance to the fourth Rank,’

‘I thought I would be thrilled, dance around, roar any celebrating words I could think of, laugh, and be proud of myself for not giving up like many others,’

‘Now that I have done it, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my mind, and now I just want to enjoy this moment of accomplishment in quiet peace,’ Alex thought, a radiant smile gracing his face as he looked at the long list of system notifications.


System Notifications:

[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[Fourth Rank Promotion] Completed.

[All Base Stats Increased By 100%]

[Evaluating Results]



[Total Points Acquired: 100K Points]





Choose Class Upgrade:

1) Abyssal Guardian:

Description: The Abyssal Guardian wields unrivaled control over darkness and all of its other aspects compared to any hybrid class, and acquiring this class means gaining the recognition of the Cosmic Laws as a candidate capable of walking the path of an Elemental Guardian.


[Specialty: The class holder can wield all darkness element aspects with a 70% less penalty while having a much greater affinity with the concept of darkness and its aspects)…..(See More)


2) Runic Vanquisher:

Description: The Runic Vanquisher wields all aspects of darkness, delving beyond conventional methods to craft unorthodox runes that bend the established laws to create abnormal phenomena while facing fewer restrictions than usual.


[Specialty: The class holder can wield all darkness element aspects with a 70% less penalty while having a much greater affinity with the concept of darkness and its aspects)…..(See More)


3) Abyssal Spiritweaver:

Description: The Abyssal Spiritweaver harmonizes strength and arcane mastery while also specializing in the summoning arts, as by delving into the mystical connections of shadowed realms, he can conjure otherworldly entities to do his bidding.


[Specialty: ——-]…..(See More)


[Important Note: The player’s decision won’t directly influence the final advancement of his class, but it will significantly shape his future development, so choose wisely, as there will be no reset for your choice.


Alex spent the next few moments with closed eyes as he got his emotions in control before opening them and reading through the class upgrade options he was given while still lying down.

All three classes were hybrid in nature, being an upgraded version of his current battlemage class without any extra restriction, but they also all have their unique aspect.

The first class mirrored his current battlemage class, with it only being much better in comparison, and as for its unique aspect, Alex understood little of it, but he knew it was beneficial.

The second class allowed him to wield runes better, but more than that, it gave him the ability to combine runes to create phenomena mirroring complex skills the likes of the abyssal lightning storm, albeit much weaker and wild and obviously at a great cost of mana.

However, the runes were not limited to creating elemental phenomena but could be used to do any unorthodox thing within a certain limit.

For example, making himself immortal for a certain time frame, killing someone in an instant from far away, spreading a disease, or healing people in masses, with his limitation being his mana and mastery over the runes.

It was bending the law to do things that were not possible, at least not at his level of strength and understanding, but he knew that the cost of bending the laws in such a way would be hefty, and that would certainly affect him negatively even with his vast mana reserve.

The last class gave Alex summoning capabilities while also making him more intuned with his soul, making it much easier to understand and learn soul skills and progress in soul techniques.

All three classes offered everything he wanted and then some, and picking any of them would only add ways to make him stronger.

However, Alex knew that where the first class was neutral and gave him less short-term benefits compared to the other two, it also affected him in the least.

So, After some consideration, Alex dropped his interest in the third class, even with all its benefits, because he had little experience with summons and knew it would affect his play style the most, which was not a good thing.

The second class did catch Alex’s interest because even with the cost of using its gifts, he could think of many ways he could use the runes, and with his weeks of learning rune staking, he knew learning to wield them wouldn’t be overly challenging and time-consuming.

Alex stood up, and after receiving congratulatory words from the three elders, he shared the three class options with them before telling them what he thought about each of them.

Lady Margaret agreed with Alex’s opinion of the Runic Vanquisher being a better option than the first class, at least for the short term, because it gave him the ability of law command on a very basic level that would only improve as he advanced through Ranks.

Despite the Abyssal Guardian not bestowing any skills upon him, candidates of the Elemental Guardian faced comparatively less difficulty in unraveling the mysteries of natural laws.

They always forged a deeper connection with their respective elements, resulting in greater strength and accelerated progress.

Lady Margaret also shared that with all the gifts that he already has, picking the Abyssal Guardian class would bring him little benefits in the short term, and that might not change even till the day he advances to the Rank of an elemental Ruler and receives the Darkness Ruler, a better version of Abyssal Guardian.

Lady Margaret didn’t give Alex a definitive answer but told him enough for him to understand that the latter would give him easy benefits while the former would prepare him for the future.

Alex picked the Abyssal Guardian as his class upgrade, having learned from every rank promotion that a hard path always gave better results, and his guardians appeared happy with his decision.

Alex next moved skills, first looking at all the possible combinations of skills he could make using his own skills or simply upgrading them and picking new skills like every previous Rank promotion.

But Alex knew better than to waste such an opportunity because it was only given by the zero to players on every major Rank promotion, which means only twice, but in reality, it was basically just once.

Alex could not only combine his own skills in pairs of two to create new, much stronger skills or buy new skills from the shop and combine them with his previous skills.

All in all, it was a golden opportunity for every individual to create some deadly skill that pushed the boundaries of the fourth Rank, but the skill points each combination cost were also steep, sometimes costing way more than a new skill price.

Alex first looked at the suitable combination and what each of them would require him, their results, and what could be changed to create improved results before shifting his focus to the skills that couldn’t be combined with any other suitable skill.

Alex had eighteen skills in total, and removing [Weapon Summon] skill left him with seventeen, and among them, 7 of the skills being [Summon Elemental] [Arcane Trance][Umbral Tormentress][Abyssal Chimerabell][Air Walk][Arcane Parry][Death’s Mirage] either lacked any possible combination or what the recommended by the system was not good.


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