Chapter 344 Combined Skills

Chapter 344 Combined Skills

‘This will surely free some space in my crowded status window,’ Alex thought, with a smile as he looked at all the new skills.



Reaper’s Leeches:

Combination of: Reaper’s Grasp + Mana Siphon

Grade: Fourth Rank

Cost: 7700 Skill points.

Effect: Summons up to twenty spectral leeches within a two-hundred-meter radius, each connected to the user via a mental link.

Description: These ethereal leeches drain life and mana from their targets, with each of them having the ability to phase through space to move to a different target once, either healing them or detonating to release a destructive shockwave, harming the target and nearby enemies.

(Mana Required: 2k to 20K)(Cooldown: 80 Minutes)



Shadow Doppelganger:

Combination of: Doppelganger + Darkness Clone

Grade: Fourth Rank

Cost: 8100 Skill points.

Effect: Allow the user to create up to five Shadow Doppelgangers of himself with the ability to endlessly regenerate if enough mana is provided.

Description: Each of the five Shadow Doppelgangers possesses 20% of the user’s base stats, and they can act autonomously in response to threats or according to the given order, but the user can also control them remotely within a five-hundred-meter range. (Mana Required: 50K to ??? )(Cooldown: 6 Hours)



Abyssal Lightning Storm:

Combination of: Abyssal Maelstrom + Abyssal Lightning

Grade: Fourth Rank

Cost: 12400 Skill points.

Effect: Allow the user to summon Abyssal Lightning Storm induced with corrosion and mind-corrupting energy with a radius of up to 200 meters.

Description: The Abyssal Lightning Storm manifests as a roiling vortex of corrosive darkness and continuous rain of dark lighting while exerting an intense gravitational pull toward the core, making escape nearly impossible, and it would stay for 60 seconds.

(Mana Required: 120K)(Cooldown: 6 Hours)



Malevolent Revitalization:

Combination of: Abyssal Corruption + Abyssal Restoration

Grade: Fourth Rank

Cost: 10200 Skill points.

Effect: Allows the user to tap into the dual forces of darkness for both harm and healing. Description: The user can create a Hex of Darkness to create a field with a three-hundred-meter radius lasting six minutes.

The user could mark up to ten allies with a Hex of Renewal, enveloping them in revitalizing darkness, and concurrently, up to ten adversaries can be marked with a Hex of Corruption, and they both would stay active until the field stays active. (Mana Required: 3K to 60K)

(Cooldown: 60 Seconds)



Nullfire Meteor Shower:

Combination of: Infernal Meteor Shower + Superior Null Energy

Grade: Fourth Rank

Cost: 11500 Skill points.

Effect: Allow the user to summon a continuous meteor shower of Nullfire in a selected area or a single supermassive meteor.

Description: The selected area would have a radius of three hundred meters and could be selected from as far as one thousand meters, while the continuous meteor shower could be sustained for {30 seconds to 3 minutes}.

The Infernal Meteor Shower will manifest at its marked location in 30 seconds, while the single supermassive meteor will take 30 seconds of preparation time. (Mana Required: 90K)(Cooldown: 30 Minutes)


After combining ten of the skills to create five stronger skills, Alex was left with seven skills, not including the weapon summon skill, as nothing could be done to upgrade it.

Alex spent a total of 49900 skill points on combining skills and then spent an additional eleven thousand to upgrade the remaining seven skills, choosing what he felt was the best option.

Alex could have combined at least two more of the remaining seven skills with newer skills from the shop, but he felt the improvements were not worth the price.

The other reason was that combined skills all improved significantly but so did their cooldowns, and Alex needed some good skills he could frequently use in battles, and combining all his skills would make them pretty much useless in such a scenario.

With the five new skills and the two skills he created for Rank promotion, Alex knew he had more than enough strong skills in his arsenal to deal with any situation he would find himself in.

The upgraded skills all had great improvements, as the Arcane Trance skill allowed him to use his stamina to the fullest and recover half of it using mana as he entered a heightened state of Trance, becoming highly sensitive, with his senses pushed to their limits, allowing him to perceive movements in slow motion.

All the other skills, {Umbral Tormentress}{Abyssal Chimerabell}{Air Walk}{Arcane Parry}{Death’s Mirage}, experienced similar improvements with their strengths improving and cooldown reducing.

The only skill that had its cooldown quadrupled from 3 to 12 hours went to 12 and 48 hours, but the improvements made it all worth it as Alex could now summon five early fifth Rank or a single at peak fifth Rank for sixty minutes.

The improvements didn’t end there, as now Alex could also make a permanent contract with his summon and As of now, he can only make a single contract, but with him now being a Fourth Rank individual, his ability to use dissolve it whenever he desired, and his contracted summon could stay in the ancient world for up to six hours.

As of now, he can only make a single contract, but with him now being a Fourth Rank individual, his ability to use his trump card, Ruler Pride, was back.

Alex knew he could use the elevated skill to summon at least a Sixth Rank warrior, and if he could luck out on summoning a monster like Nyla, the dragon lady who fought beside him against the Royal dryad, and make a contract with him, then he would have another trump card in his arsenal.

As for picking new skills, Alex picked only two skills, one being the ‘Summon Undead’ and the other being a ‘Cloak of Emptiness,’ with both of them costing him nineteen thousand, leaving him twenty thousand and one hundred skill points.

The Summon Undead Skill was similar to the Summon Elemental skill as it allowed him to either summon three death knights of peak fourth Rank or a single peak fifth Rank Litch who can summon an army of undead.

The reason why he picked undead skill was exclusively for the incoming Devourer Beast invasion, which could happen close to two years from now, like he remembered, or the very next week.

Alex knew that against an army of relentless and mindless rageful creatures, he alone could only do so much, and if he wanted to benefit from the invasion as he wanted, then he needed numbers that the undead could best fill.

The second skill also had a good use as it not only made him invisible inside the darkness, a perfect skill to be used inside the Dark Sun field, and diminished his presence greatly even in daylight, but it also protected him against curses from up to peak Fifth Rank.

Alex decided to save the twenty thousand or so skills for the future as he didn’t find any skill that fulfilled a certain role that any of his skills couldn’t do.

Alex closed the skills section and opened his newly updated character window, seeing his wild stats, each numbering an even 42K, and as he was looking at the screen, he realized that his physique skill section had a new skill added to it.

The skill was named ‘Devourer,’ and being familiar with such a skill, he eagerly opened it. As he read through the skill description, an involuntary smile crept across his astonished face, his heartbeat quickening.

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