Chapter 345 One After Another

Chapter 345 One After Another

‘I knew such rare and broken skills existed but never expected to receive one myself, but I am not complaining,’ Alex thought, with a dumbfounded smile, as he checked the skill description.


Name: Devourer Grade: Unique

Effect: Allows the user to drain the vital essence of beings, utilizing it to permanently increase his own physical and magical prowess.

Description: The Devourer skill uses the pure nature of darkness to extract the essence of beings, which is used to refine and improve the user’s physique, providing a substantial boost to both physical and magical attributes. (Mana Required: 5k per second)(Cooldown: 24 hours)


Alex had rarely seen skills of such nature in the arsenal of an individual, and every one of those individuals was an abomination, even among the best of the best in his own right.

The prime example Alex was most familiar with was the final holder of the legacy of the Beast Monarch, as he had the skill called Cannibalism.

At the peak of his strength with four of the Beast Hearts consumed, the Cannibalism skill allowed the user to gain a portion of everything a beast could offer, from bloodline, attributes, skills, knowledge, and anything else that could be extracted.

Alex knew that even with as broken the Cannibalism skill was, it had its limitations in place, and he believed the same would be true for this new devourer skill.

So, even though thrilled to acquire a new skill, Alex also felt the need to first check the results and limitations of the skills before celebrating it.

The very thing Alex checked was his bloodline percentage, which was previously at 1% Ancient and 99% human, and as he expected, the bloodline of the Ancient had grown but only 1%.

Alex moved to check all the physique skills, and they had a few detailed additions to their changes, but nothing major like any new features being added, at least not something the system shared.

The one other change was that the Tenebrous Shard Enclave skill was unlocked and available for use now, but the mana cost of using it was half a million mana points for one minute, and to say this was extremely steep would be an understatement.

‘Let’s see what the Dragon Monarch Seal that Nyla so generously gifted me has to offer,’ Alex thought as he looked at the skill that had collected dust in the status window, staying locked until his Fourth Rank promotion.


Name: Dragon Monarch Seal

Quality: Mythical

Grade: UnRanked

Effects: {Dragon Might}{Dragon Monarch Aura}{Sealed}



?①: Effect: Dragon Might (Locked)

Description: Increase the strength of the user, both physical and magical, by 100% for sixty minutes, making the user enter a state akin to mana overdrive but with significantly less harm done to the body. (Mana Required: (100-K)(Cooldown: 2 Days)

?②: Effect: Dragon Monarch Aura (Locked)

Description: Surrounds the user with a sliver of the Dragon Monarch’s aura, boosting all abilities of Darkness, Decay, Death, and Fire elements by an astonishing 1000% for thirty minutes. (Mana Required: 1 Million)(Cooldown: 30 Days)


Side Effect: Utilizing this power would put a toll of extreme deterioration on the user’s body, causing no pain during usage.

The damage to the body using this skill would not heal by any normal means and would slowly heal over time, taking a maximum of thirty days.

Furthermore, a heavy debuff would be placed on the user, making the Darkness, Decay, Death, and Fire elemental concepts murky and exceedingly challenging Description: The Insignia of Dragon Monarch “Ynnir” Bringer Of Death and within it carries a vast portion of to understand for the next seven days.


Description: The Insignia of Dragon Monarch “Ynnir” Bringer Of Death and within it carries a vast portion of his knowledge on the death and dark elemental aspects, but only a worthy soul can learn from the seal.


Important Note: The user needs to go through the test of Dragon Monarch Ynnir to prove he is a worthy soul to not only use the skills of the seal but also acquire a small portion of his knowledge.

Accept The Test: Yes / No


‘I knew it would be special just by the name, but not this darn special,’ Alex thought as he carefully read the percentage of buffs being given and did so multiple times.

The buff from the first effect was sensible, but the ones from the second effect were just plain ludicrous, and even though the penalty and cooldown were nothing short of extreme, for what the skill offered, it was also nothing short of a gift.

Alex sure had heard rumors of unique skills owned by top-ranking players that gave such wild boosts in his previous life, but even those rumors didn’t make claims that those buffs increase all elemental abilities by ten times.

‘I really want what it would feel like to use Ruler Pride with Dragon and MightDragon Monarch Aura,’ Alex thought as he took a deep breath, making a few calculations in mind of where he would stand after stacking all these skills.

‘Well, I will find out when I find a worthy or very unlucky individual capable of making me use all these skills all at once,’ Alex thought as he shifted his focus back to the challenge, knowing he needed to clear it first before he could even hope to use the skills.

“Elder Darrien, What should I expect from this test to prove my worthiness,” Alex asked, knowing his elders knew about the dragon monarch Ynnir and what his seal meant.

“Pain, An extreem level of it,”

“The moment you accept the trial, the seal will cloak you in the aura of a Monarch, which should last for a few minutes, but it would be strong enough to turn even the toughest of an Elementalist to dust if it didn’t have the talent that Ynnir would want from his student,”

“But you will easily survive it,” Elder Darrien said with a rare smile.

“Any prolonged side effect?” Alex asked, and he shook his head in denial.

‘Pain, she seems to like me a lot,’ Alex thought, with a chuckle as he accepted the trail.

Alex looked at his right-hand palm, on which a dragon head with humans making a crown took shame in the form of grayish-dark flames that released a pungent death aura.

Alex steeled his mind for the impending pain as his body got enveloped in an ethereal aura, making him go through an experience unlike any he had encountered before. In that moment of revitalization, his senses heightened, rendering his surroundings crystal clear as he could discern even the movement of a blade of grass hundreds of meters away with perfect clarity.

Alex felt his surroundings differently, as he felt the presence of elemental laws, the laws that made the reality, and he felt them flocking to his side, ready to move at his command.

Alex felt powerful but also insignificant, a small creature born to die, but these thoughts didn’t make him depressed and instead made him comprehend a bigger purpose in life.

However, all these thoughts vanished, lasting no more than an instant, and what followed was excruciating pain that made everything turn dark.

Alex felt pain similar to what he had experienced after consuming the cleansing fruit, maybe more than that, but he weathered through it as he was familiar with the feeling.

Alex’s vision returned after seven minutes of pitch darkness and pain, making him breathe a sigh of relief, but what he saw was not the field of green grass but instead a vast stretching field of corpses, bones, and dust and a sky of pitch darkness. Alex stood before a draconic creature of immense size, its muscular neck straight, its pitch-dark abyss-like eyes embedded in his fleshless, ivory-white bone skull. The creature stared down at him, its presence daunting and otherworldly, overwhelming to an extreme, as just the sight of him made Alex feel powerless and created an overwhelming urge to kneel before him. Alex fought against the urge to kneel, and after moments had passed, all those feelings vanished as darkness once again blinded his vision, and when it returned, he was back standing on the grassy field, with system notifications ringing in his mind.


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