Chapter 38 Hidden Truth

“My name is Lukius, an assassin on a mission to watch over a target for anything suspicious, and because of this mission, I am dying in a cave my fellow brothers may never find.”

“The senior’s name is Lukius, and he died because of a mission?”

Alex was confused after reading the starting line because it was not like a personal diary but was a note from a dying man to the person reading it in the future.

“I am not dying to poison but to some parasite that has sealed my mana, and as time passes, my body is getting paralyzed.”

“Whoever is reading this, it does not matter if you are my fellow brother or some other adventurer; read all the information in the diary.”

“I think I will need to fulfil the dying wish of the senior.” Alex thought after reading the first page of the diary.

“My mission was simple. I just needed to spy on the Baron of White Flame Empire and report anything suspicious to our client.”

“The mission was easy, and it was going without any problems until I found the secrets of the Baron. I should have given all the information to our client and been done with this cursed mission.”

“I found the Baron buying many slaves that were illegal in the Empire but to satisfy curiosity, I decided to continue spying for more information, and my decision was right.”

“I discovered some information that was enough to shake the whole human Empire.”

“The Baron was a traitor to humanity. He has become a Slave to DEMONS.”


“WHAT THE FU**” Alex was shocked after reading about the crime of the Baron.

Alex was so surprised because dealing with demons was one thing, but becoming their slave was equal to leaving your humanity and becoming a dog that does tasks given by its master.

‘I don’t think that any Empire Baron got caught for being a demon slave.’ Alex thought.

Alex searched his previous life memory but couldn’t find any information on any Noble being found guilty of dealing with demons, let alone becoming one slave.

“There could only be two narratives to this truth either the Baron never got caught, or the Empire Found the Baron’s crime and killed him in silence, not revealing the truth to the public.”

“Things are getting interesting” Alex was now even more excited to see what happened after the Assassins found the Baron was a demon slave.

“I followed Baron “Kaius Gustall” in the hope of finding more information on what he wanted to do with all the enslaved people.”

“After one month, Baron Kaius took all the slaves to a hidden underground facility, and I saw unbelievable things at that place.”

“I saw hundreds of people gathered at that underground facility, and all of them were demon slaves, but the most frightening thing was that I knew many people present there.”

“People of higher standing, those that controlled tremendous power, were present in this gathering ranging from wealthy merchants to all three kingdoms’ Nobility.”

“I tried to recognize as many people as possible, and when I was doing this, a monster in human clothing entered the facility, finding my presence right away.”

“I am a Fourth Rank Assassins’, and I am confident that I could escape from a Fifth Rank warrior, but the pressure that the monster released was so strong that my body would not move according to my will.”

“My legs turned to jelly as I felt death staring at me. I lost the will to run away to save my life, and all this was happening when that monster was hundreds of meters away from me.”

“I knew as a trained killer that I would die the moment I tried to escape, but the alternative was I would be tortured for information, and I would rather die a swift death than doom my whole organization and client.”

“I gambled my life on a slim chance of survival, and because of that, I am writing this diary to warn the human continent that if the cult of demons is not exterminated, then humanity will suffer the consequences.”

“Senior Lukius POV”

‘My chance of survival is close to zero, but I can’t die knowing that the human continent is getting destroyed by these demon slaves.’ Lukius thought, shivering in fear.

‘This Trick might give me enough time to use the Space talisman.’ Lukius thought as he deactivated his Stealth and released his Mana pressure to make his presence known to all the people in the facility.

“I think I have everyone’s attention,” Lukius shouted, controlling his fear as the pressure was gone from that monster after he came out of stealth.

“Who the hell is this guy.” A fat person shouted who was standing some feet away from Lukius.

‘Reeve Walcher, the owner of Walcher Merchant company’ Lukius, was disgusted by the fat merchant for being a Demon Slave.

“An infiltrator. Capture him,” A person wearing full-body Knight Armor said as he sprinted toward Lukius.

“Don’t bother. He is out of your league.” A giant person with a height close to 9ft stopped the knight.

‘The Monster decided to move, but he didn’t kill me. I may escape.’

Lukius heart was trembling with fear as he saw the monster vanish from his position and appear right behind the knight in a blink of an eye.

“Who are you, stranger? I didn’t invite you to this meeting.” The giant asked in high pitch booming voice.

“My name is Lukius, an Assassin from the first shadow squad,” Lukius replied, using all the information he gathered while spying on the Baron.

“First Shadow Squad Member? What are you doing here?”

The giant asked, not looking pleased by Lukius answer, releasing so much bloodthirst that he felt like his inside was getting cut by a rusty knife.

“I am here to tell you that the Empire has already got the information about this meeting, and the Crimson Eagle Knights will be appearing at this location anytime.”

Lukius replied with complete confidence making a story that could buy him just some seconds to use the Space talisman to escape.

“You want me to believe that organization will not tell me and send a shadow squad member to tell me the information face to face.” The giant said, totally convinced that Lukius was lying.

“The First Great Elder sent me to tell you this information because your communication slip is not working, and I was closest to this location.”

‘This should buy me enough time to escape while he is busy confirming the truth with the first elder.’ Lukius thought, ready to use the space talisman to escape.

“So Turgon sent you here.” The giant said as he took out his communication slip from his space ring.

“Turgon could be lying to get back at me for winning the wager, but if he is telling the truth, I will need to fight against Crimson Eagle Knights.”

“Then Again, Fighting against that bald head brute will be fun, but most of these aristocrats will get killed, and the great master will not like that.”

The giant said out loud like he was not even a little afraid he could die if he faced Crimson Eagle Knights.

“I will check with Turgon about the situation, but before that, I should reward you.”

The giant said as he took a pitch-black potion out from his space ring with a thick dark liquid inside that moved inside the bottle like a living creature.

“Drink this potion. It will greatly benefit you and your contracted companion.” The giant said as he opened the potion bottle and gave it to


‘I don’t know what the hell this potion is, but if he meant a demon from the word companion, then I will probably die after drinking this potion.’

‘If I could give this information to the Empire and save humanity from a catastrophe, my death is a small price.’

“Thanks for your generosity.” Lukius took the potion and gulped it down without showing disgust, as this was all natural.

“Everyone leaves this place immediately while I try to make contact with First Great Elder and understand the gravity of the situation.”

The giant said out loud and then infused mana into his communication slip to contact Turgon.

While the giant was infusing mana into the communication slip, Lukius took the Space talisman out from his space ring, waiting for the perfect moment to use it and escape from this place.

“Hello there, Turgon. What is the situation right now, and how much does the Empire know about our plan?” 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟el.c𝚘𝚖

‘Now is my chance.’ Lukius didn’t waste a moment and infused mana into the space talisman, activating it while the giant asked Turgon about the things that didn’t exist.

“What situation are you talking about, you big idiot? And The Empire know about our plan?” An annoyed voice came from the communication slip.

“THAT FU***ER TRICKED ME” The giant turned toward Lukius in anger, releasing a tremendous amount of mana, shaking the fabric of space around him.

“You are late Giant idiot.” Lukius words echoed as his body vanished inside a tiny Space Portal in the blink of an eye.


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