Chapter 37 Appraisal

“WHAT??” 𝚋𝚎d𝚗ov𝚎𝚕.co𝚖


“The Ancient RED GEM skill got Unlocked?” Alex was confused at first, but then he got thrilled.

Alex got the Ancient RED GEM, a piece of equipment with Mythical Quality, after killing an abnormal monstrosity in his first encounter with a hidden boss monster.

Alex left the Ancient RED GEM in his inventory because he was too busy with other things, and the condition to unlock the first skill was very time-consuming.

Alex was not afraid that he would lose the Mystical equipment because after acquiring it, he bound the item with himself, so even if he got killed, there was zero chance he would drop the RED GEM.

The Ancient RED GEM was useless to Alex when he acquired it because all of its skills were sealed, and to unlock the first skill, Alex needed the blood essence from one hundred different monsters.


Name: Ancient RED GEM(1/2)

Equipment Type: Accessory

Quality: Common [Mythical+]

Bound: Hidden One

Skill?-: [Appraisal] A skill that could help the Player appraise things and understand their real value.

Skill?-: SEALED(0/1000) To Unseal the second skill, The Player needs to appraise one thousand different Forging Materials.

Skill?-: SEALED(0/???)





“Well, that’s not a game braking skill I expected.” Alex thought.

Alex was disappointed after reading the Appraisal skill description because the skill description was the same as an ordinary Appraisal skill that one could learn, but it served no purpose as every player could use basic Appraisal even without learning the skill,

“Let’s at least use it once; maybe it’s different,”

Alex used the Appraisal skill on the dead bear, hoping to see some hidden information, and the things he noticed were way different than expected.


[Short Face Magma Bear / (Mountain Swallowing Bear)] [Pure Blood] [Dead]

Description: The Dead body belongs to a Rare Creature born from a Third Rank short-face Magma Bear and a Fifth Rank Mountain Swallowing Bear.

The Mountain Swallowing Bear Bloodline is sealed inside the Bear Core that would have gotten unlocked as the creature evolved.



Alex was thrilled after seeing the description of the dead bear; the information was completely different and more detailed than he could see after using his ordinary Appraisal skill.

‘Let’s check the Appraisal skill grade.’

The first time Alex didn’t check the skill grade because he thought it would be of normal grade as the equipment was still at Common grade.


Name: Appraisal

Grade: Unknown

Important Info: Appraisal is still not at its full potential because the Ancient RED GEM is just half of the Real Artifact and is of the lowest quality, with most of the inscription and mechanism being sealed.



“I hit the jackpot this time.” Alex was laughing like a madman because such a skill’s value was unfathomable.

“I need to unlock the other skills as well; who knows what benefits those skills will bring.”

“I got that unknown Black stone from completing the Bevel Revenge quest,” Alex remembered the unknown forging metal he got as the additional reward.

“I can use appraisal on this stone and see if I can see the real information.”

Alex took the Black unknown forging metal out from his inventory, which had no information available he used Appraisal on the forging metal, and there were no more question marks this time.


Name: Space Udriutium

Material: Forging Metal

Quality: Legendary

Description: A unique metal with Space Element properties and one of the highest resistance to flames.

Space Udriutium is a unique material that could be used to forge a weapon of the highest quality or as a catalyst for a Continental Teleportation Tower.


“I think this is my lucky day” Alex was stunned after just seeing the Legendary quality of the material.

After calming his fast-beating heart, Alex read the description of the forging metal and felt more happiness than he did after killing the bear.

Alex was so happy because Space Udriutium could be used as a catalyst for a Continental teleportation tower.

The Continental Teleportation Tower, as its name suggests, was used for teleporting to different continents, and those continents were nowhere near each other, separated by thousands of kilometers of dangerous ocean.

Traveling through the ocean to any continent was impossible for any living being as to cover the long distance between each continent would take a person tens of years if he was able to survive that long in the forbidden ocean.

The Continental Teleportation Tower is the most advanced teleportation technology in the world, and there is only one teleportation tower on each continent.

“If I sell it, how much will I get”

Even If this was just a tiny piece and would not be enough to build a teleportation tower, its value was immense, so one could understand why Alex was so happy about having a chunk of Space Udriutium.

“My luck is just getting ridiculous.”

Alex knew that the good things he had gotten were because of his future knowledge, but the best stuff he found was the thing he had no future knowledge about.

“Let’s check the evolved skill and then loot the bear.” Alex happily placed two gems into his inventory.


Name: Three Slashes of Death

Grade: First Rank

Three consecutive sword slashes laced with a touch of Death.

The Player Swords Edge will get covered with concentrated death Mana increasing the sword’s sharpness and strength, doing maximum damage of 600%.

Description: A skill evolved using the power of Death.


“The skill damage is doubled. I consider this a success.” Alex was happy with his evolved skill as it helped him kill the bear and gain many benefits.

After checking everything, Alex approached the bear’s dead body to get his loot, and the moment he touched the body, it turned into golden particles leaving behind less loot than he thought it would.

The bear dropped a full body armor with thick plating for high defense and a massive guardian shield, and both pieces of equipment were of no use to Alex.

The armor was Medium Epic quality, and the shield was Low Epic quality with high defense as the main bost while also increasing the strength significantly, but Alex’s armor was much better.

The shield was too big and heavy for Alex to use in combat, so he just placed both items into his inventory to sell at players’ auction forums to earn enough gold to not worry about buying mana potion.

“Now that I am done with this let’s get the real loot.”

Alex walked toward the foot of the mountain and started slashing the wall with his sword, as this was the easiest way to find the location of the illusion wall because Alex knew that the illusion wall would not receive any damage.

After Slashing the illusion wall, he traced his finger covered in mana over the wall writing the Assassins Quote in the ancient language.

“We Born In Shadows, We Live In Shadows, and We Serve From the Shadows.”

Alex wrote the cheesy Assassins Quote in Ancient language as he remembered how to write every symbol with the help of the system.

After Alex was done writing the Assassins Quote, the mountain wall started to get twisted like a mirror, and then the illusion slowly dissipated, leaving a cave in its location.

‘Finally, I can get the mask and achieve my goals.’ Alex thought, smiling, standing in front of a giant cave entrance.

Alex entered the cave, and after traveling for some distance, Alex found a Skeleton with pure black clothes sitting in a meditation position.

“Senior, I will make a grave for you and thank you in advance for your genros gift.”

Alex said as he approached the skeleton to take the worldly thing before he could adequately bury the Senior Skeleton.

Alex used his sword to dig a grave, and after removing all the equipment leaving only the dark clothes on, he buried the skeleton.

“Senior, you have eternal gratitude.”

Alex did this because the Assassin equipment would help him get started on his journey, and he didn’t want to be an ungrateful person and not give respect to his contributor.

After Alex was done burying the skeleton, he counted his loot, which had some additional pieces of equipment he didn’t have knowledge about.

“There is the Unique Grade Mask I came here to get, but I do not know this Ring, Cape, and a personal diary of the Assassins was also discovered.”

“Players will always hide information; blindly trusting the knowledge from my previous life will put me in danger.”


Alex got Five items from the Assassin’s body.

[Mask] [Unique Grade]

[Cape of Invisibility] [Peak Epic Grade]

[Magic Ring] [Quality (???]]

[Assassin’s Diary]


“Let’s read the Diary first; then, I will check all the equipment.”

Alex decided to read the diary because he was curious about the Assassin’s situation as to why he was inside a cave well hidden by high-level illusion magic and how he died.


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