Chapter 40 Instance Hidden Dungeon

After Alex reached the town, he found a carriage to take him to the Ravenwell, the Border City of the Ice Kingdom. π›π—²ππ§π—Όπ―πžπ₯οΌŽπœπ¨π—Ί

The Border City “Ravenwell” was located at the edge of the Ice Kingdom close to Dark Raven Mountain Range, an excellent area rich in resources and high-level monsters for players to farm Exp.

Ravenwell was one of the best leveling areas in Ice Kingdom, with the monster’s Level ranging between LVL 200 to LVL 450.

The Ice kingdom’s size was massive, with many high-level areas, but less than thirty areas had a big city or town nearby where players could sell their items and buy necessary things.


“It took longer than I expected.” Alex looked through the carriage window at the massive black wall of a big city.

After traveling for four hours, Alex reached the massive city of Ravenwell; it was nothing like a city and more like a fortress, as there was an extensive line of people at the gate with guards patrolling the walls.

The City walls were at least 40ft in height and made from black Iron Stone, a material with high defense and resistance to magic; the walls were also loaded with big magic canons.

‘The city was built at the time of great war to defend the kingdom borders, but now it serves the purpose of stopping any beast tides.’

It took another hour of waiting in line, and then Alex was finally able to enter the city.

“Let’s find a hotel and rest well before I search the Gloomy Forest for the hidden dungeon.” Alex was physically and mentally exhausted from fighting the bear and wanted nothing more than to have a proper rest.

After looking around, Alex found a hotel where he rented a room for two days, but even that cost him fifty gold coins.

“Things become so expensive as one moves further from the capital,” Alex complained, sitting inside his hotel room while putting all the equipment on the player auction site he got after farming in the deadwood area.

“These items could get me at least two thousand gold coins.” Alex placed the loot he got for killing the bear and all the other low-quality items he acquired after clearing the Hyena Den dungeon.

After placing the items in the player’s auction, Alex exited the game world.


“Big Brother, you have become a game addict. You play your game, eat and sleep.” Alex was lectured by his little sister Sophia early in the morning while eating breakfast with his family.

“I am working so hard so you can eat everything you like, you little glutton,” Alex replied, enjoying the moment.

“Mom, Big brother called me a glutton,” Sophia said, shocked, while looking at the food on her plate and comparing it with mine.

“Your Big Brother needs a beating for calling my little princess a fat glutton.” Mother replied with a serious face.

“Mother, I am Fat?” Sophia was soo surprised to hear the reply.

Mother, Father, and I started laughing at her hilarious reaction, and after understanding they were joking, Sophia began to laugh, creating a happy and peaceful moment.

‘I will not let my family’s happiness get destroyed this time.’ Alex enjoyed real happiness after a very long time in his life.

In Alex’s previous life, his father’s debt was not the cause of ruining his family’s happiness; it was Sophia’s disease.

After Sophia entered a permanent state of coma, I never saw my mother smile with genuine happiness, and I blamed myself for being a failure that could not cure her disease even though a cure existed in the world.

After spending some happy time with his family, Alex returned to his room, lay in his crappy VR capsule, and returned to the game world.


“Let’s see If my items are sold or not.” Alex checked and found that the Armor and other items were sold for Fourteen Hundred Gold coins, while the Shield received lower bids than he wanted to sell it for.

“Fourteen Hundred Gold Coins are enough to move forward with my plan.”

After eating a good meal, Alex left the hotel and bought Mana and Health potion filling his empty inventory.

Alex searched the game forums and found a detailed forest map of the area around Ravenwell City to help him easily locate the Hidden Dungeon Location.

Alex made a strategy with the help of the map as to how he could reach the dungeon hidden in the depths of the gloomy forest without dying to high-level monsters.

“Now I just need to find the dungeon and then sell it to the Frozen Flower Guild.” Alex left the city toward a level 300 Monster Zone.

The dungeon was very well hidden and was discovered by a Live streamer; he was challenged to find the deepest cave for a hefty amount as the reward by a follower.

The streamer was exploring many unmapped caves throughout the gloomy forest when he discovered a cave with an intricate tunnel system.

He wandered in the tunnel system for days and mapped the whole cave system, and after around a month, he found a tunnel that led him deep underground, where he discovered the hidden dungeon.

Alex remembered the story because the streamer sold the dungeon for a high price, becoming rich overnight.

“I hope I can find the dungeon in four hours.” Alex thought as he equipped the cloak and then activated the Invisibility skill.

After forty minutes of navigating through the forest area and avoiding many high-level monsters, Alex reached the cave without any problem, but right now, he wanted to curse out loud.

‘Why don’t any of my plans go smoothly.’ Alex thought as he looked at the cave entrance, which a giant snake blocked.


[Golden Scale Titanoboa](Rare Epic)?????

Title: [Kin Eater][Half Breed]

LVL: 284

Rank: Third Rank

HP: 2400000/2400000

MP: 400000/400000

Condition: [Deep Slumber] [Brumation]

Skill: [??????] [??????] [??????] [??????] [??????] +7

Description: A species known for its high-defense golden scales and deadly poison.

[Player level is not high enough to see any more information.]


“I have only one choice.”

The Titanoboa was in deep slumber, so Alex could walk right past it and hope that it doesn’t notice him because if the snake woke from his sleep, he would get killed without any hope of survival.

“Well, if I die, things will get bad but not terrible.” Alex thought as he walked toward the Titanoboa.

The Titanoboa was deep in sleep, but the mana pressure its body released was heavy, making it difficult for Alex to run through the entrance, and the pressure was not even the biggest challenge.

The snake’s inside was filled with a deadly poison that was being released in the form of poison fumes covering the area around him in poison mist.

“I hope this poison mist is not covering a large area.” Alex thought as he drank a medium-quality health potion and entered the poison mist.

The poison mist was thin and didn’t look dangerous, but when Alex entered it, his exposed skill started to melt as the system gave one notification after another.

“Golden Worm, you are dead.” Alex was pissed as he felt the poison melting his skill with the system annoying him with countless notifications.

‘The frozen flower guild will kill you for being an unnecessary hindrance in my plan.’ Alex endured the pain and walked around the snake toward the cave entrance.

After three minutes of agonizing pain, Alex entered the cave, but his trouble didn’t end as the poison mist was more concentrated inside the cave doing more damage than outside the cave.

“I am sick of this poison mist” Alex ran at full speed as the pressure from the beast was negligible inside the cave.

Alex entered a random tunnel he found while running to recover his HP because the mist was doing more damage than his health potions could recover.

After recovering to full health, Alex exited the tunnel and started running toward the general direction of the tunnel with the dungeon.

“It was easier than I thought.” After running for some distance, the poison mist was almost gone stopping the extreme pain Alex was going through as his skin got destroyed by poison and healed by heal potion.

After going deeper into the cave, searching inside this maze-like cave filled with countless tunnels, Alex finally found the tunnel he was searching for.

“Hopefully, no more surprises are waiting for me down this tunnel.” Alex took a magic torch out and entered the tunnel.

After walking through the dark tunnel for thirty minutes, Alex reached his destination, the entrance of the hidden dungeon.

“This portal looks as magnificent as ever.’ Alex thought as he looked at the mesmerizing hidden dungeon entrances, a big swirling portal, a genuine rift in space.

The entrance was a swirling portal because this dungeon was unique from others as this category of dungeons was the rarest in the world, even rare than the hidden dungeon.

“This is my first time being this close to an Instance Hidden dungeon.” Alex thought as he walked toward the portal with a wide smile.


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