Chapter 41 Frozen Flower Guild

“This Instance dungeon is just the beginning. I will discover many more treasures I can only dream of in my previous life.” Alex thought, standing inches away from the beautiful swirling space portal.

When Alex touched the dungeon portal, he got many system notifications and the reward he came here to get.


[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[Instance Dungeon “Barbarian Domain” Discovered]

[Dungeon Entry Token Gained “50” ]

[Titel Gained “Discoverer” ]

[EXP Gained]



“The number of dungeon entry tokens is not bad for a Low-quality dungeon.” Alex checked the dungeon entry tokens that he had come all way here to get.

“Let’s check the Instance dungeon system window.”


Name: Barbarian Domain

Type: Instance Dungeon

Quality: Low Grade

Time: 30 Days

Inhabitants: Level 250 to 350

Participants: [0/50]

Restriction: Only Players with dungeon Entry Tokens could enter the dungeon Once.

Description: A Unknown Dungeon filled with treasures of high value but be aware those treasures are safeguarded by extreme danger.


After checking the dungeon window, Alex checked the title he got, and it had a disappointing stat boost with only a two-point increase in Luck.

The Instance dungeons were one of the rarest and most unique in the world, with many restrictions.

All Instance dungeons have a specific time; after the first participant enters the dungeon, the time will start counting down, and when the timer ends, the dungeon will be gone forever.

The Instance dungeons have many restrictions and dangers, but the rewards one could get from the dungeon were also the best in the world

The Instance dungeons are divided into many different grades, and even the lowest grade dungeon has treasure many times better than a hidden dungeon.

The Instance dungeon’s rarity was on the same level as the high-level Legacies, but the dungeons were way more desirable to any guild or organization.

All the Instance dungeons were treasure troves filled with unimaginable wealth, ranging from high-quality equipment to lost technology from different eras, and there were cases of raiding teams finding peak-level legacies.

All these things make the Instance dungeons way more desirable to any guild in the world, as the rewards from the dungeon could boost the overall strength of the guild.

The Instance dungeons were treasure troves filled with unimaginable wealth that could change the life of a person in the real and the game world, but those rewards were only for worthy players because a single restriction from the dungeon was enough to weed out all the unworthy players.

A player can only use the entry token once to enter the Instance dungeon; after that, the token will become useless, and inside the dungeon, the death penalty is ten times the normal.

The death penalty was not a big deal for any player, but the real problem was that the player would drop every piece of equipment other than the bound items when he died inside the Instance dungeon. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒏𝙚𝙩

All this information was made public by the first explorers of Instance dungeons, so any player who found these treasure lands doesn’t mindlessly enter one to start the dungeon timer ruining a great opportunity.

At first, all the players thought this was a lie made up by big guilds to monopolize all the Instance dungeons for themselves, but the truth was quickly discovered after some failed exploration of these unique dungeons.

Small guilds and mercenary organizations explored Instance dungeons, and they all met the same fate of the entire team wipe, resulting in losing all their belongings and wasting a great opportunity.

The dungeon explorations failed, but those guilds found the real value of the Instance dungeons, and after they shared their experience, players only got more excited to find these unique dungeons to change their lives.

“I should leave this place before greed takes over my rational side.” Alex looked at the mesmerizing portal one last time before leaving the area.


“I hope I don’t need to deal with any more unnecessary problems while dealing with the Frozen Flower Guild.” Alex thought while strolling the street of the city.

“The preparation is completed. It’s time I send the frozen flower guild my message.” Alex searched the player auction to buy a golden message token.

“The golden message token is expensive for a one-time use item.” Alex thought, looking at the price of six hundred gold coins.

The message tokens were used to send a message to any player in the game world without being in their friend list, making it one of the most useful but expensive items.

The message tokens were divided into different categories depending on their features, and the golden message token was the best one could buy.

The message sent using the golden token will be given through the system notification to the receiving party, ringing in the ears without their permission.

Some restrictions were placed on the golden token by the AI ZERO, so the rich players don’t make a player’s life a living hell by spamming them with system notifications.

“This should get her attention.” Alex thought after writing only the word “Interested” and attaching the pictures of the system notification he got for discovering the Instance dungeon.

“Now I just need to wait for her reply, and in the meantime, I should find the person whose appearance I will be using.” Alex removed his name from the system notification and also sent the message to the frozen flower guild master anonymously.

Alex started searching the streets of Ravenwell city for any NPC or player he wanted to change his appearance for the meeting.

While Alex was wandering the streets of Ravenwell city without concern, his simple message was creating a big commotion for the higher-ups of the Frozen Flower Guild.


“Violet, call all the Guild Elders for an urgent meeting.” A world-class beauty entered a luxury room in a rush.

“Guild Master Aster, First, you need to calm down.” The lady in the room replied respectfully.

“Violet, Sorry for the rush, but the situation is urgent; tell all the elders to be here in ten minutes,”

“The Elders will be here shortly, and now can you tell me what is going on?” Violet said, looking at Aster, who was busy reading messages on a holographic system screen.

“The news is big; let’s wait for the Elder to be present before we discuss it,” Aster replied, looking excited.

Violet didn’t ask any more questions and waited patiently, looking at her guild master, who was panicking a few minutes ago, and now she was all too excited.


“Violet, why did you call for an urgent Elder meeting?” A Woman with light blue hair and a face with such beauty that would mesmerize any man entered the room, not looking pleased.

“Lluvia, the meeting is called on the order of the guild master,” Violet replied, making the lady calm down, but her following words did the opposite.

“Lluvia, try to speak normally and scream less next time because it hurts my ears,” Violet said with an innocent smile, like pointing to a fellow friend’s mistake.

“A Brute Gorilla like you have ears?” Lluvia replied like she was asking an obvious question.

“I have pretty good ears, and they will love it when I burn your ugly mug face,” Violet said, releasing a wild amount of killing intent and mana.

“You have some wild fantasies.” Lluvia didn’t back down, releasing a crazy amount of mana and shaking the whole room’s furniture.

‘These two didn’t sense her presence outside the door.’ Aster thought, looking at Violet, covered in a fire mana that took the shape of an ancient flaming bird, while Lluvia had a realistic water hydra behind her back.

“I think I need to send you two on vacation.” The room door opened as a white-haired woman entered the room.

She has the same level of beauty as the other three ladies in the room, but she has maturity and elegance in her personality, giving her the presence and feel of a refined Nobel princess.

The room went silent Violet and Lluvia, who were just about to start a big fight, now stood silent all of the killing intent and the raging mana in the room was gone.

“Sorry, Elder Rosalba,” Violet said.

“Sorry, Elder Rosalba,” Lluvia said.

“Two of you are grown adults, so behave like one.” Elder Rosalba said in a sweet, non-threatening voice, but the two angry young ladies didn’t reply, just listening to her with heads down.

“Aster, you are guild master. How could you let them act like this in your presence.” Elder Rosalba said, looking at the mess of a room.

“Big Sis, I was busy searching for information, and you got here in time, so I have nothing to worry about,” Aster replied, like a fight between Violet and Lluvia was not anything to worry about.

“Some Times, I just really want to leave this Mental house.” Elder Rosalba said with a sweet smile.

After hearing what Elder Rosalba said, Aster started laughing with Violet, and Lluvia, joining her as if nothing had happened.


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